Clarinda Middle School

(Clarinda) -- Clarinda School District residents can learn more about the district's plans for this fall at a second in a series of special meetings this evening.

A town hall meeting concerning the district's Return to Learn plan takes place at 6 this evening at the Clarinda Middle School commons. At the meeting, school officials will outline the district's plans for three different scenarios for starting the 2020-21 school year under the continuing coronavirus pandemic: 1) on-site learning, 2) hybrid learning--a combination of on-site and online instruction, and 3) required online learning. In a recent interview with KMA News, Clarinda School Superintendent Chris Bergman says the RTL covers factors at all three levels.

"Everything from access to technology," she said, "what it's going to look like in the parking lots, are you going to be open before or after school for access, hot spots, travel patterns, masks--all of those pieces that we usually need community input for."

Bergman says the meeting will also cover safety procedures to taken inside school buildings to protect students and staff.

"We want to be able to talk about just temperature screening, social distancing, lunch, handwashing, recess," she said, "all of those things that really going into a safe and healthy environment."

Tonight's meeting follows last week's session with stakeholder groups, including the district's School Improvement Advisory Committee, or SIAC. In addition, Bergman says a survey is expected to be released in the coming weeks gauging patrons' imput on the district's plans.

"The survey contest, as well as the timing, will most likely be after the town hall meeting," said Bergman, "so that we can sympathize what we've been hearing in terms of from the SIAC team--that larger SIAC team that we've been building, as well as from people that attend the town hall, and from other things that they've sent in."

The superintendent says it's important for residents to hear the correct information about the Clarinda district's plans.

"We all have to remember that we're in a time of ambiguity--and that's uncomfortable," she said. "However, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable seems to be what needs to happen, to keep us positive, and rowing in the same direction--that kind of thing--the things that are really important to our students."

More information regarding the district's COVID-19 response is available from the district's website.