Shenandoah City Hall

(Shenandoah) -- Shenandoah officials are looking at renovating sewer lines along Sheridan Avenue in 2020.

Shenandoah's City Council meets for the first time in the new year at 6 this evening at City Hall. Agenda items include a task order with JEO Consulting for professional services related to the 2020 Sheridan Avenue Sanitary System Rehabilitation Project totaling $18,200. Shenandoah City Administrator A.J. Lyman tells KMA News the project entails fixing the sewer in a problem area along Sheridan.

"We're going to do three blocks of Sheridan Avenue, the main sewer there," said Lyman. "We're going to line it with some sort of inflatable lining thing, we're going to seal it up, and then go through and cut holes for active service lines there. This last spring, we had an issue with groundwater intrusion. We're hoping this will solve the problem for now."

Lyman says groundwater intrusion has been a problem with abandoned service lines along the street.

"That's our bigger problem, with some of the buildings that have been torn down," he said, "or, if somebody replaced their sewer line at some stage, and it's cracked, or its old clay tile and it's not sealed, we get a lot of groundwater intrusion. That fills up the pipe, and we lose capacity at that point. So, in an attempt to help kind of solve that here in one of the lowest-lying areas, and keep water out of folk's basements, we're going to give this a shot. We also have to rebuild or re-line one of the manholes there."

Also tonight, the council holds a public hearing on the sale of city-owned property located at 900 South Center to MALOGA LLC totaling $2,000. Council members will also consider transferring the titles of city-owned properties at 508 Shugart Street to Greg Wallin, and 1005 8th Street to Michael and Peggy Sue Bryant. Also on the agenda: setting public hearings for January 28th for sales of city-owned properties at 311 and 314 North Broad.

Other agenda items include a request from Fremont County for an easement at Manti Park for the purpose of a bridge improvement on Manti Road. The council is expected to set a public hearing on that request for January 28th at 6 p.m.