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(Undated) -- KMAland residents should be on the lookout for severe storms today.

The National Weather Service says an area of thunderstorms will move through the area this morning and early this afternoon. Brian Miller is a meteorologist with the weather service's Valley, Nebraska office. Miller tells KMA News the storm activity will roll in from the northeast.

"There are currently storms extending from eastern South Dakota into northeast Nebraska and into Central Nebraska," said Miller. "That area of storms will continue to move east or southeast through the day here. There's a potential for thunderstorms with strong winds, isolated areas of hail throughout southwest Iowa--mostly between 9 o'clock this morning and maybe 1-2 this afternoon. Then, the storms will shift down into Missouri shortly after that."

Miller says warm, humid conditions are generating today's anticipated storm activity.

"There's a frontal system that's moving through the central plains," he said. "We've had this warm to hot, humid air mass in place across the area, and this front moving through will bring in some colder air, and then these storms are developing along and ahead of that front."

Miller says the tornado chances are low. Of course, the August 10th derecho demonstrated that high winds can cause just as much damage as a tornado.

"Once winds get over 70-80 mph, they can produce damage similar to tornadoes," said Miller. "But, if we do get some damaging winds, not everybody's going to see that, and winds will probably be around the 60-70 mph range if we do get some."

Miller urges residents to continue monitoring weather forecasts as the morning continues. Stay tuned to KMA and for the latest weather information.

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