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For assistance, please email

Organization Information
Who you are, what do you do and why should people care about your organization's cause?
While the process is best with a limited number of people, anyone with veto power must be actively involved.
By default, the remaining percentage will be considered administrative costs, so if not, please explain.
Project Information
We're looking for both intangible and tangible goals. Do you expect to get a specific number of volunteers? Are you hoping for a specific number of people to sign up for your newsletter? Are you hoping for more brand recognition around town? Goals help us set expectations.
How can we help
Help us understand how your organization has been marketing out in the real world. And share what issues have come up, what problems are not being solved, or what you wish was different. What IS working for you?)
These do not need to be related to your industry. For our reference, you can include image links below.
What do you have earmarked for creative exploration and execution? What is your budget for production/media? Are there opportunities for recognition you could provide in exchange for the time? This is not a deciding factor, so not applicable is perfectly acceptable.)
Can you provide additional information, such as costs and contracts, should you be selected for an evaluation?
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