Social Media Policy

Rules for participating in KMA social media discussion forums:

These rules are provided as guidelines to determine fair and prudent discourse on all social media platforms of KMAland Broadcasting LLC. Every effort is made to provide an open forum for visitors to provide comment and discuss stories produced by our news team, while striking a balance to eliminate abuse. If your contribution to a conversation violates one of the rules stated below, or the other Terms Of Use of, we reserve the right to immediately delete or hide your comments from further view without providing an additional explanation. If you wish to report a violation of the policy, please do so by emailing

  1. If you don’t have a polite thing to say, do not say it. Our goal is not to limit discussion of issues – controversial or not. We realize that some topics require tough conversations and that not everyone will also agree.  However, it is possible to disagree without attacks. Please focus your disagreements on issues of policies and position, not personality. KMA will not tolerate personal attacks, libel, defamation, name calling or hate speech. We will also not tolerate any posts that can be seen as threatening, obscene, harassing, bullying, sexist or racist.
  2. Obscenities are not allowed– Be mindful that you are participating in a public forum and we want everyone to feel comfortable participating.
  3. Do not plagiarize or copy other work.  You are more than welcome to link to relevant content from other sources to provide supporting evidence to a claim.  You are also welcome to quote small amounts from other people’s work, as long as you attribute your source. Please also follow any other copyright law. Do not copy and paste completely from a source.
  4. Stay on topic. Limit your comments to the topic of the post. If you wish to comment on another topic, please locate a post related to that item, or post on the platform itself, not in the comment section.
  5. Exercise brevity with your comments. In general, please try to limit your comments to 500 words or less. Anything longer tends to distract from the overall conversation. We reserve the right to edit any comment for brevity or clarity.
  6. Respect other’s privacy. Do not post personal contact information for a person other than yourself. Also do not post private information that could lead to the identification of an individual who is otherwise protected by law from being named.
  7. You are free to share your ideas regarding politics, religion, etc., but this is not a forum for advertising, promoting, campaigning or otherwise advancing a particular cause or individual. We understand there can be a fine line between discussing and promotion. Use your best judgement and we will use our’s.
  8. KMA does not condone or permit the publishing of rumors, accusations, conspiracy theories or other information that is false or unsubstantiated. If you wish to submit a news tip that you would like our news team to further investigate, do it by emailing, not by posting on social media.
  9. Do not use KMA’s social media platforms for personal correspondence. If you wish to comment on editorial decisions or news topics, please do so through a private message or email.
  10. Clearly identify yourself when posting on KMA’s forums. We are honest and provide transparency on who has written a particular article. Similarly, we ask that you identify yourself on each comment. Social media profiles that do not clearly contain a first and last name or contain an alias will be banned from posting on KMA’s forums.
  11. Do not share intentionally misleading information. Especiallyin times of crisis or ongoing emergency, providing intentional misinformation causes harm to the public good. We will hide or delete comments with misleading information without explanation.

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