Sidney Iowa Championship Rodeo

(Sidney) -- The 97th Sidney Iowa’s Championship Rodeo is set to continue as planned with a record number of contestants.

With the COVID-19 pandemic most rodeos around the nation have had to cancel this year, but for Sidney the 97th annual rodeo is set to go as scheduled.

“This has been such a crazy year as everybody knows. We’ve had to make a lot of changes but deciding whether or not to have a rodeo is one of the biggest decisions we’ve ever made in 13 years that I’ve been on the board,” rodeo board member Lyle Tackett said.

The record for contestants has been shattered for this year's rodeo. The previous record number of contestants competing in the Sidney Rodeo was 441 back in 2014. This year's count is currently at 813 contestants.

“We’re trying to brave it and have ours this year, but there are normally 36 rodeos going on at the same time as Sidney whereas now there are only 11. Contestants are ready to go to different rodeos and start participating so that they can get their money towards the national finals in December,” rodeo board member Jan Tackett said.

Tickets will be a standard price of $15 for all general admission seating and $25 for box seating. The rodeo will kick off this year on July 28th and run through August 1st.

“We are doing everything we can for the social distancing and that way there is a lot of room where they can spread out. We just hope everyone feels comfortable enough and want to get out of the house so they can come to the rodeo,” Lyle Tackett said.

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“There’s going to be a full performance every night,” Lyle Tacket said

“You’ll get to see the best of the best just like being in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo,” Jan Tackett added.

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