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(KMAland) -- Before we officially make the full move into 2020-21, we have to wrap up the 2019-20 sports calendar year.

Of course, this was a year unlike any other, and the fact that there was no spring season certainly impacted how the final KMA Sports Hawkeye Ten Conference Cup standings played out. On the positive side, we did get a summer season to add to the standings. 

Here are the standings as we left them following the winter season:

1 — Lewis Central (9.11 PPS, 82 total points, 9 sports)

2 — Glenwood (8.14 PPS, 57 total points, 7 sports)

3 — Harlan (8.11 PPS, 73 total points, 9 sports)

4 — Atlantic (6.29 PPS, 44 total points, 7 sports)

5 — Denison-Schleswig (6.22 PPS, 56 total points, 9 sports)

6 — Red Oak (6.11 PPS, 55 total points, 9 sports)

7 — Creston (5.22 PPS, 47 total points, 9 sports)

8 — Kuemper Catholic (4.86 PPS, 34 total points, 7 sports)

9 — St. Albert (4.44 PPS, 40 total points, 9 sports)

10 — Clarinda (3.89 PPS, 35 total points, 9 sports)

11 — Shenandoah (3.22 PPS, 29 total points, 9 sports)

Now, let’s take a look at the softball and baseball seasons. The softball and baseball standings from this past season are used to accumulate points with the champion receiving 11 points, the second-place team taking 10 and so on.


1. Atlantic (10-0): The Trojans ran right through the Hawkeye Ten Conference with an undefeated mark, including tight wins over Creston and Harlan to virtually clinch things. (11 points)

2. Harlan (8-2): The Cyclones were my preseason favorite to win the league, but a coin-flip extra-inning loss to Atlantic and another to Creston dropped them a rung. (10 points)

3. Creston (7-3): The Panthers struggled a tiny bit early in the season, but they were able to right the ship with a trip to the state tournament. (9 points)

4. Glenwood (6-4): Glenwood lost a bunch of seniors from 2019, but they got some solid performances from this year’s senior class to take an upper-half finish. (8 points)

5. Shenandoah (5-5): Wins over the likes of Creston and Kuemper help the Fillies to another strong season. (7 points)

6. Lewis Central (4-6): The Titans were one of three teams with a 4-6 record, but they take the No. 6 spot thanks to an aggregate run differential of +4. (6 points)

7. St. Albert (4-6): Both St. Albert and Kuemper were 4-6 and both had aggregate run differentials of -2. However, the Saintes beat Kuemper this year to take this spot. (5 points)

8. Kuemper Catholic (4-6): Kuemper did have a nice win over Lewis Central this year, but the tiebreaker scenarios are explained in the spots above. (4 points)

9. Red Oak (3-7): The Tigers tied in this spot with Denison-Schleswig, but it was a 3-2 win on June 25th for Red Oak that nabs them the tiebreaker and extra point. (3 points)

10. Denison-Schleswig (3-7): The Monarchs actually have two wins over teams ahead of them on this list, but they struggled down the stretch in losing their final three conference games. (2 points)

11. Clarinda (1-9): Even though they finished in this final spot, Clarinda actually improved mightily through the season and put together a nice stretch in the end. (1 point)


1. St. Albert (9-1): The Falcons beat Harlan and Lewis Central on the first two nights of the season, and they went on to share the conference title with the Titans. Due to head-to-head, St. Albert gets the tiebreaker and the extra point. (11 points)

2. Lewis Central (9-1): While LC did lose to St. Albert, they were able to dominate in most every other H-10 matchup, including a 10-run win over Harlan. (10 points)

3. Harlan (8-2): The Cyclones lost to just St. Albert and Lewis Central and won a head-to-head with Kuemper to take the extra point. (9 points)

4. Kuemper Catholic (8-2): The only team to beat St. Albert this season, Kuemper’s only losses were in extras to LC and by 3 to Harlan. (8 points)

5. Atlantic (4-6): The Trojans had some ups and downs throughout the year, but their dominant wins over Denison-Schleswig and Glenwood were definitely on the ups list. (7 points)

6. Denison-Schleswig (4-6): The Monarchs took a 7-3 win over Glenwood in the middle of the season to claim this spot. (6 points)

7. Glenwood (4-6): When you lose 300 seniors, it’s not easy to replace them. The Rams had several guys step up and some unexpected seniors go out to do it. Kudos on all of them. (5 points)

8. Clarinda (3-7): The Cardinals were 10-0 winners over Creston on June 22nd to take the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Panthers. (4 points)

9. Creston (3-7): Creston also lost several seniors and some others unexpectedly did not go out, but they had their moments throughout the course of the year. (3 points)

10. Shenandoah (2-8): The Mustangs opened the season 2-0 with a pair of 1-0 wins, including one over Red Oak to earn this spot. (2 points)

11. Red Oak (1-9): The Tigers were another team that lost a lot of seniors and relied on a really young group this season. They own a 7-5 win over Atlantic from late June. (1 point)


As we add up the two totals, the Harlan Cyclones are the overall winners of the summer:

1. Harlan (19 points)

2. Atlantic (18 points)

3. Lewis Central & St. Albert (16 points)

5. Glenwood (13 points)

6. Creston & Kuemper Catholic (12 points)

8. Shenandoah (9 points)

9. Denison-Schleswig (8 points)

10. Clarinda (5 points)

11. Red Oak (4 points)


1. Lewis Central (8.91 PPS, 98 total points, 11 sports)

2. Harlan (8.36 PPS, 92 total points, 11 sports)

3. Glenwood (7.78 PPS, 70 total points, 9 sports)

4. Atlantic (6.89 PPS, 62 total points, 9 sports)

5. Denison-Schleswig (5.82 PPS, 64 total points, 11 sports)

6t. Creston (5.36 PPS, 59 total points, 11 sports)

6t. Red Oak (5.36 PPS, 59 total points, 11 sports)

8. Kuemper Catholic (5.11 PPS, 46 total points, 9 sports)

9. St. Albert (5.09 PPS, 56 total points, 11 sports)

10. Clarinda (3.64 PPS, 40 total points, 11 sports)

11. Shenandoah (3.45 PPS, 38 total points, 11 sports)


Couple changes to point out from the end of the winter sports season to now:

-Harlan moved past Glenwood into the No. 2 spot behind a runner-up and third place finish in softball and baseball, respectively.

-Red Oak lost their stranglehold on the No. 6 spot and ended up tying with Creston in that position.

We are comparing apples to oranges here as we look at last year (you know, since there was a spring sports season then), but here are the changes from last year to this:

-Glenwood went from the top spot to No. 3.

-Lewis Central jumped up from No. 2 to No. 1.

-Harlan moved from No. 3 to No. 2.

-Atlantic and Denison-Schlewig flip-flopped spots with the Trojans going from 5 to 4 and the Monarchs doing the opposite.

-Red Oak and Creston were No. 7 and tied for No. 8, respectively, last year. There’s something about the Panthers and ties since they’re tied with the Tigers this year at No. 6.

-Kuemper dropped from No. 6 to No. 8.

-St. Albert is down a peg after tying for No. 8 last year.

-Shenandoah and Clarinda also did a flip flop with the Fillies/Mustangs moving down from No. 10 to 11 and Clarinda doing the reverse.


The Titans take the KMA Sports Hawkeye Conference Cup for the second time in the past three years. 

This year, they did it with a bit of a truncated season, but it’s likely they would have been able to add plenty of points in the springwith their expected successes in girls and boys soccer, girls and boys track and girls tennis. They likely would have been competitive in every other sport, too, so I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn here in saying they may have very well won it even with a spring sports season.


2018-19: Glenwood

2017-18: Lewis Central

2016-17: Glenwood

2015-16: Glenwood

2014-15: Creston

2013-14: Harlan

2012-13: Harlan


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