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(KMAland) -- The golf season is about to get into full swing (pun definitely intended), and so it’s time to get a look at the other half of the KMAland Iowa golf season. To the boys we go…


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As I did in the girls preview, I am going to write a lot about the combined adjusted average that QuikStats puts out there. I don’t know the formula, but I don’t care. It allows for me to sort and search out all KMAland golfers.

Here is a list of 34 golfers – 25 seniors and 9 juniors – that had a CAAVG under 50 two years ago.

Ethan Arp, Senior, CAM: The Rolling Valley was hit pretty good with graduation the last two years, so Arp is as good a bet as any to take control. His 49.64 CAAVG is second among returning seniors in the league, and he’s gone as low as 39 in 9-hole rounds.

Cory Bantam, Junior, Woodbine: Bantam’s 48.15 CAAVG is the lowest average among returning Rolling Valley Conference players. He h ad a 42 9-hole low and posted an 87 for a low in 18-hole rounds.

Kyle Beam, Junior, Sidney: As it pertains to the junior and senior classes, Beam should challenge for the top spot in the Corner Conference. He had a 49.42 CAAVG during his freshman season, and that ranks as the second-lowest returning average in the Corner.

Parker Bekkerus, Senior, Denison-Schleswig: The Monarch ranks 9th among all seniors with a 45.72 CAAVG from his sophomore season. He can really go low, finishing with 9-hole low of 37. Bekkerus placed 25th in the Hawkeye Ten Conference in his sophomore season.

Tyler Brandt, Senior, IKM-Manning: Brandt joins a really good senior class in the Western Iowa Conference after a solid enough 49.76 CAAVG two years ago. That ranks among the top 25 returning KMAland seniors. An 18-hole low of 77 shows he is more than capable of a big season.

Colby Burg, Senior, Creston: The top-returning golfer in the area as it pertains to the combined/adjusted average stat. Burg had a 41.59 CAAVG during his sophomore season and took seventh in the Hawkeye Ten Tournament before qualifying for districts in a strong finish to the year.

Nick Carlson, Senior, Shenandoah: Carlson finished out his sophomore year with Shenandoah with a 49.61 CAAVG. He placed 46th at the Hawkeye Ten met and will look to continue his improvement this year after going as low as 45 in 9-hole meets and 93 in 18-hole meets.

Garrett Couse, Senior, Red Oak: Couse is a top 20 returning KMAland senior, and he showed his potential last year with a 9-hole low of 39. His 48.66 CAAVG also shows plenty of potential for his senior year.

Jacob Fetter, Senior, Logan-Magnolia: Fetter was consistent enough during his sophomore season, posting a 48.11 CAAVG that is among the top 17 returning seniors in the area. His lows for the year were 40 in 9s and 80 ins 18s.

Coby Fink, Senior, Underwood: The fourth-ranked senior in KMAland, Fink had a 42.71 CAAVG in his sophomore season. He was the WIC runner-up and took second after a six-hole playoff at the Shenandoah sectional.

Dawson Goss, Senior, Treynor: Goss’ 48.27 CAAVG ranks 18th among returning seniors in the area. He finished out his sophomore season with a 9-hole low of 42 and an 88 in 18-hole rounds.

Jordan Greenwood, Junior, Lewis Central: Greenwood had a 44.96 CAAVG, ranking second among all freshmen in the area. He shot an 85 at the Hawkeye Ten meet and placed 27th overall in a strong freshman season. The junior has significantly improved that average, by the way, posting a 40.95 CAAVG in limited meets this past fall.

Dominic Haynes, Senior, Tri-Center: Haynes is going to have a crowded room in the WIC when it comes to seniors, but he will definitely be in the mix after posting a 45.82 CAAVG as a sophomore. The Trojans were a district qualifier two years ago, and he is the top-returning dude from that bunch.

Wyatt Hough, Senior, Riverside: Riverside’s Hough had a solid sophomore season to finish with a 47.79 CAAVG. That is among the top 16 in the area, and a good handful of those are in the WIC. Hough had season-lows of 41 and 85 in 9- and 18-hole meets, respectively.

Ben Hughes, Senior, Glenwood: Hughes can shoot it from way downtown, and he can also handle the club pretty well. He figures to be among Glenwood’s top golfers this year after a 48.58 CAAVG during his sophomore year.

Brett Klusman, Senior, St. Albert: Don’t ever let anybody tell you golf skills don’t translate to baseball skills. Klusman shows that is not true, as he ranks sixth among returning KMAland seniors with a 43.85 CAAVG. The district qualifier went as low as 74 in 18-hole rounds and placed 21st in the Hawkeye Ten as a sophomore.

Joey Konz, Senior, Treynor: Konz narrowly missed a WIC medal in his sophomore season, putting an 80 on the board. He had a season-low of 38 in 9-hole meets and is fifth in the senior class with a 43.42 CAAVG from 2019.

Cooper Langfelt, Senior, Fremont-Mills: The Division II football recruit and double-double machine can also swing it on the golf course. Langfelt had 48.01 CAAVG two years ago and is the top-returning Corner Conference player.

Logan Lawrence, Junior, CAM: Lawrence returns the second-best CAAVG in the Rolling Valley Conference, finishing out his freshman season with a 48.67. He could undoubtedly find himself in the mix as the top golfer in the league.

Cooper Neal, Junior, Clarinda: The top-returning golfer on the Clarinda team, Neal was solid as a freshman with a 47.06 CAAVG. His 23rd-place finish at the Hawkeye Ten meet two years ago was the best for a freshman in the conference.

Drey Newell, Senior, Atlantic: Ranking 11th among returning seniors with a 46.05 CAAVG, Newell finished 31st in the Hawkeye Ten Conference in his senior season. The dude carries a lot of passion for golf and should be a big reason the Trojans are again among the top teams in the league.

Max Nielsen, Junior, IKM-Manning: The top-returning junior in the Western Iowa Conference, Nielsen had a 49.04 CAAVG two years ago. His lows in 9- and 18-hole rounds were 44 and 86, respectively.

Tyler Petersen, Senior, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton: Pushed for years by the Carroll brothers this is Petersen’s team now. And it might be his conference. His 49.20 CAAVG is actually the best-returning score among Rolling Valley Conference seniors.

Ethan Pietig, Senior, Kuemper Catholic: Pietig is the No. 2 ranked senior in CAAVG, finishing his sophomore year with a 41.64. The Kuemper standout also narrowly missed a medal at the Hawkeye Ten meet, placing 13th with solid 81. He also got state tournament experience, finishing 20th overall.

Blake Polzin, Junior, Denison-Schleswig: Polzin is a top 3 junior in the area. He had a 45.97 in limited action – only 3 18-hole meets – but he performed when given the chance with a 45.97 CAAVG.

Kyler Rasmussen, Senior, IKM-Manning: An All-KMAland Team choice in his career, Rasmussen will not be a four-time Western Iowa Conference champion thanks to last year’s cancellation. However, he can go get his third this year after he finished with a 42.54 CAAVG in his sophomore season. That ranks 3rd among all returning seniors.

Ethan Reicks, Senior, Riverside: Reicks is another senior within a talented class in the Western Iowa Conference. He had a 47.74 CAAVG two years ago and finished the year with season-lows of 40 and 85 in 9- and 18-hole meets, respectively.

Jace Rose, Junior, Riverside: Another from Riverside. Rose is no one-trick pony. He can pin you, and he can put it… the pin. I’m terrible. Rose had a 49.96 CAAVG, ranking among the top two freshmen in the conference two years ago.  

Carter Ruzek, Senior, Shenandoah: Ruzek’s 47.80 CAAVG is 13th among returning KMAland seniors. He had low rounds of 38 (9) and 91 (18) during that sophomore season.

Will Schenkelberg, Junior, Kuemper Catholic: Schenkelberg ranked 16th among freshman in 2019 with a 44.20 CAAVG. He’s also the top-returning junior in the area, posting a low of 38 in 9-hole meets and a 79 in 18-hole meets.

Eliot Shaw, Senior, St. Albert: Eliot was all over the self-isolation during the early stages of the pandemic last year. Hopefully, he was able to get a little golf in, too. During his sophomore year, Shaw had a 47.76 CAAVG, but he has just four meets recorded on QuikStats. Shaw shot an 87 and placed 33rd in the Hawkeye Ten that season.

Braden Smith, Senior, Atlantic: A name to know from Atlantic, Smith left a lasting impact at the end of his sophomore season and showed exactly what he can do. He shot a 74 and placed second in the Hawkeye Ten and finished the year with a 44.19 CAAVG. That average ranks 7th among returning seniors.

Cole Strider, Senior, Creston: Strider went as low as 37 in 9-hole rounds and had an 82 to his name in an 18-hole round during his sophomore season. His CAAVG of 46.10 ranks among the top 12 returning seniors in the area. He was 16th as a sophomore in the Hawkeye Ten.

Jack Tiefenthaler, Senior, Kuemper Catholic: Tiefenthaler is the second Knight among the top eight in CAAVG, as he finished his sophomore year with a 44.82. He also has state tournament experience, finishing tied for 39th.


Here is how I would rank it to start the year:


1. Colby Burg, Creston

2. Jordan Greenwood, Lewis Central

3. Ethan Pietig, Kuemper Catholic

4. Kyler Rasmussen, IKM-Manning

5. Coby Fink, Underwood


1. Kuemper Catholic

2. Atlantic

3. IKM-Manning

4. Lewis Central

5. Creston

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