(KMAland) -- It’s a Friday! Time for another rousing rendition of Football Friday Football picks with the KMA Sports staff.

Yesterday, there were four picks on the board, and Derek was a perfect 4-0. Trevor also went perfect in his three picks, and Ryan was a solid 3-1. The latest standings:

Ryan: 142-81 (.637)

Derek: 142-82 (.634)

Trev: 131-80 (.621)

We’ve got 21 picks on the board today. Thanks to BCMoore for the rankings, the lines and the scores project.

Iowa 1A Semifinal: Beckman Catholic (11-0) vs. Van Meter (11-0) – BCMoore line: Van Meter by 20.64

This appears to be the first meeting between the two programs.

Derek’s Pick: Van Meter -20.64

Trev’s Pick: Van Meter -20.64

Ryan’s Pick: Van Meter -20.64

Iowa 1A Semifinal: Dike-New Hartford (11-0) vs. West Sioux (10-1) – BCMoore line: Dike-New Hartford by 1.09

This is a rematch from nearly three years ago when West Sioux was a 52-38 winner in the 1A state championship.

Trev’s Pick: West Sioux +1.09

Ryan’s Pick: Dike-New Hartford -1.09

Derek’s Pick: West Sioux +1.09

Iowa 5A Semifinal: Ankeny (9-2) vs. WDM Valley (9-2) – BCMoore line: Ankeny by 15.97

Since 2008, this is the sixth meeting between the two teams, and Valley has a 4-1 record. That includes a 38-35 doozy of a win back in October. Ankeny, on their way to a state championship, was a winner last season by a 35-10 count. The full series history on BCMoore’s Iowa Scores Project shows a 15-7 advantage for the Tigers.

Ryan’s Pick: WDM Valley +15.97

Derek’s Pick: WDM Valley +15.97

Trev’s Pick: WDM Valley +15.97

Iowa 5A Semifinal: Iowa City High (10-1) vs. Southeast Polk (10-1) – BCMoore line: Southeast Polk by 3.73

This appears to be the first meeting between the two programs.

Derek’s Pick: Southeast Polk -3.73

Trev’s Pick: Southeast Polk -3.73

Ryan’s Pick: Southeast Polk -3.73

Missouri 8P District Semifinal: Stanberry (6-3) at Worth County (10-0)

This is a rematch from the final week in the regular season when Worth County rolled to a 76-16 win, proving they were far and away the favorite to win this year’s 8P state championship.

Trev’s Pick: Worth County. I think this one will be closer than 76-16, but the Tigers are just so darn good. 

Ryan’s Pick: Worth County. Worth County is on a different level this year. Aydan Gladstone has completed 81%(!!!) of his passes this year for 1,200 yards, which is helped by a rushing offense that's racked up over 3,000 yards this year. WoCo is a machine that I expect to roll to the next round.

Derek’s Pick: Worth County. The Tigers are just that dang good. It’ll be closer than it was the last time, but it’s pretty difficult to scheme up a way to make up 60 points.

Missouri 8P District Semifinal: East Atchison (9-1) at Platte Valley (8-2)

This is also a rematch from the final week of the regular season when Platte Valley shocked the Wolves in a 20-point comeback win. It was their first win over the Wolves since 2011.

Ryan’s Pick: East Atchison. The first time these two teams played, EA really struggled to run the ball, which is out of character for them. I just have a feeling in my gut that the Wolves have a few adjustments to make when it comes to their schemes on offense, plus shoring up some run fits on defense. I think they get revenge here.

Derek’s Pick: East Atchison. You know the old saying that it’s tough to beat a good team twice in one season? That is true….sometimes. This time it is.

Trev’s Pick: No Pick. Trevor has the call with Casey Martin tonight right here at

Missouri C2 District Final: Macon (7-4) at Maryville (6-4)

There’s no history between these two teams.

Derek’s Pick: Maryville. A playoff game in the Hound Pound? Forget about it!

Trev’s Pick: Maryville. I might be dumb, but I'm not dumb enough to pick against a Maryville team in November. 

Ryan’s Pick: Maryville. Maryville Coach Matt Webb has a challenge on his hands this year in the postseason. He has to prepare for a bunch of teams that he has never seen before. That challenge comes again this week with a Macon squad that already avenged one of its losses this year. When it comes down to it, the Spoofhounds have been through too many battles with bigger squads to lose this game.

Nebraska A Semifinal: Omaha North (6-5) at Gretna (10-1)

Trev’s Pick: Gretna

Ryan’s Pick: Gretna

Derek’s Pick: Omaha North

Nebraska A Semifinal: Bellevue West (10-1) at Westside (11-0)

Ryan’s Pick: Bellevue West

Derek’s Pick: Bellevue West

Trev’s Pick: Bellevue West

Nebraska B Semifinal: Elkhorn (10-1) at Bennington (11-0)

Derek’s Pick: Bennington

Trev’s Pick: Bennington

Ryan’s Pick: Bennington

Nebraska B Semifinal: Skutt Catholic (8-3) at Aurora (9-2)

Trev’s Pick: Aurora

Ryan’s Pick: Aurora

Derek’s Pick: Aurora

Nebraska C1 Semifinal: Battle Creek (8-3) at Pierce (9-2)

Ryan’s Pick: Pierce

Derek’s Pick: Battle Creek

Trev’s Pick: Pierce

Nebraska C1 Semifinal: Columbus Lakeview (9-2) at Kearney Catholic (11-0)

Derek’s Pick: Columbus Lakeview

Trev’s Pick: Kearney Catholic

Ryan’s Pick: Kearney Catholic

Nebraska C2 Semifinal: Wilber-Clatonia (7-4) at Norfolk Catholic (10-1)

Trev’s Pick: Norfolk Catholic

Ryan’s Pick: Norfolk Catholic

Derek’s Pick: Norfolk Catholic

Nebraska C2 Semifinal: Ord (10-1) at Archbishop Bergan (11-0)

Ryan’s Pick: Archbishop Bergan

Derek’s Pick: Archbishop Bergan

Trev’s Pick: Archbishop Bergan

Nebraska D1 Semifinal: Burwell (11-0) at Howells-Dodge (11-0)

Derek’s Pick: Howells-Dodge

Trev’s Pick: Howells-Dodge

Ryan’s Pick: Burwell

Nebraska D1 Semifinal: Cross County (10-1) at Hitchcock County (10-1)

Trev’s Pick: Cross County

Ryan’s Pick: Cross County

Derek’s Pick: Cross County

Nebraska D2 Semifinal: Sandhills/Thedford (11-0) at Elgin Public/Pope John (8-3)

Ryan’s Pick: Sandhills/Thedford

Derek’s Pick: Sandhills/Thedford

Trev’s Pick: Sandhills/Thedford

Nebraska D2 Semifinal: BDS (8-3) at Kenesaw (11-0)

Derek’s Pick: Kenesaw

Trev’s Pick: Kenesaw

Ryan’s Pick: Kenesaw

Nebraska 6P Semifinal: Potter-Dix (10-0) at Spalding Academy (9-1)

Trev’s Pick: Potter-Dix

Ryan’s Pick: Potter-Dix

Derek’s Pick: Spalding Academy

Nebraska 6P Semifinal: Cody-Kilgore (10-0) at Wallace (9-1)

Ryan’s Pick: Cody-Kilgore

Derek’s Pick: Cody-Kilgore

Trev’s Pick: Cody-Kilgore

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