(KMAland) -- It’s round four of the KMAland Volleyball Power Rankings.

Clarinda, Glenwood, Harlan, St. Albert, East Mills, AHSTW, Logan-Magnolia, Riverside and Lamoni made the move up while Underwood, Southwest Valley and Glidden-Ralston jumped into the latest rankings.

These rankings are split between Class 3A/4A/5A and 1A/2A schools within the Hawkeye Ten, Corner, Western Iowa, Pride of Iowa, Rolling Valley, Missouri River and Bluegrass Conferences.

Check out the latest rankings below:


1. Sergeant Bluff-Luton (8-1/4-1): The Warriors took their first loss of the season, but it was to Sheldon so we can forgive them. Their only matches against KMAland conference schools was a pair of victories over Sioux City North. (LW: 1)

2. Glenwood (13-2/1-0): The Rams kept it rolling with a sweep of Red Oak one week ago, proving my jump of the Tigers over Glenwood last week to be the wrong prediction. Here they are on September 14th with wins over the other two teams that figured to battle them for the Hawkeye Ten Conference. Now, they just have to finish it. (LW: 3)

3. Red Oak (5-7/0-1): Just one match for the Tigers this past week, too. While they took the L to Glenwood there’s no way we can drop them any further. That 5-7 record will quickly correct itself, as they move past the “meat” of that schedule. (LW: 2)

4. Sioux City North (12-7/3-3): An even week for the Stars, which lost to SBL twice and to Sheldon once. They also nabbed wins over Cherokee, LeMars and Hinton without losing a set. (LW: 4)

5. Abraham Lincoln (7-8/4-3): After a win over Thomas Jefferson last Thursday, the Lynx lost their first three and won their last three at the Southeast Polk Invitational. Even in the Silver Bracket, you are going to run into some stalwarts at that tournament, and they beat state-ranked Indianola and Southeast Polk to show exactly what they’re capable of doing. (LW: 5)

6. Sioux City East (8-4/2-0): Two matches, two sweeps. East took down South Sioux City last Tuesday and LeMars two days later in straight sets. (LW: 6)

7. Harlan (10-6/4-2): I had a chance to see Harlan last Tuesday night, and they showed plenty of talent all around their lineup with length and quickness in the right spots, too. Their losses on the week were to East Sac and Kuemper Catholic, but they pretty well rolled in most of their other matchups. (LW: 9)

8. Atlantic (9-6/0-0): The Trojans didn’t play this week, so I’m going to go ahead and leave them right in this spot. A couple of litmus tests with Clarinda and Glenwood await tonight. (LW: 8)

9. Clarinda (7-3/1-1): A four-set win over the Monarchs and a three-set sweep at the hands of Kuemper Catholic for the Cardinals this past week. I boosted them just a wee bit, but we’re going to find out a lot more in the next week. (LW: 10)

10. Lewis Central (0-5/0-1): The Titans are just five matches in, and they’ve played some really tough competition. However, I am going to move them down a peg before we start to learn much more this week with meetings against Red Oak and Clarinda on the docket. (LW: 7)


1. Kuemper Catholic (11-4/7-0): The Knights had a huge week with wins over Denison-Schleswig and Clarinda in the Hawkeye Ten and then went 5-0 at the beautifully-named Master Blaster at South Central Calhoun. And they didn’t lose a single set while they did it. (LW: 1)

2. Treynor (8-3/1-0): Treynor swept past AHSTW in their only match of the week, and that’s a pretty impressive win. (LW: 2)

3. Missouri Valley (18-2/6-0): Who’s hotter than the Big Reds? They haven’t lost in 12 days, and they’ve played 13 times. This past week, they handled business against IKM-Manning and Logan-Magnolia in the WIC and won the Shenandoah Toruanment with just one set loss. (LW: 3)

4. Tri-Center (11-4/1-0): Tri-Center had one match of their own, and they took a four-set victory at beautiful Reiver Arena over Underwood. No movement here. (LW: 4)

5. St. Albert (5-6/2-0): I felt wrong having St. Albert down at No. 7 last week. I quickly changed course thanks to a big sweep of Lewis Central and then another over Fremont-Mills. (LW: 7)

6. Sidney (11-8/1-1): Sidney didn’t have their usual 10 matches per week this past week. Instead, they swept Essex and then took an L to a highly-ranked Falls City Sacred Heart squad. (LW: 5)

7. Ankeny Christian (14-3/5-0): Ankeny Christian had another winning week with victories over Mormon Trail, Murray (twice), Pleasantville and Twin Cedars. And yeah, they didn’t lose a set. (LW: 6)

8. Lamoni (10-0/3-0): They keep winning, and they keep climbing. They were 9-0 in sets during wins over Diagonal, Orient-Macksburg and Central Decatur. (LW: 9)

9. AHSTW (13-4/6-1): They only lost once this week, bouncing back from the loss to Treynor with a perfect showing at the Griswold Tournament. That included pretty solid wins over Riverside, Southwest Valley, Griswold and ACGC. (LW: 10)

10. Riverside (15-5/6-1): The Bulldogs already have 15 wins and it’s not even September 15th. They were strong again with a sweep of Audubon and then a 5-1 record at the Grizzzzz Tournament. (LW: 13)

11. Stanton (5-3/2-2): Stanton went 2-2 for the week with wins over Bedford and Lenox and Ls at the hands of Missouri Valley and Shenandoah. They were the only team to beat Missouri Valley in a set, though. (LW: 8)

12. Glidden-Ralston (5-1/3-0): The Wildcats haven’t played a lot, but they’re kind of rolling right now. Last night, they nabbed wins in Madrid over Madrid, Baxter and Collins-Maxwell. Let’s welcome to the top 12. (LW: NR)

13. East Mills (9-6/1-0): The Wolverines played just once, and it was a pretty important win over Griswold in straight sets. You’ll see why as we move down the rankings. (LW: 20)

14. Logan-Magnolia (9-7/6-2): Hey, pretty good week here for the Panthers, despite their loss to Missouri Valley in the Harrison County Bowl last night. They were strong at the West Monona Tournament with wins over Boyer Valley and Woodbine and the only loss to MMCRU. (LW: 19)

15. Underwood (3-8/1-1): Underwood’s only losses this year are to Indianola, Treynor, Tri-Center, Harlan, Gretna, Bellevue East, Glenwood and Tri-Center. They also have a win over Sidney early in the year. It might even be too low for the Eagles. (LW: NR)

16. Audubon (5-4/1-1): The Wheelers took a sweep of ACGC and then lost in three to Riverside during the week. It’s pretty hard to sort these WIC teams out until they start playing some more best-of-fives. (LW: 14)

17. Southwest Valley (5-6/3-4): The most recent result wins the day. The Timberwolves had a huge five-set victory over Nodaway Valley last night, and so I have to ignore the weekend just a little bit. (LW: NR)

18. Nodaway Valley (9-8/4-2): The Wolverines were kind of rolling along before last night. Prior to the five-set loss to Southwest Valley, they had won four of their last five with the only loss to Earlham at Perry. (LW: 11)

19. Mount Ayr (5-1/2-1): The Raiderettes are a little bit of a mystery, but I’m good with putting them in this poll. Their only loss came to Nodaway Valley one week ago. More tests coming (LW: 18)

20. Coon Rapids-Bayard (4-8/1-3): The Crusaders didn’t have a fantastic week, but there are so many other teams that have just been beating up on one another that it’s pretty hard to sort out right now. The Crusaders only losses to area teams have come to AHSTW and Audubon. (LW: 17)

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