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(KMAland) -- The latest KMA Sports Hall of Famer made a major impact in two sports at Essex.

Brandy Ossian - an eventual standout star at Drake University in volleyball - was also an impactful basketball player. The former Trojanettes star earned two All-State honors and scored over 3,000 career points.

"When I look back," Ossian said on KMA's Upon Further Review, "I would say the biggest impact on me were my teammates and coaches. Without them, we never could have accomplished everything that we did."

Essex would advance to two state basketball tournaments behind the prolific scoring of Ossian, who says it took a lot of time and practice to become the player that she became.

"There was a lot of working on my shot with Coach (Allen) Stuart and my mom and dad," she said. "We really worked to get the ball moving quickly. Speed was a part of our strategy. Move it quickly and get as many good shots as we can. There was a lot of work on that, and it was a combined effort."

When Ossian looks back on her basketball career, she says there were two games that really stood out. 

"The game to go to state against Treynor (in 1993)," Ossian said. "It was a high-scoring game, and I remember being exhausted and excited after that game. That was one that really sticks in my head as being a hard-fought win."

The other game was the time Coach Stuart devised a plan to shoot nothing but 3-pointers.

"We always think about the personal challenges," Ossian said. "We had a lot of fun on that one. I didn't shoot a lot of 3-pointers, but I did that game."

Ossian, who lives now in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be inducted into the KMA Sports Hall of Fame at a later date to be determined. To hear the full interview with Ossian click here.

A KMA Sports Hall of Fame announcement will be made on Upon Further Review at 11:50 AM each weekday until August 28th.

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