Shenandoah City Hall

(Shenandoah) -- Shenandoah's Park and Recreation Department has a lot on its plate this year.

During Tuesday night's Shenandoah City Council meeting, Councilman Kim Swank recapped discussion from a recent meeting of the city's park and recreation board of directors. Swank says one project discussed at the meeting was a proposed dog park--something council members suggested at a meeting late last month. Swank says Waubonsie Park was rejected as a possible site.

"They don't think the location down at Waubonsie Park is big enough for the dog park," said Swank. "Plus, they worry about parking or when the soccer is there, and the baseball team is playing. They were worried about the parking."

Swank, however, says park and rec officials, along with representatives of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Fremont County and supporters of the Farragut Admiral Trail project have discussed a possible campground development on city-owned property west of the community along the East Nishnabotna River.

"They want to put a boat ramp out by the river, and develop a campground out there," he said. "There are 10 acres out there that the city owns. They're thinking about putting the dog park out there if they work something out."

Another possible project involves the resurrection of a community garden at the site of the city's old swimming pool at Sportsman's Park.

"They've got a lot of fruit trees they're going to plant out by the swimming pool," said Swank. "Then, they're going to open that up for a community garden. That's pretty much a go. That's what they plan on doing."

Swank acknowledged that a previous community garden project failed. That's why the park board is hoping to enlist some help.

"They want to get a group or a person to kind of oversee it, and kind of watch over it," he said. "Like I said, a lot of that stuff is in the planning stage, but that's something we seriously want to look at in the spring."

Swank says the board also hopes to secure grant money for new playground equipment at Priest Park. Again, Swank stresses that all of the proposed projects are in the early planning stages.

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