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Shenandoah High School

(Shenandoah) -- Shenandoah high school students will have the opportunity to listen and interact with several different career paths Tuesday.

The Shenandoah School District is hosting its 4th Annual STEAM Day at the Shenandoah High School to expose students to the number of career opportunities before them. Multi-occupational careers and mentor teacher Sarah Martin tells KMA News the event is an opportunity for students to streamline their options in guided experiences. Martin says this year, nearly 20 businesses will be present at the morning event.

"We have about 30 speakers representing 20 companies coming from all different areas of agriculture, businesses, and arts," Martin said. "And different types of businesses either in our local area, or further away, and we're asking them to share their career journey."

Among the companies present include both local and national companies utilizing both in-person and virtual experiences. To name a few, Martin says representatives with several local businesses will be present and speakers from NASA and the FBI.

"We have two speakers that are coming to us live from their offices, and we also have AFS that is going to contact alumni of the S program, and those international experiences with their students," Martin said. "We have local talent that's coming in, and we're so thankful for the community we live in because we have lots of awesome career opportunities, so we're going to see Pella and SMC."

Other local businesses will include First National Bank, Tarkio Tech, the Iowa Farm Bureau, the Shenandoah Public Library, the Wilson Performing Arts Center, and several others.

Martin says the event initially began as STEM before the inclusion of the arts, and it all started as a class project.

"This started as a high school Ag leadership class project several years ago, and now we're trying to bring it back as part of our work-based learning program," Martin said. "Because we know that career exploration is where it starts, so exposing students to many opportunities helps a lot."

Martin says the day will kick off for students with keynote speaker Terry Langholdt, server operations manager for Google in Council Bluffs. Then each student will hear from five speakers.

"After the keynote speaker, the students will go into five different rotations, so in every classroom there is a speaker," Martin said. "So the students follow their normal, every day schedule at that point, but they're going to see five different speakers in five different areas."

Martin says students will have a chance to connect with the speakers during the lunch hour, with regular classes returning during the afternoon.

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