Missouri Welcome Sign

(Jefferson City, MO) -- A Tuesday meeting involving Missouri county sheriff's, the Department of Corrections and state lawmakers was focused on a big, unpaid bill. The state owes county sheriff's more than 32-million dollars for holding inmates charged with state crimes. Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott says the state owes his jail almost three-million dollars. Some of the sheriffs say they may have to layoff deputies and they will definitely have to cut costs. The latest budget only included one-point-seven million for reimbursement.

(Dupo, IL) -- Schools and homes in St. Louis Metro East were evacuated Tuesday afternoon when a train derailment and fire sent clouds of thick, black smoke into the air. The first tank car to catch fire was reportedly carrying a flammable liquid which is used as a solvent. A spokesperson for Union Pacific said the fire didn't pose a significant health threat, but authorities still carried out the evacuation. At its height, 10 rail cars were involved, but the fire was put out by 3:00 P-M.

(Rolla, MO) -- Police responding to a report that a woman was being held at gunpoint were almost run down earlier this month in Rolla. They started pounding on the door to a garage when they heard her crying inside -- and that's when they say 33-year-old Timothy Vance of Rolla drove a vehicle through the garage door, almost hit an officer, and took off. Vance was eventually arrested after a chase. He's charged with kidnapping and stealing three different vehicles as he tried to get away.

(Carthage, MO) -- A 33-year-old Joplin man faces more than a dozen felony charges for sex crime offenses. James Arthur Myers was arrested last April. The subsequent investigation has identified eight victims. The charges against Arthur include statutory rape, statutory sodomy, sexual trafficking of a child and enticement of a child -- multiple counts on many of the charges -- dating back to 2007. He is being held in the Jasper County Detention Center.