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(KMAland) -- Today's KMA Sports Hall of Famer ended his career at Tri-Center as the state's all-time leading scorer.

Cary Cochran scored 2,650 points, was named an All-State performer three times and led the Trojans to the state tournament in his sophomore and senior seasons.

"The older I get the more I remember," Cochran said on Friday's Upon Further Review. "I look back on it, and I remember so much of it. I was able to experience it all with my friends and share it with my dad. Those are probably the biggest memories."

While Cochran, who went on to a terrific career at Nebraska, says he has some terrific memories of his time at Tri-Center, he does still have some regrets.

"I think everybody would like to say they didn't lose their last game," Cochran said. "I have been fortunate. I went on to play in college. I got into the Iowa Hall of Fame. My dad is in the Hall of Fame. I just could never deliver that state title for my school or for him."

Cochran's father, Carl, had a long and successful coaching career of his own. As you might expect, that's what got Cary involved in the sport.

"I was always around," Cochran said. "When I was young, I remember going to practices with him over winter break when the gym was 40 degrees. When I finally got old enough to play, I practiced with his team in 8th grade. From one, two, three years old, I was always around."

Cochran will be inducted into the KMA Sports Hall of Fame at a later date to be determined. To hear the full interview from Friday's UFR click here.

A KMA Sports Hall of Fame announcement will be made on Upon Further Review at 11:50 AM each weekday until August 28th.

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