(KMAland) -- The seventh week of the high school football season was all kinds of fun. Many athletes made many fantastic plays. Many of them are listed below in our latest statistical rundown.


Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton’s Trey Petersen had a HUGE week. HUGE. YOOOUUUGE! Petersen led the area 8P athletes with 19 completions on the night. The rest of the top 10:

Brayden Hast, Boyer Valley (16)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (14)

Cory Bantam, Woodbine (13)

William Umfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (12)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (12)

Cale Eklund, East Union (11)

Javin Stevenson, Lamoni (11)

Nolan Birdsall, West Harrison (9)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (9)

In 11P, Braylon Kammrad of Lewis Central, Luke Longval from Sioux City East and Shenandoah’s Nolan Mount led the way with 18 completions on the night. The rest of the top 10:

Nathan Russell, Nodaway Valley (17)

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (16)

Wade Brown, Abraham Lincoln (16)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (16)

Teagon Kasperbauer, Harlan (15)

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (12)

Tyler Smith, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (11)


You noticed Boyer Valley’s Brayden Hast as the No. 2 guy in completions. He actually threw the ball more than any other player, tossing it out there 40(!) times on the night. That game – Boyer Valley vs. Exira/EHK – was fantastic, by the way. The rest of the top 10:

Trey Petersen, Exira/EHK (28)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (24)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (23)

William Amfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (21)

Cory Bantam, Woodbine (21)

Cale Eklund, East Union (21)

Zack Belden, Murray (16)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (16)

Tristen Cummings, Bedford (15)

Logan Godrey, Melcher-Dallas (15)

Shenandoah’s Mount led the way in 11P with 44 pass attempts. Central Decatur’s Matthew Boothe (38) and Austin Kremkoski of Riverside (35) both had 35 or more attempts. The rest of the top 10:

Luke Longval, Sioux City East (29)

Nathan Russell, Nodaway Valley (29)

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central (27)

Wade Brown, Abraham Lincoln (26)

Teagon Kasperbauer, Harlan (25)

Carson Strohbeen, Sioux City North (25)

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (23)


In the best passing battle of the season, it was Petersen finishing with the most yardage. The Exira/EHK signal-caller finished with 509 yards to Hast’s 390. There were two others that threw for over 200: Javin Stevenson of Lamoni and Mormon Trail’s Ty Hysell. Their numbers and the rest of the top 10:

Javin Stevenson, Lamoni (223)

Ty Hysell, Mormon Trail (201)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (194)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (148)

William Umfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (142)

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (121)

Cale Eklund, East Union (120)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (112)

Harlan’s Teagon Kasperbauer continued his incredible season with 432 passing yards during the Cyclones’ win over ADM. The next highest total was from Mount. Here’s the top 10:

Nolan Mount, Shenandoah (256)

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (243)

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central (233)

Nathan Russell, Nodaway Valley (227)

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (215)

Wade Brown, Abraham Lincoln (211)

Tyler Iverson, LeMars (200)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (174)

Luke Longval, Sioux City East (164)


Hast threw for six touchdown passes on Friday evening to lead the area. Petersen and Stevenson had four touchdowns. The rest of the folks with multiple touchdown passes below:

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (3)

Ty Hysell, Mormon Trail (3)

Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills (3)

William Umfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (2)

Cale Eklund, East Union (2)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (2)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (2)

Gavin Smith, Audubon (2)

Kasperbauer led the way in 11P, too, with SEVEN touchdown passes. Kammrad added five touchdown passes for Lewis Central. The rest of the multi-touchdown passers:

Tyler Iverson, LeMars (3)

Caden Andersen, Atlantic (2)

Maddox Anderson, Tri-Center (2)

Jaixen Frost, Mount Ayr (2)

Luke Longval, Sioux City East (2)

Alex Ravlin, Underwood (2)

Cole Ritchie, Sioux City East (2)

Kyle Strider, Creston (2)


On to the running backs, where there were four with at least 20 carries on Friday evening. The leader in 8P was Melcher-Dallas’ Cole Metz, who carried the ball 23 times in a game that finished 7-0 in favor of the opponent. Tough, grinder of a game. The rest of the top 10:

Tristen Cummings, Bedford (21)

Emmet Long, East Union (21)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (20)

Trey Petersen, Exira/EHK (19)

Javin Stevenson, Lamoni (18)

Logan Montgomery, Southeast Warren (17)

Walker Rife, West Harrison (17)

Kalvin Brown, Lamoni (16)

Brayden Hast, Boyer Valley (16)

Logan Roberts, Stanton-Essex (16)

On the 11P side, Michael Turner of Tri-Center helped the Trojans to an incredible win on the road over Woodbury Central. Frankly, that was the win of the year for a KMAland team at this moment. Incredible win, and it included 34 totes for Turner. Check out the others in the top 10:

Riley Fouts, Red Oak (28)

Brendan Knapp, Southwest Valley (28)

Cooper Irlmeier, IKM-Manning (26)

Alexis Manzo, Missouri Valley (26)

Elijah Dougherty, LeMars (23)

Amos Rasmussen, IKM-Manning (23)

Adler Shay, Mount Ayr (23)

Boudyn White, Wayne (23)

Tadyn Brown, Clarinda (21)


Another week, another with some familiar names on top. There were four with at least 200+ yards, led by Lenox standout Isaac Grundman, who went for 283 yards in a win over Martensdale-St. Marys. Logan Roberts of Stanton-Essex was our AgriVision Equipment Group Player of the Night, rushing for 253 yards, and Ethan Meier of East Mills and Lane Spieker of CAM (SHOCKER!) all were at 222 or better. Here’s the rest of the top 10 with Meier and Spieker’s yardage leading off:

Ethan Meier, East Mills (229)

Lane Spieker, CAM (222)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (175)

Gavin Smith, Audubon (170)

Carter Johnson, Stanton-Essex (151)

Emmet Long, East Union (121)

Silas Walston, Bedford (113)

Gabe Funk, Lenox (110)

IKM-Manning’s Amos Rasmussen led the way with 306 yards on the ground. Whew. That’s a lot of yards. There were two others over 200 – Alexis Manzo of Missouri Valley with 223 and Joey Anderson of Underwood with 202. The rest of the top 10:

Tadyn Brown, Clarinda (198)

Michael Turner, Tri-Center (195)

Tate Mayberry, Glenwood (143)

Dante Hedrington, Atlantic (142)

Elijah Dougherty, LeMars (134)

Brendan Knapp, Southwest Valley (126)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (126)


Grundman and Spieker have been making a habit of putting up gaudy touchdown totals every single Friday night, and they both scored six touchdowns on Friday. Meier and Roberts had five touchdowns, and there were several others with multiples:

Carter Johnson, Stanton-Essex (3)

Trey Petersen, Exira/EHK (3)

Carter Andreasen, Audubon (2)

Trey Fisher, Southeast Warren (2)

Gavin Smith, Audubon (2)

Javin Stevenson, Lamoni (2)

Ryan Stortenbecker, East Mills (2)

Cade Ticknor, CAM (2)

Silas Walston, Bedford (2)

In 11P, there were four running backs with three touchdowns – Anderson of Underwood, Tadyn Brown of Clarinda, Elijah Dougherty of LeMars and IKM-Manning’s Rasmussen. The rest of the multi-touchdown scorers:

Carter Edney, Logan-Magnolia (2)

Jaixen Frost, Mount Ayr (2)

Blake Hayes, Creston (2)

Dante Hedrington, Atlantic (2)

Tyson Helseth-Bryan, Sioux City East (2)

Cooper Irlmeier, IKM-Manning (2)

Brendan Knapp, Southwest Valley (2)

Alexis Manzo, Missouri Valley (2)

Kaden Miller, Treynor (2)

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (2)


The top receiver – in terms of receptions – in 8P from Friday night was Exira/EHK’s Tyler Kingery, who finished with 10 grabs. East Union’s Wyatt Carlson was right behind him with nine. There were three others with six and five others with five:

Braeden Kirsch, Ar-We-Va (6)

Grayson Phillips, Martensdale-St. Marys (6)

Drew Volkmann, Boyer Valley (6)

Mason Crouse, East Mills (5)

Aiden Flathers, Exira/EHK (5)

Cooper Kock, Ar-We-Va (5)

Cade Nelson, Southeast Warren (5)

Jaidan TenEyck, Boyer Valley (5)

Another night with some big reception numbers from Shenandoah’s Blake Herold, who had eight grabs on the night. There were a bunch of other dudes with five or six grabs:

Caelen DeVault, Nodaway Valley (6)

Jake Hamilton, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (6)

Jonathan Humpal, Lewis Central (6)

Joey Moser, Harlan (6)

Lane Toman, Thomas Jefferson (6)

Noah Vanscoyk, Abraham Lincoln (6)

Brady Wavrunek, Sioux City East (6)

Brody Cullin, Shenandoah (5)

Logan Dolphin, Sioux City East (5)

Desmond Grace II, Sioux City North (5)

Trey Hullinger, Central Decatur (5)

Tyke Hullinger, Central Decatur (5)

Grady Jeppesen, Riverside (5)

Jaydon Knight, Mount Ayr (5)

Jace Rose, Riverside (5)

Dayton Templeton, Atlantic (5)


Kingery averaged 26.6 yards per catch on Friday evening, finishing with 266 total receiving yards. That was 105 more than second place Drew Volkmann of Boyer Valley. There were six others with at least 102 yards, and here they are (with two others):

Aiden Flathers, Exira/EHK (137)

Trevor Malone, Boyer Valley (133)

Kade Nowlin, Lamoni (128)

Easton Hays, Coon Rapids-Bayard (126)

Cade Nelson, Southeast Warren (105)

Wyatt Carlson, East Union (102)

Cameron Cline, Woodbine (96)

Davis McGrew, East Mills (86)

Harlan’s Joey Moser, Connor Frame and Aidan Hall went 1-2-3 here with 146, 114 and 114 yards receiving. Three others were over 100. Check them out in the rest of this top 10:

Aidan Hall, Harlan (114)

Brody Cullin, Shenandoah (111)

Trey Hullinger, Central Decatur (111)

Noah Vanscoyk, Abraham Lincoln (105)

Desmond Grace II, Sioux City North (96)

Cody Krause, Glenwood (91)

Tyler Schenkelberg, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (88)

Jonathan Humpal, Lewis Central (83)


Volkmann made the most of his night with four touchdowns receptions to lead KMAland 8P athletes. Kingery added three touchdowns of his own. There were six others with two scores:

Wyatt Carlson, East Union (2)

Cameron Cline, Woodbine (2)

Easton Hays, Coon Rapids-Bayard (2)

Trevor Malone, Boyer Valley (2)

Cade Nelson, Southeast Warren (2)

Kade Nowlin, Lamoni (2)

Harlan’s Frame led the charge in 11P with three touchdown grabs. The rest of the multi-touchdown receivers:

Aidan Hall, Harlan (2)

Carter Edney, Logan-Magnolia (2)

Brayden Loftin, Lewis Central (2)

Dayton Templeton, Atlantic (2)


Moravia’s Jackson McDanel had a big defensive night against Lamoni, leading the area with 16.5 tackles. Also in that district, Murray’s Mark Cabrera had 14.5 tackles. Check out the rest of the top 10:

Carsan Wood, Boyer Valley (14.0)

Sage Evans, West Harrison (13.5)

Logan Roberts, Stanton-Essex (12.5)

Cole Metz, Melcher-Dallas (12.0)

Carter Johnson, Stanton-Essex (10.0)

Jose Adkins, Mormon Trail (9.5)

Hunter Anthony, Martensdale-St. Marys (9.5)

Jake Malcolm, Fremont-Mills (9.5)

Joshua Martin, Stanton-Essex (9.5)

Johnathan Weaver, Lenox (9.5)

The top 11P tackler on Friday night was Tri-Center’s Jaxyn Valadez, who finished with 16.0. That was three more than the rest of the field. Here it is:

Aidan Martin, AHSTW (13.0)

Blake Herold, Shenandoah (11.5)

Ashton McDermott, Tri-Center (10.5)

Steven Smith, Abraham Lincoln (10.5)

Nick Wells, Sioux City East (10.5)

Cal Wanninger, Kuemper Catholic (9.5)

Brody Zimmerman, Riverside (9.5)

Evan Adams, Kuemper Catholic (9.0)

Jameson Bieker, Harlan (8.5)

Cole Stenzel, Sidney (8.5)


Fremont-Mills’ Braxton Blackburn and Lamoni’s Brayden Olson led the way here with 4.0 tackles for loss each. Check out the rest of the top 10:

Johnny Resh, Stanton-Essex (3.5)

Sage Evans, West Harrison (3.0)

Luke Lane, Southeast Warren (3.0)

Cooper Marvel, Fremont-Mills (3.0)

Tyler Prokop, East Mills (3.0)

Conner Fitzgerald, Lenox (2.5)

Alex Foran, Audubon (2.5)

Gabe Jensen, Audubon (2.5)

Gavin Kelley, Woodbine (2.5)

Logan Montgomery, Southeast Warren (2.5)

Bryson Raney, East Union (2.5)

Odin Rivera, Lamoni (2.5)

Sloan Smith, Woodbine (2.5)

Sioux City East’s Nick Wells led the way in 11P with 5.0 tackles for loss. His teammate Blake Hogancamp was next with 4.0. Nodaway Valley’s Adam Ayase and Lewis Central’s Dallas Davis and Nick Miller all had 3.5. The rest of the top 10:

Easton O’Brien, Atlantic (3.0)

Luke Ramsey, IKM-Manning (3.0)

Chase Wallace, Lewis Central (3.0)

Elliot Cooney, Nodaway Valley (2.5)

Ethan Sneider, Sioux City East (2.5)


Lamoni’s Olson led the 8Ps here with 2.0 sacks. There were two others with 1.5 – Conner Fitzgerald of Lenox and Braxton Marxen of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton.

In 11P, Wells had 3.0 sacks while Harlan’s Garrett Assmann had 2.0 and his teammate Jameson Bieker finished with 1.5.


Let’s start out with Fremont-Mills’ Jake Malcom, who had two interceptions returned for a touchdown, totaling 100 yards. Here are the others:

Carter Johnson, Stanton-Essex (INT – 79 yards)

Ty Hysell, Mormon Trail (INT — 55 yards)

Connor Golston, Moravia (FR — 49 yards)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (FR – 33 yards)

Kalvin Brown, Lamoni (FR)

Cam Seuferer, Southeast Warren (INT)

There were also a bunch of defensive touchdowns in 11P, topped by Glenwood’s Logyn Eckheart returning a fumble recovery for 67 yards. That’s a scoop and a score. Others with defensive touchdowns in 11P:

Logan Terrell, Atlantic (INT — 60)

Isaac Evans, Kuemper Catholic (INT — 35)

Lane Toman, Thomas Jefferson (FR — 34)

AJ Schiltz, Treynor (INT — 32)

Calvin Wallis, Logan-Magnolia (INT — 17)

Owen Mieska, Treynor (INT)


Malcom had the two interception returns for a touchdown, and he had so much fun doing that he decided to grab another interception for a THREE-INT night. There were five others in 8P:

Brayden Olson, Lamoni (INT & FR)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (INT & FR)

Anthony Schneider, Selcher-Dallas (2 FR)

Cam Seuferer, Southeast Warren (2 INT)

Carson Wood, Boyer Valley (2 INT)

And there were a whole lot of 11P athletes that pulled in multiple turnovers on Friday. That includes IKM-Manning’s Justin Segebart, who joined Malcom with three turnovers forced. Segebart had two fumble recoveries and an interception. Here’s the rest:

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (2 INT)

Marcus Duncan, Lewis Central (2 INT)

Owen Mieska, Treynor (2 INT)

Cade Myers, Southwest Valley (2 FR)

Cooper Perdew, IKM-Manning (FR + INT)

Alex Ravlin, Underwood (FR + INT)

Curtis Witte, Lewis Central (2 INT)


There were three returns for touchdowns in 8P on Friday night with the 76-yard kickoff return from Murray’s Kace Patton leading the way. Woodbine’s Justin Brown added a 53-yard kickoff return, and CAM’s Spieker also had a punt return.

There were also two kickoff returns for touchdowns in 11P: Todd Pedersen of Treynor returned a kickoff 90 yards while Harlan’s Frame had a 49-yard onside kick return for six.


The one and only field goal of the night in 8P came from East Mills’ Ryan Stortenbecker, who was good from 38 yards out.

And in 11P, there were six players with field goals on Friday evening. The longest of those was a big one from Red Oak’s Dawson Bond, who was good from 40 yards out. Harlan’s Stephen Leinen went in from 38. The rest were 27 or less:

Kale Rockhold, Central Decatur (27)

Scout Sneller, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (26)

Connor Oliver, Abraham Lincoln (25)

Jaixen Frost, Mount Ayr (22)

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