Shenandoah School Administration Building

Shenandoah School Administration Building

(Shenandoah) -- The Shenandoah School District is looking for applicants to fill newly vacated positions.

Meeting in special session Tuesday afternoon, the Shenandoah School Board met briefly to formally accept the resignations of three staff members effective throughout December. Superintendent Dr. Kerri Nelson tells KMA News a special meeting was called to allow the school district adequate time to seek new applications. Nelson says the most notable loss is school business official Sherri Ruzek.

"Mrs. Ruzek and I started together several years ago, and we've had about six and a half years together," Nelson said. "So we've worked together for a long time and she's making a transition to a different position."

Ruzek's resignation will go into effect on December 31st. Meanwhile, the board also accepted the resignation of middle school special education teacher Holly Martin effective December 1st, and of high school associate Frances Hughes, effective December 3rd.

While the district is seeking applicants, Nelson says the business official position does have a fair amount of requirements.

"A school business official really needs to have some strong background in accounting or finance, and they do require a special license through the state of Iowa," Nelson said. "But there is a training program that people can go through, so at minimum you need to have six-to-nine hours of accounting to be considered for that type of position or be eligible for some kind of temporary waiver on that."

Meanwhile, for the middle school special education teacher and high school associate positions, Nelson says specific certifications are required of the applicants.

"Special education teachers require typically, at the level we're looking for, a master's (degree) in special education or special licensure who have more difficulties in the area of behavior and other learning disabilities," Nelson said.

Nelson says the district is pursuing several routes for the advertisement of the positions, including "teach Iowa" at, local advertising, and an Indeed job posting for the school business official opening.

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