Logyn Eckheart -- KMAland 3A/4A/5A Lineman of the Year

(Glenwood) -- Glenwood's offense put up points at will throughout the 2022 season with a high-powered passing attack.

While the skill players grabbed the attention in the box scores, today's attention goes towards one of the five unsung heroes that paved the way for Glenwood's electric offense -- senior Logyn Eckheart, the KMAland 3A/4A/5A Lineman of the Year.

Glenwood finished the year 7-4 and was one of the final eight teams in Class 4A.

"I thought it was a big success," Eckheart said about the season. "I'm proud of our guys. We won a playoff game and made it to the quarterfinals. Only three Glenwood teams have ever done that."

The Rams hit their stride in late October, setting the stage for their run to the state quarterfinals.

"We realized how good of a team we could be," Eckheart said. "We were locked in at practice and got better every game. It showed at the end of the year with how we played."

Glenwood produced 4,114 total yards this year. Behind Eckheart, quarterback Kayden Anderson had a stellar year with 2,272 yards and 24 touchdowns. Anderson ranked third in Class 4A in touchdowns and fourth in passing yards.

For Eckheart, the Rams' aerial brigade was a welcomed surprise.

"I didn't expect that much," Eckheart said. "I had questions about Kayden's passing ability, but he proved me wrong and proved to be one of the best quarterbacks in the state. After the first game against Sioux City East, I realized we were going to be better than I thought."

The Rams' ground game got better as the season went along. Tate Mayberry led their rushing attack with 923 yards and 11 touchdowns.

"It was amazing to put our heads down and dominate the guys across from you," Eckheart said. "One of the most important parts of the game is your line. Throughout the year, we bonded."

Eckheart was one of only two returning starters to Glenwood's line this year. His experience thrust him into a leadership role.

"I helped lead the other guys, and they played well," he said. "That was my best thing this year."

Eckheart, who also posted 27 tackles on defense, isn't done playing football. He'll take his talents to the University of North Dakota next year. Eckheart made his commitment before the football season, which he says helped him navigate through the year with little concern about his future.

"Last year, I was stressed," he said. "This year, I still wanted to perform well. But I knew I could just go out there and have fun with my friends."

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**The Lineman of the Year split into small school and large school in 2019.**

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