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(KMAland) -- Three weeks down, one to go. The postseason is less than a week away for those in 1A and 2A baseball.

With that said, the always-volatile and ever-changing KMAland Power Rankings are back for another go at it. For softball, rankings are split between 3A/4A/5A and 1A/2A while baseball is split between 3A/4A and 1A/2A.

Teams eligible for the rankings are those in the Hawkeye Ten, Corner, Western Iowa, Pride of Iowa and Rolling Valley conferences plus Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Diagonal, Lamoni, Murray and Orient-Macksburg.


1 – Atlantic (13-1): The Trojans earned the No. 1 spot with a terrific extra-inning win over Harlan AT Harlan last week. (LW: 2)

2 – Harlan (12-2): The Cyclones lost the one game, but they handled business other than that. Their two losses: Fort Dodge & Atlantic. (LW: 1)

3 – Glenwood (6-3): The Rams took down two of the other threats to this spot – Shenandoah and LC – last week. (LW: 3)

4 – Lewis Central (6-5): The Titans took a pair of three-run losses to Glenwood and Denison-Schleswig, but they bounced back with nice wins over Shenandoah and TJ to land here. (LW: NR)

5 – Shenandoah (8-4): The Fillies are an interesting test case. They have the big win over Creston from earlier this season, and they also beat Kuemper and Denison-Schleswig in dominant fashion this past week. However, they also lost to LC by a 7-2 count. (LW: 4)

6 – Creston (8-4): Best No. 6 team ever? The Panthers are playing great with sweeps of St. Albert and Kuemper and a takedown of Lenox before competing well in both losses to Atlantic. (LW: 5)


1 – Martensdale-St. Marys (11-4): The Blue Devils went 3-0 last week, including two more impressive wins – over Central Decatur and Bedford. (LW: 1)

2 – Wayne (11-3): An impressive 4-0 week for the Falcons keeps them in the No. 2 position. (LW: 2)

3 – Southeast Warren (13-3): Follow me here. Central Decatur beat previous No. 3 Mount Ayr this past week, and the Warhawks are 2-0 against CD this year. (LW: 5)

4 – Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton (11-0): They got tested with an 11-inning battle with Woodbine on Friday, but the Spartans are still perfect. (LW: 4)

5 – West Harrison (10-4): The Hawkeyes have lost just one game to a team that is eligible for these rankings: Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton. (LW: 17)

6 – Riverside (10-3): The Bulldogs get the boost up to No. 6 after a 3-0 week that clinched an outright and undefeated Western Iowa Conference championship. (LW: 10)

7 – Logan-Magnolia (6-4): Sometimes you can impress in losses, and the Panthers did that last week in dropping single-run games with Harlan and Riverside. (LW: 8)

8 – Audubon (8-5): The Wheelers were 3-0 last week with a 7-0 win over AHSTW, a tight victory over Griswold and a business-handled dub over Tri-Center. (LW: NR)

9 – AHSTW (7-7): Crazy story: AHSTW has a win over the No. 1 and No. 6 teams in these rankings. They did, however, lose to Audubon last week and Lo-Ma the week before. (LW: 9)

10 – Central Decatur (9-5): I had no clue what to do with this: CD beats Nodaway Valley, loses to East Union and then beats Mount Ayr. Plus, East Union lost to Nodaway Valley. So, here’s what I did, I guess. (LW: 6)

11 – Mount Ayr (7-3): I didn’t anticipate this kind of drop, but these rankings are volatile. They swing around wildly. (LW: 3)

12 – East Union (11-5): The overall body of work means the Eagles have to be in this thing. They have great wins over Central Decatur, Lenox and CAM. (LW: 12)

13 – Underwood (9-3): The Eagles slipped up in the 9-3 loss to AHSTW, but they came back the next night with a great performance in a tough 2-1 loss to Atlantic. They’re better than this ranking, for sure. (LW: 11)

14 – Lenox (6-7): I can’t leave the Tigers any lower. They continue to outscore their opponents by 15 runs despite the losing record. (LW: 16)

15 – Woodbine (6-7): The Tigers lost in 11 innings to Exira/EHK on Friday night, but they hadn’t lost to a team eligible for these rankings since West Harrison on June 22nd. (LW: NR)


1 – Thomas Jefferson (4-11): The wonderful volatility of these rankings lands the Yellow Jackets in the top spot. Their last time out they beat previous No. 1 Lewis Central. That doesn’t lock them into the spot for the rest of the season, but it does for now. (LW: 3)

2 – Lewis Central (7-3): LC took the loss to TJ after dominating Denison-Schleswig and Glenwood in the two previous games. They didn’t have a bad week by any means. (LW: 1)

3 – Harlan (7-3): Harlan routed Atlantic, edged Clarinda, lost a tight one with Sioux City East and then handled Red Oak in their four games last week. A solid week. (LW: 2)

4 – Denison-Schleswig (6-6): Great finish to the week in beating Shenandoah, Alta-Aurelia and Glenwood by a combined 24-3 score. (LW: NR)

5 – Abraham Lincoln (4-10): Abraham Lincoln has a semi-recent win over Atlantic, and Atlantic has a semi-recent win over Glenwood. (LW: 4)


1 – Martensdale-St. Marys (18-0): Back to the top for the Blue Devils, which keep on rolling. They were 6-0 by outscoring their foes 82 to 15. (LW: 2)

2 – St. Albert (14-1): A tough, tight loss to Kuemper Catholic doesn’t move them too far down the road, especially since they rattled off four straight wins over Kuemper, Audubon, AL and Clarinda. (LW: 1)

3 – Underwood (10-2): Guess who’s back in the top 3? The Eagles shutout AHSTW and beat Kuemper Catholic last week. (LW: 5)

4 – CAM, Anita (10-0): Undefeated and still rolling along while outscoring their opponents by an average of 12 runs per game. (LW: 4)

5 – Kuemper Catholic (10-6): Since starting 1-4, they’ve won eight of their last 10 games. Their only two losses were by one each to St. Albert and Underwood. Not bad. (LW: 7)

6 – Southeast Warren (10-1): The Warhawks went 4-0 last week in rolling over Lynnville-Sully, WCV, Wayne and Nodaway Valley by a combined 34-7. (LW: 8)

7 – Mount Ayr (8-1): Another 3-0 week for the Raiders, which handled Nodaway Valley and Bedford before a pitching duel of a win over Central Decatur. (LW: 10)

8 – Logan-Magnolia (7-2): The Panthers beat previous No. 3 Tri-Center to highlight a 3-0 week last week. (LW: 14)

9 – West Harrison (7-2): The Hawkeyes haven’t lost since June 19th, and they beat Coon Rapids-Bayard by a 13-6 count last week. (LW: NR)

10 – Lenox (8-6): Remember when the Tigers were 0-6? Me neither. They’ve won eight in a row with a big test at Southeast Warren on the horizon. (LW: NR)

11 – Coon Rapids-Bayard (10-3): I had to leave a little space between West Harrison and CR-B given the seven-run nature of the game. The Crusaders, though, remain a serious Class 1A state tournament threat. (LW: 6)

12 – Treynor (7-5): I’ll forgive the 14-1 loss to AL since it followed with the big 7-2 win over Tri-Center. They then handled Fremont-Mills and edged Missouri Valley. (LW: 11)

13 – Audubon (7-5): The Wheelers also beat Tri-Center and AHSTW last week while losing a tough battle with St. Albert. (LW: 13)

14 – Tri-Center (7-3): Boy, lose a 14-inning game by one run, and it puts you back up against the wall for the rest of the week. The Trojans are way better than this slot, but for now, this is where they live. (LW: 3)

15 – Lamoni (9-3): The Demons lost on Monday to Lenox, but they came back to rout Seymour and then got three quality wins over Central Decatur, Ankeny Christian and Twin Cedars. Impressive. (LW: 15)

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