(KMAland) -- It’s Wednesday, and it’s time for a party! A week six party.

Here’s a look at the statistical leaders in football from Friday night’s week six action.


Mormon Trail’s Ty Hysell continues to be one of the most prolific KMAland 8P quarterbacks, and he completed 21 passes to lead the area on Friday. There were five others with at least nine completions:

Cory Bantam, Woodbine (17)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (18)

Joshua Martin, Stanton-Essex (10)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (9)

John Whitver, Glidden-Ralston (9)

In KMAland 11P, Alex Ravlin of Underwood had some kind of night, leading the area with 24 completions in the team’s win over Treynor. The rest of the folks with 10 completions:

Tyler Smith, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (18)

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (17)

Luke Longval, Sioux City East (16)

Nolan Mount, Shenandoah (16)

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (13)

Maddox Anderson, Tri-Center (11)

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central (11)

Tate Mayberry, Glenwood (11)

Tyler Iverson, LeMars (10)

Nathan Russell, Nodaway Valley (10)

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (10)


Hysell threw the ball around 41 times on Friday evening. Woodbine’s Cory Bantam was right behind him with 38. Three others had at least 20, and here’s the rest of the top 10:

Ethan Meier, East Mills (25)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (23)

Tristen Cummings, Bedford (20)

Joshua Martin, Stanton-Essex (17)

Drew Volkmann, Boyer Valley (16)

John Whitver, Glidden-Ralston (16)

William Amfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (14)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (14)

Kaleb Templeton, Moravia (14)

Ravlin also led the area with 33 attempts, but Central Decatur’s Matthew Boothe and Nolan Mount of Shenandoah had 32 pass attempts to finish the night right behind him. The rest of the top 10:

Luke Longval, Sioux City East (29)

Tate Mayberry, Glenwood (25)

Tyler Smith, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (25)

Cooper Pottebaum, Kuemper Catholic (21)

Eli Lusajo, Abraham Lincoln (20)

Tyler Iverson, LeMars (18)

Quinn Olson, Bishop Heelan Catholic (18)

Matthew Benedict, Sidney (17)

Nathan Russell, Nodaway Valley (17)

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (17)


Bantam led the charge with another 300-yard game, finishing with 302 in their game against West Harrison. Hysell threw for 223 yards, and East Mills’ Ethan Meier was the only other player with at least 200 through the air. He had 219. The rest of the top 10:

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (197)

Joshua Martin, Stanton-Essex (194)

Gavin Smith, Audubon (183)

Tristen Cummings, Bedford (136)

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (127)

Lane Spieker, CAM (116)

Drew Volkmann, Boyer Valley (107)

Ravlin led all area passers with 417 yards on the evening. That amounted to a single-game record for the school, and it broke his brother Nick’s previous record. Of course, sometimes we call him Nick so who really knows the difference? Boothe had 253 yards through the air, and Mount Ayr’s Jaixen Frost was the only other quarterback over 240 yards with 243. The rest of the best:

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (218)

Luke Longval, Sioux City East (217)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (199)

Teagon Kasperbauer, Harlan (179)

Tyler Smith, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (153)

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central (146)

Brendan Knapp, Southwest Valley (143)


Bantam was the only player with more than two touchdown passes, and he had four of them. For the season, he now has 19 touchdown throws – tied for third in the state (with Hysell). There were 10 others with two touchdown passes on Friday:

William Amfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (2)

Tristen Cummings, Bedford (2)

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (2)

Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills (2)

Joshua Martin, Stanton-Essex (2)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (2)

Gavin Smith, Audubon (2)

Lane Spieker, CAM (2)

Drew Volkmann, Boyer Valley (2)

John Whitver, Glidden-Ralston (2)

Mount Ayr’s Frost threw eight passes, and he completed five of them for touchdowns to lead KMAland 11P. Ravlin also had four touchdown passes. There were five others with three and three others with two:

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central (3)

Teagon Kasperbauer, Harlan (3)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (3)

Tyler Smith, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (3)

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (3)

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (2)

Nolan Mount, Shenandoah (2)

Cooper Pottebaum, Kuemper Catholic (2)


Let’s get to the backs. West Harrison kept to the ground again on Friday, giving the ball to Walker Rife an area-high 27 times. There were six others that had at least 20 carries. Here’s the top 10:

Lane Spieker, CAM (25)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (24)

Christian Nevarez, Murray (23)

Kade Mullins, Martensdale-St. Marys (22)

Gabe Gilgen, West Harrison (21)

Gavin Smith, Audubon (20)

Zack Belden, Murray (18)

Tyler Brant, Glidden-Ralston (16)

Mark Cabrera, Murray (16)

Logan-Magnolia’s Gavin Maguire carried the ball 31 times on Friday evening to lead the Panthers and the area. There were several others that also carried the ball quite a bit:

Amos Rasmussen, IKM-Manning (29)

Michael Turner, Tri-Center (25)

Drew Benson, Sioux City West (24)

Elijah Dougherty, LeMars (23)

Jared Hausman, Kuemper Catholic (23)

Boudyn White, Wayne (23)

Caden McDowell, Abraham Lincoln (21)

Briley Hayes, Creston (18)

Dante Hedrington, Atlantic (17)

Tate Mayberry, Glenwood (17)


CAM’s Lane Spieker enters the building here after leading the area with another 297 on the ground. He’s up to 1,675 yards on the season. That leads the state by over 400. Ar-We-Va’s Will Ragaller was the other 200-yard rusher on the night with 240. The rest of the top 10:

Gabe Gilgen, West Harrison (197)

Gavin Smith, Audubon (187)

Walker Rife, West Harrison (156)

Braxton Blackburn, Fremont-Mills (146)

Kade Mullins, Martensdale-St. Marys (137)

Zack Belden, Murray (136)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (132)

Ryan Stortenbecker, East Mills (113)

Tyler Brant, Glidden-Ralston (105)

A quarterback leads the way here. Austin Kremkoski of Riverside was ridiculous in their win over Missouri Valley, finishing the night with an 11P-high 258 yards. Lo-Ma’s Maguire rushed for 247, Tri-Center’s Michael Turner – also a quarterback (usually but not on this night) had 234 and Sioux City West’s Drew Benson posted 220. The rest of the top 10:

Tadyn Brown, Clarinda (194)

Denver Pauley, AHSTW (157)

Wyatt Schmit, Clarinda (151)

Boudyn White, Wayne (149)

Alexis Manzo, Missouri Valley (144)

Amos Rasmussen, IKM-Manning (127)


Spieker had another six touchdowns to move up to 35 on the year. That also leads the state by NINE. Audubon’s Gavin Smith ran for five touchdowns of his own, and he’s up to 24 (3rd in the state). The rest of the folks with multiple rushing touchdowns:

Gabe Gilgen, West Harrison (4)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (4)

Zack Belden, Murray (3)

Braxton Blackburn, Fremont-Mills (3)

Ryan Stortenbecker, East Mills (3)

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (2)

Kade Mullins, Martensdale-St. Marys (2)

Walker Rife, West Harrison (2)

Turner got the chance to carry the load on Friday evening, and he did just that on his way to four touchdown runs. There were six others with three touchdown grabs and a bunch of others with two:

Drew Benson, Sioux City West (3)

Tadyn Brown, Clarinda (3)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (3)

Denver Pauley, AHSTW (3)

Wyatt Schmit, Clarinda (3)

Boudyn White, Wayne (3)

Jason Dickson, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (2)

Elijah Dougherty, LeMars (2)

Ethen Fishell, Lewis Central (2)

Desmond Grace II, Sioux City North (2)

Aidan Hall, Harlan (2)

Jonathan Humpal, Lewis Central (2)

Gavin Maguire, Logan-Magnolia (2)

Alexis Manzo, Missouri Valley (2)

Caden McDowell, Abraham Lincoln (2)

Sir Brandon Watts, Bishop Heelan Catholic (2)


Three different receivers had eight receptions to lead KMAland 8P on Friday: Cameron Cline of Woodbine, East Mills’ Davis McGrew and Glidden-Ralston’s Caden Smith. There were six others with four grabs each:

Gabe Stripe, Mormon Trail (7)

Joshua Lopez, East Union (6)

Mason Crouse, East Mills (5)

Jose Adkins, Mormon Trail (4)

Triton Gwinn, Mormon Trail (4)

Cooper Kock, Ar-We-Va (4)

Shenandoah’s Blake Herold continues to put together an incredible junior season. He finished Friday evening’s Page County Super Bowl with a KMAland-best 12 catches. Underwood’s Scott Pearson added nine grabs. There were eight others with at least five receptions:

Raydden Grobe, AHSTW (6)

Taejon Jones, Sioux City East (6)

Devin Adams, Central Decatur (5)

Trey Hullinger, Central Decatur (5)

Jacob Imming, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (5)

Kelynn Jacobsen, Sioux City East (5)

Brayden Lund, AHSTW (5)

Eli Marsh, Tri-Center (5)


Cline was the top guy in the yardage department with 177 on the year. There were three others over 100: Audubon’s Braden Wessel (139), Caden Smith of Glidden-Ralston (125) and East Mills’ Davis McGrew (121). The rest of the top 10:

Jack Roberts, Stanton-Essex (92)

Jose Adkins, Mormon Trail (84)

Easton Hays, Coon Rapids-Bayard (80)

Joshua Lopez, East Union (77)

Levi Martin, Stanton-Essex (77)

Hogan Franey, Martensdale-St. Marys (73)

Pearson of Underwood led the area with a monster receiving game, finishing with 222 yards. That was well ahead of the rest of the area as the next-best was from AHSTW’s Raydden Grobe, who had 149 yards. Check out the rest of the top 10:

Blake Herold, Shenandoah (115)

Trey Hullinger, Central Decatur (99)

Blake Thomas, Southwest Valley (85)

Braydon Pierson, Mount Ayr (84)

Cade Sears, Harlan (84)

Luciano Fidone, Lewis Central (77)

Grady Jeppesen, Riverside (77)

Connor Frame, Harlan (75)


Woodbine’s Cline was the only player with THREE touchdown grabs on Friday evening. There were, however, four others with two:

Davis McGrew, East Mills (2)

Caden Smith, Glidden-Ralston (2)

Jaidan TenEyck, Boyer Valley (2)

Braden Wessel, Audubon (2)

AHSTW’s Grobe was tops in receiving touchdowns with THREE grabs. That doesn’t happen a lot in 11P, but it did for the Vikings on Friday. The other four with two touchdown receptions:

Hunter Case, Mount Ayr (2)

Connor Frame, Harlan (2)

Isaac Jones, Clarinda (2)

Scott Pearson, Underwood (2)


Woodbine’s Colton Walsh was the top tackler of the night with 18.5 takedowns. That was 3.5 more than anybody else, but big ups to West Harrison’s Sage Evans, who played in the same game, and had 15.0. Check out the rest of the folks with double-digit tacklers:

Logan Roberts, Stanton-Essex (13.5)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (12.5)

Logan Evans, Mormon Trail (11.5)

Luke Lane, Southeast Warren (10.5)

Dylan Hoefer, Woodbine (10.0)

Cooper Kock, Ar-We-Va (10.0)

Mason McIntosh, West Harrison (10.0)

Logan Montgomery, Southeast Warren (10.0)

Grayson Phillips, Martensdale-St. Marys (10.0)

Tyler Prokop, East Mills (10.0)

Abraham Lincoln’s Wes Brown picked a heck of a night for his best performance. He had 20.5 tackles on the evening against Ames. AHSTW’s Aidan Martin is a usual in these parts, and he had 16.0 tackles. There were nine others with at least 10.0:

Caelen DeVault, Nodaway Valley (12.5)

Owen Ward, Tri-Center (12.5)

Cooper Irlmeier, IKM-Manning (12.0)

Steven Smith, Abraham Lincoln (11.5)

Brady Wavrunek, Sioux City East (11.5)

Max Pietig, Kuemper Catholic (10.5)

Desmond Grace II, Sioux City North (10.0)

Cade Myers, Southwest Valley (10.0)

Nick Wells, Sioux City East (10.0)


Fremont-Mills’ Braxton Blackburn is bad, bad dude, and he showed it again on Friday with 6.0 TFLs. There were three others with 4.0: Garrett Christensen of Audubon, Logan Evans of Mormon Trail and Southeast Warren’s Logan Montgomery. Check out the rest of the top 10:

Kason Parker, East Union (3.0)

Johnny Resh, Stanton-Essex (3.0)

Cade Ticknor, CAM (3.0)

Luke Lane, Southeast Warren (2.5)

Wrigley Shanks, Mormon Trail (2.5)

Brycen Wookey, Murray (2.5)

Denison-Schleswig’s Jordan Von Tersch was vital in leading the Monarchs to their shutout win on Friday night, leading the area with 4.5 tackles for loss. Lewis Central’s Nick Miller and Owen Ward of Tri-Center also had 4.0 tackles for loss. The rest of those with at least 2.5:

Caelen DeVault, Nodaway Valley (3.5)

Joey Anderson, Underwood (3.0)

Grant McHugh, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (3.0)

Carter Davis, Underwood (2.5)

Elijah Dougherty, LeMars (2.5)

Wyatt Hatcher, Lewis Central (2.5)

Keavian Hayes, Sioux City West (2.5)

Jaxon Johnson, Tri-Center (2.5)

Nathan Messerschmidt, Riverside (2.5)

Jack Scrivner, Central Decatur (2.5)


Blackburn had 6.0 TFLs and 5.0 of them came from sacks. That led the area. Also, Christensen of Audubon finished with 4.0, Tyler Prokop of East Mills had 2.0 and Kason Parker from East Union had 1.5.

In 11P, LC’s Miller finished up with 3.0 sacks. Kuemper Catholic’s Evan Adams and AHSTW’s Nick Denning had 2.0 sacks each.


There were two KMAland 8P athletes with multiple turnovers on Friday evening. Ryan Stortenbecker of East Mills had THREE interceptions, and Fremont-Mills’ Taylor Reed finished with two picks.

In 11P, there were four athletes that had their hands on two turnovers each. Mount Ayr’s Frost had two interceptions in the secondary, AL’s Tim McCarthy had two fumble recoveries, Tri-Center’s Holden Skow posted two interceptions and Logan-Magnolia’s Calvin Wallis also had two interceptions.


There were three KMAland 8P athletes with defensive touchdowns – Brady Owen Of Fremont-Mills, Ar-We-Va’s Ragaller and East Mills’ Stortenbecker. Owen had a 20-yard pick six, Ragaller had a 12-yard pick six and Stortenbecker also took back one of his interceptions for a touchdown.

There were three other defensive touchdowns in 11P on Friday. LeMars lost to Webster City, but they had David Leusink and Cal Eckstaine returning interceptions for 46 and 28 yards, respectively. Sergeant Bluff-Luton’s Jason Dickson had an 18-yard scoop and score.


Southeast Warren’s Cade Nelson was the only KMAland 8P athlete to pick up a special teams touchdown. He returned a kickoff 70 yards for a score.

Denison-Schleswig’s Aiden Schuttinga had a 63-yard punt return for a touchdown while Harlan’s Joey Moser ran a punt back for 53 yards.


Only field goal in KMAland 8P on Friday night, and it was Stortenbecker of East Mills making a three-pointer from 22 yards.

There were a bunch of field goals on Friday night, including the big game-winner from Southwest Valley’s Evan Timmerman. The others that made field goals and their yardage:

Jacob Schroeder, Sioux City East (43)

Collin Brandt, Underwood (39)

Connor Oliver, Abraham Lincoln (32)

Raydden Grobe, AHSTW (30)

Braydon Hill, Riverside (29)

Gavin Schau, Glenwood (27)

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