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(KMAland) -- St. Albert edged Glenwood in Hawkeye 10 tennis action to highlight a light boys slate on Monday. 

St. Albert 5 Glenwood 4

Jeff Miller, Carter White and Dan McGrath posted flawless nights for the Falcons in a tight conference win.

1S (SA): Jeff Miller def. Teagan Matheny (8-3)

2S (SA): Carter White def. Tyler Harger (8-1)

3S (SA): Dan McGrath def. Josh Nieman (8-6)

4S (GLEN): Ben Batten def. Cole Pekny (9-7)

5S (GLEN): Carter Kirsch def. William Tallman (8-1)

6S (GLEN): Brody Taylor def. Owen Galus (8-0)

1D (SA): Miller/White def. Matheny/Harger (8-2)

2D (SA): McGrath/Pekny def. Nieman/Batten (8-4)

3D (GLEN): Kirsch/Taylor def. Tallman/Galus (8-1) 

LeMars 9 Sioux City East 0

1S (LEM): Kaden Wingert def. Lincoln Colling (8-0)

2S (LEM): Matt Ahlers def. Cole Richie (8-5)

3S (LEM): Michael Meis def. Preston Dobbs (8-1)

4S (LEM): Jaxon Baumgartner def. Buddy Lindsey (8-0)

5S (LEM): Ryan Brown def. Gabe McCoid (8-1)

6S (LEM): Kade Calhoun def. Colton Hibbs (8-2)

1D (LEM): Ahlers/Meis def. Colling/Richie (8-2)

2D (LEM): Wingert/Calhoun def. Dobbs/Brown (8-0)

3D (LEM): Baumgartner/Brown def. Lindsey/Hibbs (8-0) 


St. Albert 5 Glenwood 4 

LeMars 9 Sioux City East 0 

Bishop LeBlond at Maryville 

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