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(KMAland) -- Week three of the high school baseball and softball season begins tonight with Fremont-Mills/Griswold softball on FM 99.1 and Harlan/Atlantic softball on AM 960.

On Friday, Trevor took the night with a 5-3 record while Derek was on his heels at 5-4 and Ryan went 4-5. Here are the latest standings:

Derek: 68-36

Trev: 62-39 (4.5 GB)

Ryan: 60-44 (8 GB)

There are 16 more picks on the docket tonight. View them all below and the fun schedule for tonight below that.

SOFTBALL: Glenwood (3-3, 3-2) at Shenandoah (6-2, 3-2) 

A battle in the middle of the conference as Shenandoah was able to finish last week out with a win over Essex on Saturday. Glenwood had a 2-1 week with wins over Red Oak and Clarinda and a loss to Atlantic.

Derek's Pick: Shenandoah - I went back and forth on this one for a long time. I even had a whole write-up choosing Glenwood. I changed my mind to stick with the home team, which can really score a lot of runs.

Trev's Pick: Shenandoah - The Fillies dropped back-to-back games to Harlan and St. Albert, but I think regained some mojo with a win over Essex. 

Ryan's Pick: Glenwood - Taryn Bertini has settled into the primary pitching role well for the Rams.  I think she has just enough to hold down a potent Shenandoah offense.

BASEBALL: Glenwood (3-3, 3-3) at Shenandoah (3-3, 2-3) 

The Rams went 2-1 last week with wins over Clarinda and Red Oak in which they scored 13 runs each. Then they lost by 12 runs to Atlantic. They've been a Jekyll and Hyde team if there ever was one. Shenandoah played really well last week in losses to Creston and Harlan before a defeat to St. Albert and then a rout of Essex.

Trev's Pick: Shenandoah - These are two teams that I can't figure out. I'll lean on Shen's pitching to get the job done. 

Ryan's Pick: Shenandoah - Glenwood is probably the hardest team for me to get a bead on this season.  Shenandoah has a four-game week coming up, so is this one of the night's they unleash Blake Doyle or Nick Mather. I think so.

Derek's Pick: Glenwood - This is tough because Glenwood could run out their crafty ace in Noah Kolle, or they could save him for LC or Denison-Schleswig later this week. Regardless, Shenandoah is fresh, too, and we might have ourselves a good old-fashioned pitching duel.

SOFTBALL: Red Oak (3-4, 2-4) at Clarinda (0-7, 0-7)

The Tigers had a great finish to last week with thrilling wins over Denison-Schleswig and Kuemper Catholic. Clarinda is still marching for that first win, and they've been close. Can they nab it here?

Ryan's Pick: Red Oak - I think Red Oak is starting to figure things out a little bit.  The Tigers have won two-straight over Kuemper and Denison-Schleswig.  Give me the Tigers here.

Derek's Pick: Red Oak - I think the Tigers were feeling so good towards the end of last week that they wish they could have just kept on playing. Says here that they will find a way to keep it going.

Trev's Pick: Red Oak - Red Oak is improving and they are hitting the cover off the ball. I think they do it again. 

SOFTBALL: Denison-Schleswig (2-7, 2-5) at Lewis Central (4-3, 2-3) 

The Titans have won three straight after finishing last week with Ws over Sioux City East, Abraham Lincoln and Clarinda. Denison-Schleswig lost three times last week by a total of six runs and also beat St. Albert. 

Derek's Pick: Denison-Schleswig - Little bit of an upset pick here, but the Monarchs should have more to show for their strong play than a 2-7 record. I figure this will be a great game.

Trev's Pick: Lewis Central - Denison has had a rough go the last few outings while LC has found themselves in some tight games. I'll take the Titans in a close one. 

Ryan's Pick: Lewis Central - The bats are trending in the right direction for the Titans. They've scored 26 in their last two games and have won three straight.  I'll take them.

BASEBALL: Kuemper Catholic (6-4, 4-2) at St. Albert (10-0, 8-0) 

Kuemper lost in extra innings to open last week and then promptly ran off wins over Atlantic, Red Oak, Clarinda, Carroll and Pocahontas Area, and none of them were particularly close. The Falcons avoided any slip-ups in beating Atlantic, D-S, Creston and Shenandoah last week. This is a doubleheader, and we are picking aggregate scores.

Trev's Pick: St. Albert - The Falcons are the team to beat in the Hawkeye Ten until they aren't. However, this is a trap game for St. Albert on their path for the conference title. 

Ryan's Pick: St. Albert - It's hard for me to pick against the Falcons any night, so I won't. They are bashing the ball around the park and lead Class 1A in home runs. I like home runs.

Derek's Pick: Kuemper Catholic - I'm rolling the dice. It's not real dice, but Kuemper has been playing really, really well. I figure both games will be tight and maybe there will be a split, but we need some life to be thrown into this contest. Too much status quo!

SOFTBALL: Atlantic (8-1, 6-0) at Harlan (9-1, 6-0) 

Atlantic and Harlan were undefeated and dominant last week, and now they get to go out and (probably) decide the Hawkeye Ten championship. 

Ryan's Pick: Harlan - What a great matchup. Both teams have one loss and those are both to two really good teams. I think Harlan's ability to hit gives them the edge in this one.

Derek's Pick: Harlan - I'm trying to figure out what the determinant will be in this one. Both have great pitching, both hit up and down the lineup and both are white hot. I guess I'll go with the home team.

Trev's Pick: Hear this one with Trev on AM 960 tonight at 7:30.

BASEBALL: Stanton (6-1, 2-0) at East Mills (4-3, 3-1) 

The Vikings suffered their first loss - to Mount Ayr - last week, but they were otherwise unharmed and untested, including in a 12-2 win over EM in the Corner Tournament. The Wolverines have been licking their wounds since that loss and will look to get into the regular season race with a win.

Derek's Pick: Stanton - This is definitely an interesting setup with two matchups with Sidney looming. I'll stick with the Vikings to find a way.

Trev's Pick: Stanton - I'm not sure where the Vikings will go pitching-wise, but they have enough arms they should make it work -- for the second time in four days over East Mills. 

Ryan's Pick: Stanton - Stanton won this matchup 12-2 last week. The Vikings may have to hold some arms back with the resumption of the CC Tournament Championship game and another matchup with Sidney looming, but 10 runs is a lot to make up regardless of who is on the mound.

SOFTBALL: Griswold (6-5, 2-1) at Fremont-Mills (4-5, 0-2) 

The Tigers won the Corner Conference Tournament last week and went 5-1 with their lone loss coming to Bedford. Fremont-Mills has seemingly been on the cusp with tight losses this season to Stanton twice and to Lenox once. Can they breakthrough here?

Trev's Pick: Griswold - I like what I have seen from the Tigers as of late. Ryan should have a treat tonight. 

Ryan's Pick: Hear Ryan's call tonight on FM 99.1 at 5:30.

Derek's Pick: Griswold - I would be crazy to pick against the Tigers at this point. It took them a little bit to get going, but they definitely are now. Going that is.

BASEBALL: Tri-Center (7-0, 5-0) at Logan-Magnolia (4-2, 3-2) 

Tri-Center got the big win they needed last week in taking down Underwood before routs of F-M, Riverside and Missouri Valley. This is the first of three HUGE games in the WIC this week for the Trojans. Lo-Ma went 2-1 with a wild win over IKM-Manning, a tight loss to Audubon and an 8-2 takedown of AHSTW. 

Ryan's Pick: Tri-Center - The Trojans can do it all. They hit well, they pitch well and they run bases well. They are on top of the WIC until proven otherwise.

Derek's Pick: Logan-Magnolia - The Panthers have a bit of a smoother schedule the rest of this week, so I would think they will bring Dylan Cunard back to take a run at the top of the league. T-C is really deep in their rotation, but they do have to be a bit mindful of what's to come.

Trev's Pick: Tri-Center - Two teams that want to play different styles. Tri-Center wants to play small-ball while Lo-Ma wants to score 11 billion runs. I'll lean with the Trojans to keep their hold on the WIC.  

SOFTBALL: Audubon (5-5, 2-4) at AHSTW (4-6, 2-3) 

Audubon has lost three of their last four, but the lone win in that mix was an impressive 4-2 victory over Logan-Magnolia. AHSTW lost to Lo-Ma last week in a 2-2 week that also included a tight loss to Grand View Christian and wins over Mo Valley and Orient-Macksburg.

Derek's Pick: AHSTW - Audubon has been a bit up and down, but when they put it together they are really tough to beat. AHSTW has shown a bit more consistency so that's the basis of this pick.

Trev's Pick: Audubon - he Wheelers have hit a rough patch lately. I think they got off the schneid tonight. 

Ryan's Pick: AHSTW - Both teams have been a little up and down this season, but I think AHSTW is trending in the right direction coming into this one.

BASEBALL: Audubon (5-4, 3-3) at AHSTW (3-2, 3-2) 

The Wheelers won tight contests with the Harrison County teams, lost to IKM-Manning and then beat up on Exira/EHK in a solid 3-1 week. AHSTW took the aforementioned loss to Lo-Ma after a nice run of three straight wins that included a 2-0 victory over Treynor.

Trev's Pick: Audubon - This has the makings of a 3-2 or 2-1 game. Audubon has all of their three-headed pitching monster at their disposal tonight, so I'll take them.

Ryan's Pick: Audubon - Audubon has a rested pitching staff and out of their three games this week, this one looks like the best one to unleash the top arms.

Derek's Pick: Audubon - The Wheelers can restart their rotation and give the ball to one of their elite guys. AHSTW can do the same, but I think Audubon is the best dang 5-4 team in the country. Yes, the country!

BASEBALL: Abraham Lincoln (3-5) at Treynor (4-4) 

Treynor had a nice 3-1 week that finished off with an impressive rout of Thomas Jefferson. Abraham Lincoln also had a three-win week, including a sweep of LeMars and an 11-1 win over Atlantic to finish it.

Ryan's Pick: Treynor - The Cardinals might have been a little upset that I picked against them when they played TJ, as they won a rout. Give me Treynor.

Derek's Pick: Treynor - I got cute late last week and took TJ over Treynor. That blew up in my face. I've learned my lesson.

Trev's Pick: Treynor - Treynor looked pretty impressive against a TJ team that took care of AL. So transitive property leads me to putting my faith in the Cards.

BASEBALL: Lenox (4-6) at Lamoni (5-2) 

Lenox has won four consecutive games after a tough 0-6 start while the Demons are looking to bounce back from a pair of losses (mixed in with three wins) to Centerville and MSTM.

Ryan's Pick: Lamoni - I want to give some credit to Trevor Luther and Lenox for their schedule this season. They stepped up their competition and scheduled aggressively, which should pay dividends in the postseason. As for this one, I think Lamoni has too much firepower.

Derek's Pick: Lamoni - Closer than the experts think, but I'll go with Lamoni and their strong band of arms and bats.

Trev's Pick: Lamoni - Lenox is rolling right now, but so is Lamoni. 

SOFTBALL: CAM (7-4, 4-1) at Boyer Valley (2-3, 2-3) 

The Cougars had a great week last week in going 5-2 with their lone losses coming to Grand View Christian. Boyer Valley ended last week on a pair of solid notes with wins over Coon Rapids-Bayard and Ar-We-Va.

Trev's pick: CAM - It was an impressive weekend for CAM with a win over Riverside and tight loss to Grand View Christian. They keep the momentum going tonight. 

Ryan's Pick: CAM - The CAM bats have slowed a little at this point in the year, but I'm still confident they can pull this one off.

Derek's Pick: CAM - The Cougars are hot right now, and I'm rolling with the hot hand.

BASEBALL: CAM (6-0, 4-0) at Boyer Valley (4-1, 4-1)

Cade Ticknor was brilliant in helping CAM beat CR-B to open last week, and then they just went out and smashed in two other wins. Boyer Valley is for real after taking the Crusaders to the test. Can they get an upset to bring question into the RVC race?

Derek's Pick: CAM - I would guess Ticknor is back on the bump here tonight, and he will match up with Kyle Hast. I think the Bulldogs are definitely a very good team, but I can't pick against CAM right now.

Trev's Pick: CAM - Much like their softball squad, I think baseball keeps the momentum going. 

Ryan's Pick: CAM - There haven't been too many bumps so far this year for the Cougars.  They continue to roll and I'll pick them in this one.

SOFTBALL: Ar-We-Va (1-5, 1-4) at Woodbine (3-5, 3-1) 

Ar-We-Va is much better than their record indicates with losses by one run to CAM and Boyer Valley mixed into a tough week last week. Woodbine went 0-2 at Westwood on Saturday, but before that they knocked off CR-B and Glidden-Ralston.

Derek's Pick: Ar-We-Va - Upset pick? I tend to think teams that are right around the final score consistently eventually have that pay off at some point. Woodbine is playing well, too, though, which makes this a bit of a scary pick.

Trev's Pick: Woodbine - Rough weekend for Woodbine. They bounce back tonight. 

Ryan's Pick: Woodbine - These are two evenly matched teams, but Woodbine has tasted victory a little more this year.  I think that puts them over the hump in this one.


Hawkeye Ten Conference 

Glenwood at Shenandoah

Red Oak at Clarinda

Denison-Schleswig at Lewis Central 

Kuemper Catholic at St. Albert

Atlantic at Harlan

Corner Conference 

Stanton at East Mills

Sidney at Essex

Griswold at Fremont-Mills On FM 99.1, 5:30 PM

Western Iowa Conference 

Underwood at IKM-Manning

Tri-Center at Logan-Magnolia

Missouri Valley at Riverside 

Audubon at AHSTW

Pride of Iowa Conference 

Southwest Valley at Martensdale-St. Marys

Mount Ayr at Nodaway Valley

Rolling Valley Conference 

West Harrison at Coon Rapids-Bayard

CAM at Boyer Valley

Ar-We-Va at Woodbine

Bluegrass Conference 

Orient-Macksburg at Melcher-Dallas


Lenox at Lamoni

East Union at Murray

Southeast Warren at Twin Cedars

Southeast Warren at Moulton-Udell

Wayne at Seymour

Central Decatur at Mormon Trail 

Grand View Christian at Twin Cedars


Hawkeye Ten Conference 

Glenwood at Shenandoah

Clarinda at Red Oak

Denison-Schleswig at Lewis Central 

Kuemper Catholic at St. Albert

Atlantic at Harlan On AM 960, 7:30 PM

Corner Conference 

Stanton at East Mills

Sidney at Essex

Griswold at Fremont-Mills

Western Iowa Conference 

Tri-Center at Logan-Magnolia

Missouri Valley at Riverside 

Audubon at AHSTW

Pride of Iowa Conference 

Southwest Valley at Martensdale-St. Marys

Mount Ayr at Nodaway Valley

Rolling Valley Conference 

West Harrison at Coon Rapids-Bayard

CAM at Boyer Valley

Ar-We-Va at Woodbine

Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton at Glidden-Ralston 


Abraham Lincoln at Treynor

Lenox at Lamoni

East Union at Murray

Central Decatur at Mormon Trail 

Cardinal at Twin Cedars