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(KMAland) -- A basketball blog with a bowling picture. It might not make sense to any of you, but I was hoping to catch the attention of a caller to KMA from yesterday afternoon. A caller that didn’t leave a name or a number but a whole lot of smugness. Paraphrasing, it went like this:

Just wanted to let you know that Shenandoah bowling is going to state. I see you’ve got Clarinda bowling on the website, but nothing on Shenandoah. Thought you might be missing out on that. You know, since your station is in Shenandoah.

Good stuff. Thanks for condescending tone, pal. Truth is, I can be pretty condescending and throw out some pretty solid insults about the sheer stupidity of this call, but I’m not going to go there. Nope, not going to sink to that level.

I will, however, point out that this caller must not have visited the website on Friday. Or Wednesday for that matter. Or…ever? Fact of the matter is, those links provide a story with Shenandoah boys bowling coach Darin Pease and the original state-qualifying story. But more than anything, I have to ask if this dude really thinks we would have nothing on Shenandoah boys bowling going to state.

Since I took over a nice, cute little sports department 10 years or so ago, it’s turned into a monster. It covers bowling the exact same way it covers football or basketball or baseball or anything. When do you suppose is the last time we actually “missed” something of this magnitude? Not since I’ve been in charge.

That may seem braggadocios or arrogant, but it’s simply facts. I’m sorry that the Shenandoah bowling story from Friday wasn’t immediately available for this fine gentleman to find at our Local Sports News Page, but there’s two things to remember:

1 – We cover a lot of stuff and by the time it’s Monday afternoon, that story has fallen off of our front page.

2 – There’s a real simple easy way to not look like a fool. Instead of laughably assuming we would “miss” a story like that, try to go to the upper right corner of our website and use the search function. Type in “Shenandoah boys bowling” or “Darin Pease” or anybody on the bowling team. The story would pop right up for you. But I guess that can be hard for some people to figure out. Maybe next time.

Now…let’s turn back to last night’s basketball and the BCMoore predictions, results and differences.

PREDICTION: Sioux City West by 26.46 over Thomas Jefferson

RESULT: The Wolverines flew on past the spread for a 38-point victory.


PREDICTION: LeMars by 28.00 over Bishop Heelan Catholic

RESULT: They didn’t quite get to 28, but it’s not always easy to beat a team three times – no matter the foe. This one was an 18-point win for the Bulldogs.


PREDICTION: Urbandale by 10.72 over Lewis Central

RESULT: The J-Hawks handled business with a 20-point win at home last night.


PREDICTION: Sergeant Bluff-Luton by 22.90 over Denison-Schleswig

RESULT: I’ve had some good and bad predictions in these things over the last couple weeks, but when I said “I would expect (Denison-Schleswig) will cover this ridiculously high spread tonight” it turns out that I was very wrong. SBL got a 31-point win here.


PREDICTION: ADM by 5.90 over Harlan

RESULT: ADM just kept coming back every time Harlan made a run, and the Tigers were 10-point winners.


PREDICTION: Glenwood by 29.87 over Clarke

RESULT: The Rams were pretty close to covering this thing, but they settled for a cool 27-point win.


PREDICTION: Sioux City East by 34.07 over Sioux City North

RESULT: Sioux City East rolled along and nearly handled the full spread with a 32-point victory.


PREDICTION: Atlantic by 7.04 over Creston

RESULT: Incredibly close. The Trojans were six-point winners over their Hawkeye Ten Conference counterpart for the top pick of the day.


Pretty impressive night from BCMoore’s system here, as it was a perfect 8-0 with four of the spreads within 4.10.

Now, we turn our attention to tonight. There are 16 regional finals between 4A and 5A girls and a bunch of district finals in 1A and 2A boys. I’ll hit you with spreads for all of the regional finals, and the KMAland-relevant district finals. Here we go:

22. Grand View Christian (18-1) vs. Coon Rapids-Bayard (7-9) – Boys Class 1A District 15 Final

Well, I think a lot of folks probably expected this might be No. 22 today. But how many people expected Coon Rapids-Bayard to get this far in the first place? They were dogs against Ankeny Christian Academy and Ogden, and now they will go on and take a shot at this beast. All the best. BCMoore line: Grand View Christian by 40.18.

21. Ankeny (10-6) at Waukee (9-1) – Girls Class 5A Regional Final

Waukee won this matchup by an 81-38 count back in December. They’ve also won each of the last 11 meetings between the two. They also scored 101 points in their regional win this weekend. BCMoore line: Waukee by 26.28.

20. Tri-Center (19-3) vs. Riverside (12-10) – Boys Class 1A District 14 Final

The Trojans were dominant winners in the two meetings during the regular season, taking a 67-35 win in December and a 56-29 victory in January. Now, it’s February, and Riverside is coming off a thrilling come-from-behind win over CAM. T-C, meanwhile, has been downright dominant in district wins over Griswold by 51 and over Sidney by 32. We’ve got this on KMAX-Stream2 tonight. BCMoore line: Tri-Center by 25.94.

19. Fairfield (11-8) at North Scott (14-2) – Girls Class 4A Regional Final

North Scott is back in a regional final with hopes of defending another state championship. They’ve got Fairfield in a regional final, and Fairfield actually beat the Lancers….all the way back in 2018 in their only previous meeting (QuikStats era). BCMoore line: North Scott by 24.16.

18. Sergeant Bluff-Luton (13-8) at Glenwood (18-3) – Girls Class 4A Regional Final

There aren’t a lot of games Glenwood would ever worry about, but this could be one. The Warriors are battle-tested and hardened heading into this regional final, and they really have nothing to lose. They will have to find a way to keep up with the Rams, which average 72.1 points per game to their 50.4. SBL won the previous two meetings between these two – in 2017 and 2011. The 2011 game was particularly good. It was weirdly played in Mapleton, and following the loss, it set that Glenwood group on a path to their great 2012 season. Hear this one on KMA 960. BCMoore line: Glenwood by 23.15.

17. Indianola (18-4) at Johnston (15-1) – Girls Class 5A Regional Final

Indianola is coming off a 14-point win over Abraham Lincoln this past weekend, and former Glenwood coach/teacher Jeff Janssen leads the Indians. So, there’s some vested interest here. Johnston beat Indianola last year around this time by 41. I think this one will be closer. BCMoore line: Johnston by 21.09.

16. Des Moines Roosevelt (10-1) at Ankeny Centennial (14-2) – Girls Class 5A Regional Final

Two squads that were scheduled to play 10 days ago, but they did not. Now, they will for a shot at the state tournament. Centennial has won the six previous matchups between these two, including last December when it was a 62-27 victory. BCMoore line: Ankeny Centennial by 19.07.

15. Sioux City East (18-4) at Southeast Polk (14-3) – Girls Class 5A Regional Final

Let me tell you this: Sioux City East was a bigger underdog in last year’s regional final with Dowling Catholic. Still, this is going to be tough. It’s always tough to go to state. This is the two programs’ first meeting in the QuikStats era. BCMoore line: Southeast Polk by 17.89.

14. North Polk (15-7) at Ballard (20-1) – Girls Class 4A Regional Final

North Polk was in Class 3A last year and very, very impressive in eliminating Red Oak in a state quarterfinal. This year, they’ve moved up and still have some of the remnants of that team. They face a difficult task here, though, as the Bombers are allowing just 27.2 points per game. One big note, though: North Polk BEAT Ballard earlier this month by seven. Ballard also beat North Polk in a January matchup by 19. Rubber match tells it all. BCMoore line: Ballard by 16.39.

13. Creston (14-6) at Dallas Center-Grimes (19-2) – Girls Class 4A Regional Final

Boy, Dallas Center-Grimes sure has a couple of beastly basketball teams this year. The girls are outscoring foes by 17.4 points per game on average and are allowing just 37.0 points per game. They also own a 20-point win over Creston from December, as well as five other wins since 2007. That said, it only takes one. BCMoore line: Dallas Center-Grimes by 16.13.

12. Marion (14-8) at Central DeWitt (15-2) – Girls Class 4A Regional Final

Marion is in a similar spot – a regional final – although they are a significant underdog here. The Indians (for now) have won seven straight against tonight’s foe, and the last time Central DeWitt beat them was back in February 2014. Seven years later, they try to do the trick again. BCMoore line: Central DeWitt by 15.92.

11. St. Albert (10-12) vs. West Harrison (18-5) – Boys Class 1A District 16 Final  

West Harrison has not lost in 2021, and now they’re about to face their toughest test. St. Albert is toughened and hardened by playing in the Hawkeye Ten Conference, but I wouldn’t be lazy enough to just say the Falcons will roll here. The Hawkeyes have a very prolific trio of scorers and enough experience around that young trio that they could make a run at this thing (like Woodbine did last time out). This is the last game tonight projected to be in double digits. Hear it on the KMAX-Stream1. BCMoore line: St. Albert by 12.96.

10. Davenport North (11-1) at Iowa City West (12-3) – Girls Class 5A Regional Final

I continue to marvel at these records, and it makes me realize how lucky many KMAland teams were to get in the number of games that they did. This marks the first meeting between these two since 2010 when Iowa City West won by 35. They also won in 2009 while Davenport North won in 2008. BCMoore line: Iowa City West by 8.74.

9. Wahlert Catholic (12-9) at Waverly-Shell Rock (21-2) – Girls Class 4A Regional Final

Waverly-Shell Rock is outscoring opponents by 25.2 points per game, and the defense is a big piece of their success. They are giving up just 30.9 points per game. The Go-Hawks beat Wahlert just over one year ago on this date by 10 points in a regional semifinal. This one a trip to state is on the line. BCMoore line: Waverly-Shell Rock by 7.93.

8. Martensdale-St. Marys (22-0) vs. Earlham (13-7) – Boys Class 1A District 13 Final

If you look at the records, you might think the Blue Devils would be heavy favorites. That’s not quite the case, although they certainly have the more explosive offense with 74.2 points per game to Earlham’s 58.9. In order to advance, though, MSTM will have to beat the Cardinals for the first time in the QuikStats era. Earlham holds wins in 2019, 2009, 2008 and 2006. Not much of that has anything to do with 2021, though. BCMoore line: Martensdale-St. Marys by 7.24.

7. Iowa City High (10-4) at Waterloo West (18-1) – Girls Class 5A Regional Final

These two tried to play a couple times this year, but it looks like weather (or other things) kept them from doing it. Tonight, nothing will keep them from playing in Waterloo. I guess I should knock on wood. Iowa City High has won 9 of the 10 meetings in QuikStats’ history with Waterloo West’s last win coming in 2012. BCMoore line: Waterloo West by 7.23.

6. Moravia (19-4) vs. Mount Ayr (18-4) – Boys Class 1A District 12 Final

This is an underrated game. Moravia is playing great down the stretch while Mount Ayr is right back at it despite a number of graduations from last year’s team. The two teams have a similar profile, especially defensively. The POI/Bluegrass matchup seems to favor the POI in most years, but you never know. BCMoore line: Mount Ayr by 6.44.

5. Dowling Catholic (10-6) at Cedar Rapids Washington (13-3) – Girls Class 5A Regional Final

Here’s one of three road teams that are favorites tonight in regional final play. Dowling missed out on state last year when Sioux City East surprised them. While they’re still the favorite this year, it’s slight and they have to go on the road. And no Caitlin Clark. They’re not hurting for talent, though. Trust me. BCMoore line: Dowling by 5.29.

4. Grinnell (16-7) at Bondurant-Farrar (15-5) – Girls Class 4A Regional Final

Tight, tight battle between two teams that played last February in a regional semifinal. Grinnell won that one by 3, and they come in here as the underdog. Junior Ivey Schmidt was the difference last year. Can she pull it again? BCMoore line: Bondurant-Farrar by 3.60.

3. AHSTW (20-2) vs. Treynor (18-4) – Boys Class 2A District 16 Final

Since I’m doing this game on KMA-FM 99.1 tonight, I would call this No. 1. This is going to be a lot of fun with a lot of bucket-getters making big shots. I was there the first time they played in Treynor in December, and AHSTW won by 3. Treynor then nabbed a four-point win on the first day of February. For the loser of this one, it’ll be the last day of February. The winner moves one step closer to Des Moines. Oooooooh BABY! BCMoore line: Treynor by 2.43.

2. Harlan (16-4) at Denison-Schleswig (18-4) – Girls Class 4A Regional Final

When I saw the spread on this, I thought it would be No. 1. It’s not, but it’s pretty, pretty close. Speaking of close, I’d expect another one between these two teams. The Lady Monarchs won the first meeting by 8 in December and the second meeting by 4 in January. If they can nab a February win, they’ll be dancing in the streets and on their way back to Des Moines. Despite the two wins for D-S, Harlan is the slight favorite. They last appeared at the Iowa Events Center in 2016. This should be a doozy. BCMoore line: Harlan by 0.23.  

1 WDM Valley (10-6) at Cedar Falls (16-3) – Girls Class 5A Regional Final

Valley hits the road and will look to find a way to slow down the high-scoring UNI commit Anaya Barney, who is putting in 24.1 points per game. This is also a rematch of sorts from the state championship game in 2017. That was a 12-point win for Valley. We’ll see if they can do it again. BCMoore line: Valley by 0.20.

Enjoy the basketball, wherever you are.

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