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(KMAland) -- The Fairfax, South Harrison and Stanberry Invitationals continue tonight. View the complete schedule below.


Fairfax Invitational

Consolation: North Nodaway vs. Nodaway-Holt, 4:30 PM (B)

Consolation: West Nodaway vs. South Holt, 6:00 PM (B)

Semifinal: St. Joseph Christian vs. Rock Port, 7:30 PM (B)

Semifinal: East Atchison vs. Falls City, 9:00 PM (B)

South Harrison Invitational

Consolation: East Harrison vs. North Harrison, 4:30 PM (G)

Consolation: Northeast Nodaway vs. Tri-County, 6:00 PM (G)

Stanberry Invitational

Consolation: Worth County vs. Lafayette, 4:30 PM (G)

Consolation: North Andrew vs. Mound City, 6:00 PM (B)

Consolation: Platte Valley JV vs. Worth County, 9:00 PM (B)

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