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KMA Senior Anchor/News Reporter Mike Peterson

(Shenandoah) – Even during a national and international crisis, this reporter meets the…demand(?)...for his Sunday morning blogs!

Admittedly, coming up with a topic for today’s effort was a challenge. Temptation is to write yet another blog on the coronavirus situation. But like you, I need a break from writing, talking and thinking about the COVID-19 pandemic that has put much of our lives in a state of limbo.

So, desperate times require desperate means. Usually, this reporter strives to provide relevant information at a time when it’s really needed. But, this blog calls for irrelevant information. And, I’m just the guy to provide it!

That’s why, from Media Central Shenandoah, it’s time for….Useless Trivia!! It’s time to put on your thinking cap for something that requires no thinking whatsoever. Today, I’ll ask you a series of multiple choice trivia questions covering a specific topic. You have to guess the right answer from the choices provided (and some of those are obviously bogus).

Today’s topic: old time television. (What were you expecting—nuclear science?)

1. Bob Barker hosted the long-running game show “The Price Is Right” before being succeeded by Drew Carey. But, they weren’t the show’s only hosts. Which of the following personalities NEVER hosted “The Price Is Right?”

a. Bill Cullen

b. Art Fleming

c. Doug Davison

d. Tom Kennedy

2. Though he’s best known as the host of “American Bandstand,” the late, great Dick Clark also produced and hosted another TV music program in the mid-1960’s. Name the show.

a. “Shindig”

b. “Hullabaloo”

c. “Where the Action Is”

d. “Hee Haw”

3. In the fall of 1966, ABC aired a TV version of the famed radio serial, “The Green Hornet” as a spinoff of sorts to “Batman.” Most trivia nuts know Bruce Lee played the Hornet’s sidekick, Kato. Who played Britt Reed/The Green Hornet?

a. Van Williams

b. Van Johnson

c. Van Lingle Mungo

d. Van Harden

4. “Man…woman…birth…death…infinity” were the words uttered by Sam Jaffe at the beginning of what 1960’s medical TV series:

a. “Medical Center”

b. “Marcus Welby M.D.”

c. “Dr. Kildare”

d. “Ben Casey”

5. Which of the following shows was NOT a part of CBS’ blockbuster Saturday night lineup in the 1970’s?

a. “All In The Family”

b. “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

c. “Hawaii 5-0”

d. “The Carol Burnett Show”

6. Bill Bixby played Dr. David Banter on the CBS 1970’s superhero series, “The Incredible Hulk.” Who played the Hulk, himself?

a. Hulk Hogan

b. Arnold Schwarzeneggar

c. Ted Cassidy

d. Lou Ferrigno

7. “Video Killed the Radio Star” was the first video aired on MTV when it premiered on August 1st, 1981. Which of the following groups performed it:

a. Men At Work

b. Duran Duran

c. The Buggles

d. The Dave Clark 5

8. Which of the following is NOT one of the kids in the popular ABC 1980’s-90’s sitcom, “Full House?”

a. D.J.

b. Steve Urkle

c. Stephanie

d. Michelle

9. This former astronaut was Walter Cronkite’s color commentator on CBS News’ coverage of Apollo moon shots in the 1960’s and ‘70’s. Who was he?

a. Wally Schirra

b. Gordon Cooper

c. Jim Lovell

d. Jean Luc Picard

10. Which of the following couples on “Love Is Blind” should meet the felines on “Tiger King?”

a. Damian and Giannina

b. Mark and Jessica

c. Kenny and Kelly

d. Every darned one of them!

Now, for those of you who didn’t peek, here’s the answers:

1. b, 2. c, 3. a, 4. d, 5. c, 6. d, 7. c, 8. b, 9. a, 10. d (for those who wasted time watching that show!)

How well did you do? Here’s a grading scale:

8-10: You did a lot of sheltering in place growing up!

5-7: You’re a borderline TV sickie

3-4: You were a high school valedictorian who had no time to watch TV

0-2: Don’t try out for “Jeopardy”

Hope you enjoyed our little “Useless Trivia” session. We’ll have another brain-numbing blog in the future. Until next Sunday: stay home, stay safe, stay calm, and stay tuned!

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