Wilson Aquatic Center in Shenandoah

Wilson Aquatic Center in Shenandoah

(Shenandoah) -- Shenandoah's City Council is asking questions regarding the Wilson Aquatic Center's staff.

By unanimous vote Tuesday night, the council approved rates and part-time salaries at the pool, but not before questioning the number of managers employed at the facility. Currently, four managers or assistant managers work under the pool's aquatic director, Gabby Sparks. Councilwoman Toni Graham expressed concerns about that number.

"When we had the great big pool, the older pool, we had a manager and an assistant manager," said Graham. "One worked mornings until whenever, and the other worked the evenings, and closed up. Why do we need so many managers in a smaller pool?"

Sparks told KMA News Wednesday morning that the management numbers have remained the same over the past few years. She says that number is needed in order to keep the staff's total hours under 80 for a two-week payroll period. She says the managers also handle a number of different tasks, including chemicals, scheduling and lifeguard certification, among others. Graham asked City AdminIstrator A.J. Lyman whether not approving the part-time salaries would hinder the pool's opening. Lyman replied the staff would not get paid until later in the month.

"A number of these employees have already started work," said Lyman. "If you don't approve this, they won't get paid until if was then approved on the 22nd. So, they would not be getting paid until probably the 25th of this month."

Councilman Kim Swank suggested that Sparks and Park and Rec Director Chad Tiemeyer appear before the council at its next meeting June 22nd to discuss the pool's staffing situation. Mayor Dick Hunt, however, says the city's park and recreation board should discuss the issue first.

"I think we'd better start with them," said Hunt. "The pool's under the park board, to start with."

Shenandoah's Park and Recreation Board meets July 7th.

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