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(KMAland) -- I was just thinking to myself this morning that we haven’t really had a full-scale rain storm that wiped out a full night of baseball or softball this year. Of course, I was thinking about it because that might just happen tonight. Or it might not.

Regardless, I’m here with an update on the KMAland Baseball Power Rankings that were first released last week. There’s plenty of movement, but a reminder: Teams eligible for these rankings are those in the Hawkeye Ten, Corner, Western Iowa, Pride of Iowa, Rolling Valley, Missouri River and Bluegrass Conferences.

In the rankings, you’ll find the ranking, the team, the overall record, their record from the past week and a little something-something for each squad. Onward.


1. Lewis Central (10-0/4-0): What did the Titans do this week? Well, they went a perfect 4-0 with wins over Abraham Lincoln, Glenwood, Denison-Schleswig and Atlantic by a combined 52-8. (LW: 1)

2. Sioux City East (12-2/4-1): They lost to Johnston in their first game since the rankings, but they quickly responded with sweeps of TJ and Bishop Heelan Catholic by a combined 57-1. Yeesh. (LW: 2)

3. Denison-Schleswig (7-4/3-1): Let’s go ahead and move the Monarchs up, despite their 14-0 loss to Lewis Central. Other than that, they swept through Shenandoah and took down Kuemper just last night. (LW: 5)

4. Bishop Heelan Catholic (8-6/2-5): It was not a great week for the Crusaders, but it was also a difficult week. They fell to St. Albert, Remsen St. Mary’s, LeMars and Sioux City East twice. They also beat LeMars once and took down MOC-Floyd Valley a week ago. (LW: 3)

5. LeMars (7-5/3-3): The Bulldogs played a bunch of tough opponents this week, and their win over Heelan in a doubleheader split was plenty impressive. And then came last night’s big doubleheader sweep of SBL that has them making a move. (LW: 9)

6. Sergeant Bluff-Luton (6-4/2-3): The Warriors had a pretty solid week going before last night’s doubleheader loss to LeMars. (LW: 4)

7. Harlan (4-6/2-2): Another OK week for the Cyclones, which split their four games, including a tight win over Atlantic and an aggregate win during a split of Sioux City North (won 16-1, lost 16-9). (LW: 6)

8. Atlantic (5-4/2-2): The Trojans also split their week with a pair of dominant wins over Creston (10-0 and 10-3) to start before falling tight to Harlan and then taking one on the chin to LC. But, as you’ve read, that happens. (LW: 7)

9. Glenwood (4-6/2-1): The Rams were plenty impressive in an 8-2 win over Clarinda last night. They added that to their 20-5 rout of Red Oak after falling to Lewis Central. And – unlike the other three opponents the Titans played this past week – they didn’t get 10-runned. (LW: NR)

10. Sioux City West (6-7/3-1): West split a pair of tight games with Abraham Lincoln before sweeping through TJ in dominant fashion. We’ll keep them right here for now. (LW: 10)


1. St. Albert (11-5/5-2): The Falcons play so much that they can lose a game or two and then quickly gain anything lost with a win the next night. For instance, they fell to Kuemper in the CYO championship on Sunday, but they came back this week to beat Kuemper. They also split with Clarinda and took down Harlan. A pretty positive week overall. (LW: 1)

2. Martensdale-St. Marys (8-3/3-3): You think they might be vulnerable for a loss, but then they go out and beat Southeast Warren by an 11-2 score. Their losses for the week were to Winterset, Des Moines Christian and Panorama. Certainly nothing that should make them drop. (LW: 2)

3. Mount Ayr (7-1/2-0): There were so many conflicting results this week that I went down to No. 7 to bring the Raiders up. They scored a combined 27 runs in wins over Nodaway Valley and Murray. (LW: 7)

4. Ankeny Christian (9-1/4-1): Saturday’s doubleheader with Southeast Warren showed ACA can play with the top teams in these rankings. Both teams grabbed one win by one run, and I gave ACA a little boost for last night’s walk-off win over Lamoni. (LW: 14)

5. Treynor (5-3/2-2): In a week where Treynor won twice and lost twice, their most recent win over another stud team in Underwood lands them right here. (LW: 6)

6. Underwood (9-1/3-1): The Eagles had an overall terrific week, beating Kuemper Catholic and routing IKM-Manning. However, they take a little drop for the week thanks to their 7-1 loss to Treynor on Monday. (LW: 5)

7. Kuemper Catholic (4-3/2-3): Losses to Denison-Schleswig, St. Albert and Underwood don’t make me think badly about this team at all. Their wins over Remsen, St. Mary’s and St. Albert on Sunday certainly speak volumes, although games between Monday and Thursday hold a bit more weight. (LW: 3)

8. Tri-Center (9-1/4-0): Tri-Center took care of business, including impressive wins by 15 and 10 over Audubon and Logan-Magnolia. The only reason for the drop are the results that happened around them, and Underwood still holds the head-to-head. (LW: 5)

9. Southeast Warren (7-3/3-2): The Warhawks took one on the chin to MSTM, but they also had a nice split with Ankeny Christian on Saturday. (LW: 8)

10. Clarinda (7-4/2-3): The Cardinals had a very nice split with St. Albert early in the week before a couple of tough losses to Glenwood and Creston. Sometimes those early week doubleheaders can sap your pitching and energy. I don’t think they’ll be down here too long. (LW: 4)

11. Coon Rapids-Bayard (10-3/7-0): While everyone was losing around them, Coon Rapids-Bayard rolled off a 7-0 week. And the wins were by a combined run total of 76. Plus, they have that win over CAM. (LW: 15)

12. Lamoni (8-2/3-2): The Demons could have easily been 5-0 this past week and in the top five of these rankings. Instead, they took two tough one-run losses to Martensdale-St. Marys and Ankeny Christian – and they led both of those games late. This drop has very little to do with what they did and just more about the others around them. (LW: 11)

13. Lenox (5-5/3-1): The Tigers won their final three games of this week, culminating it with a 10-9 9-inning win over state-ranked CAM. Move ‘em up! (LW: 18)

14. CAM (10-2/3-1): The Cougars were primed to fly all the way up to No. 3 before last night’s loss. That shouldn’t keep them down long if they continue wins like they had this week over Ar-We-Va (11-1), Boyer Valley (14-4) and Exira/EHK (10-5). (LW: 10)

15. West Harrison (6-4/2-1): The Hawkeyes got beat by Coon Rapids-Bayard in a big way, but they responded by outscoring Essex and Glidden-Ralston by a 34-1 score. Wins are wins. (LW: 16)

16. Logan-Magnolia (4-8/3-1): After a tough start to the season, Logan-Magnolia picked up wins over Audubon, AHSTW and Riverside this past week. They also took a loss to Tri-Center, but there’s no shame in that. (LW: NR)

17. Nodaway Valley (4-3/1-1): It was a quiet week for the Wolverines, but they did bounce back from a loss to Mount Ayr by handling Earlham. Let’s keep them right in line with last week. (LW: 17)

18. Woodbine (6-3/2-1): The Tigers beat Ar-We-Va and Glidden-Ralston after wins over Coon Rapids-Bayard and West Harrison. They were rolling along before Boyer Valley bit them earlier this week. I think they’re one of the more underrated teams in these rankings, but they have to take a little hit for now. (LW: 12)

19. Ar-We-Va (6-2/1-2): It’s pretty hard to make sense of the week in the RVC, but the Rockets won their most recent game. Sure, it was over a Whiting team that has been struggling, but we take what we can get here at the KMAland Baseball Power Rankings. (LW: 9)

20. AHSTW (3-5/2-2): The Vikes were this close to a perfect week. They beat Missouri Valley and IKM-Manning by one run, and they lost to Audubon and Logan-Magnolia by one run. So, in four games their run differential was even. Pretty solid week, really. (LW: NR)

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