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(KMAland) -- One of the state's greatest track athletes is our latest KMA Sports Hall of Fame announcement.

Glenwood alum Linda Rowe won four state championships and two national championships during her brilliant high school career. The 1979 IGHSAU Hall of Fame inductee won the indoor state championship in the high jump in 1969 and 1970 and added the outdoor discus and high jump championship in 1970.

"I remember the first one in 1969 as a junior," Rowe said on KMA's Upon Further Review. "I think I won one meet my sophomore year, and my coach called me in and asked what my goal was (for the high jump)."

Rowe says she thought she could do about 5-feet, but her coach told her he believed she would jump 5-foot-4 or 5-foot-5 by the end of her career.

"My eyes kind of bugged out," she laughed, "but we went to the indoor meet - and it was a good day. I kept jumping and jumping and got 5-4.75. At that time it was about 4.5 inches higher than the record."

Rowe was also a two-time national champion, winning the javelin championship at the National USTFF meet in 1969 and taking the discus title in 1970's meet.

"In the javelin," Rowe remembered, "Connie Shafer was our chaperone. She taught me how to throw it in a couple days, and I went down and did pretty well."

By the end of Rowe's career, she ranked within the top 17 in the nation in the high jump, pentathlon and discus. The 1970 Glenwood graduate would go on to a five-sport career at Graceland.

"I competed in field hockey, basketball, track and field and softball," Rowe said, "and I got drafted to play in a volleyball match over winter term one time, too."

Rowe has continued to stay active in coaching, as she's been a teacher and coach for over 30 years at Davis County, Bloomfield.

To hear the complete interview from Wednesday's Upon Further Review show click here.

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