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(KMAland) -- The tennis and the golf are about to get rolling like crazy, and it’s time to start putting some work in on those sports. Today, we get a look at the world of KMAland boys tennis.


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As the days and previews go by, I learn a little bit more on what will play and what looks/works better. This time around I'm going through the No. 1 through No. 6 positions and listing those that played at those spots two years ago.


There are just four returning KMAland conference No. 1s that could be back this season. They are…

-Brock Bruns, Senior, Harlan: One of just three in a KMAland conference that played consistently at the No.1 spot as a sophomore, Bruns went 5-5 in a very veteran-laden Hawkeye Ten Conference. The Buena Vista recruit has remained active with plenty of tournaments during the loooong offseason.

-Samuel Janssen, Junior, Kuemper Catholic: The only area freshman that played consistently at No. 1 singles, Janssen held his own with a 6-3 record. Good enough to grab the No. 3 seed and eventually 3rd place at the H-10 No. 1 singles spot.

-Dalton Pregon, Senior, Abraham Lincoln: An All-KMAland player form his sophomore season, Pregon only lost to state qualifiers in his sophomore year. In addition to that, he beat the KMAland Player of the Year – Reed Miller – in one of their two matchups.

-Caleb Weber, Senior, Sioux City North: Weber had a really strong sophomore season with a 5-1 record at the No. 1 spot for the Stars.


Your new No. 1s? Maybe not for one of them, but check out these returning No. 2s.

-Luke Hicks, Senior, Kuemper Catholic: Hicks had a strong breakout with a 4-3 record at No. 2 during his sophomore season. He placed third in the No. 2 singles tournament at the Hawkeye Ten meet. He also went 1-1 at No. 3 singles.

-Cade Hutchings, Senior, Southwest Valley: A strong performance for Hutchings in the No. 2 spot. He ranks in a tie for second in KMAland conferences with five returning wins at No. 2.

-Teagan Matheny, Senior, Glenwood: Matheny played a bunch of tight matches at No. 2 singles during his sophomore season, finishing with a 4-2 overall record and was 43-43 in games. He was fourth in No. 2 singles at the Hawkeye Ten Tournament.

-Jeff Miller, Senior, St. Albert: Miller was downright dominant in his stints at No. 2 during his sophomore season. He posted a 5-1 record and was 46-15 in games on his way to claiming the Hawkeye Ten No. 2 singles championship. He should be among the top players in KMAland this year. Miller was also 4-0 (and 34-9) at No. 3 singles.

-Collin Reis, Junior, Denison-Schleswig: The All-KMAland Team member, Reis was a perfect 11-0 in matches, 14-0 in sets and 115-29 in games. Dominance. He also has a state medal (doubles) to his name. He will be moving on up this year.

-Kaden Wingert, Senior, LeMars: A player to watch in the Missouri River Conference this year, Wingert had a strong 6-0 record at No. 2 and was 63-23 in games two years ago.


It’s interesting. This is the least-populated list of returnees. There’s just one potential returnee that played here two years ago.

-Mitchell Rueschenberg, Senior, Harlan: Rueschenberg played consistently at the No. 3 singles position before grabbing an 8th place finish with then-senior Braden Fink in the H-10 No. 2 doubles spot.


A well-populated spot with eight potential returnees.

-Harrison Dahm, Junior, Denison-Schleswig: Another then-freshman from Denison, Dahm was terrific at this spot in posting an 11-1 record in matches and was 14-2 in sets. His .776 winning percentage in games (121-35) ranked second for regular No. 4s in the state. He also jumped into the H-10 No. 1 singles tournament and finished sixth.

-Carter James, Senior, Abraham Lincoln: An outstanding bowler, too, James went 4-3 at No. 4 singles in his sophomore season. He had a strong second-place finish in No. 2 doubles at the MRC meet with teammate Mike Wailes.

-Reid Jansen, Senior, Sioux City West: Jansen played most of his time at No. 4 in his sophomore season – a total of five matches.

-Jeremy Rutz, Senior, Creston: Rutz played just four matches at No. 4, but that’s pretty good experience as he tries to make a move as a senior.

-Carter Soppe, Senior, Kuemper Catholic: Another then-sophomore from Kuemper, Soppe was 2-3 at No. 4 singles and a perfect 4-0 at No. 5. He also was one-half of the 7th place No. 1 doubles team in the Hawkeye Ten.

Adam Timmerman, Junior, Southwest Valley: Timmerman had a strong year during his debut. The Timberwolves standout went 3-5 in matches, but he was right in every single match as his 43-43 record in games suggests.

-Carter White, Junior, St. Albert: White was very, very good in his own freshman season, posting an 8-2 match record and a 73-45 record in games at No. 4 singles. White and then-junior Sam Narmi teamed up to take fifth in No. 1 doubles at the Hawkeye Ten.

-Ethan Williams, Senior, Atlantic: Williams went 6-3 and posted a 72-48 record in games at No. 4 during his sophomore season. Williams, who also went 1-1 at No. 5, was one-half of the Ethan-squared (Sturm) team that finished second at No. 2 doubles in the H-10 Tournament.


There are three potential returnees that played most of the time at No. 5.

-Vince Arculeo, Senior, St. Albert: Arculeo played five matches here during his sophomore season and won the city championship at this spot. He was a little more comfortable at No. 6, finishing with a 2-0 record overall and an 18-8 mark in games there.

-Grant Sturm, Senior, Atlantic: It feels dirty putting Sturm here. There’s little chance he plays this low during his senior season. Heck, he was a state qualifiers in singles during his sophomore year and went 1-0 at No. 1, 1-0 at No. 2, 1-1 at No. 4. Sturm also showed well in No. 2 singles at the Hawkeye Ten Tournament, taking a fifth place finish. He was a combined 9-0 between No. 5 (4-0) and No. 6 (5-0).

-Kutter Wright, Senior, LeMars: Wright was 2-2 for the Bulldogs at the No. 5 spot while members of the Lakes Conference. Wright also went 1-0 in matches and 10-2 in games at No. 6.


And now, a look at seven that could be back after playing No. 6 most of the time two years ago.

-Matthew Ahlers, Senior, LeMars: Ahlers played three times at No. 6 (2-1), twice at No. 5 (2-0) and once at No. 4 (1-0) for a combined record of 5-1.

-Gabe Fuller, Junior, Southwest Valley: Southwest Valley’s young lineup finished out with Fuller most of the time, as he finished with a 3-2 record in matches.

-Mason Jelken, Senior, Sioux City West: Jelken was just 1-5, but he was able to gain plenty of varsity experience at the No. 6 spot as a sophomore.

-AJ Johnson, Senior, Sioux City North: Johnson posted a 2-1 record at No. 6 singles as a sophomore.

-Avery Martin, Senior, Shenandoah: Shenandoah’s Martin finished up with a  2-2 record at No. 6 singles and went 1-0 at No. 5.

-Daniel Merritt, Senior, Creston: Merritt went 2-1 in a short stint at No. 6 singles during his sophomore year.

-Blake Pottebaum, Senior, Kuemper Catholic: Pottebaum put together a strong run at No. 6 singles during his sophomore year with a decent 3-2 overall record and a 29-22 mark in games.


There are a few others that are worth noting that played a few matches two years ago and could be back.

-Dayton Cobb, Senior, Southwest Valley: Cobb went 1-2 at No. 6 during his sophomore season.

-Reed Finnegan, Senior, Shenandoah: Finnegan was 1-0 at No. 5 singles for the Mustangs.

-Reid Jansen, Senior, Sioux City West: Jansen went 1-0 at No. 5 singles.

-Jacob Liewer, Junior, Bishop Heelan Catholic: Liewer went 1-0 at No. 5 singles during his freshman season.

-Keller Newton, Senior, Sioux City North: Newton had a strong 4-0 record overall, finishing 2-0 at No. 5 and 2-0 at No. 6.

-Dominic Nicolas, Senior, Southwest Valley: Nicolas was 1-1 at No. 6 singles for the Timberwolves.

-Lance Regehr, Junior, Clarinda: Regehr went 1-0 at No. 6 singles as a freshman.

-Carter Wagner, Senior, Harlan: Wagner was 1-0 at No. 4 singles during his sophomore season.


To put that all together, Southwest Valley leads the way with six names on the list above while Kuemper Catholic has five and Harlan, Shenandoah and St. Albert have three apiece. Others with two are Abraham Lincoln, Atlantic, Creston and Denison-Schleswig.


You can laugh at these rankings as the season goes along, but here’s how I would line it up, using athletes from the Hawkeye Ten + other Council Bluffs schools, Audubon and Southwest Valley.


1. Collin Reis, Denison-Schleswig

2. Dalton Pregon, Abraham Lincoln

3. Samuel Janssen, Kuemper Catholic

4. Jeff Miller, St. Albert

5. Brock Bruns, Harlan


1. Kuemper Catholic

2. St. Albert

3. Abraham Lincoln

4. Denison-Schleswig

5. Atlantic

There’s still a lot we don’t know at this point, but that individual top five will probably be pretty tough to crack. The team top five is major, major guesswork. It's also probably worth pointing out that Lewis Central was impressive in a 9-0 win over TJ last night, using a lot of sophomores.

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