(KMAland) -- Week three of the high school football season came and went with plenty of terrific performances. Here’s the weekly look at the top statistical performances in KMAland Iowa thanks to Varsity Bound.


Let’s start with the quarterbacks again this week, and Mormon Trail’s Ty Hysell is still doing his thing. He threw for 290 yards on Friday evening to lead KMAland 8-Player. Woodbine’s Cory Bantam (260) and Landon Harvey of Southeast Warren (206) were the others over 200. The rest of the top 10:

Kamron Brownlee, Griswold (187)

Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills (182)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (173)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (159)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (157)

Lane Spieker, CAM (147)

Shane Helmick, Moravia (143)

In 11-player, the top quarterback in passing yards for the week was Sergeant Bluff-Luton’s Tyler Smith, who had 246 yards. Sioux City East’s Luke Longval threw for 245, and Riverside’s Austin Kremkoski finished with 244. There were two others over 200 in Harlan’s Teagon Kasperbauer (228) and Denison-Schleswig’s Luke Wiebers (210). The rest of the top 10:

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (193)

Tyler Iverson, LeMars (174)

Caden Andersen, Atlantic (134)

Wyatt Schmitt, Clarinda (133)

Michael Turner, Tri-Center (133)


This is an addition this week because I just like to add and add and add. Hysell was tops here, too, with 15 completions. Bantam and Fremont-Mills’ Jake Malcom had 13 apiece. The rest of the best:

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (12)

William Amfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (11)

Kamron Brownlee, Griswold (11)

Carter Johnson, Stanton-Essex (11)

Mason McIntosh, West Harrison (11)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (10)

Lane Spieker, CAM (9)

The most completions in 11-player was Sioux City East’s Longval. He had 17 while Kasperbauer of Harlan and Nodaway Valley’s Nathan Russell both had 14 completions. The rest of the top 10:

Tyler Smith, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (13)

Tyler Iverson, LeMars (12)

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (12)

Luke Wiebers, Denison-Schleswig (12)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (11)

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (11)

Tate Mayberry, Glenwood (10)


Yep, Hysell is the leader here, too, as he attempted 30 passes. Ar-We-Va’s Will Ragaller threw it 29 times, and Moravia’s Shane Helmick tossed it out there 28 times. The rest of the top 10:

Kamron Brownlee, Griswold (23)

Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills (21)

Carter Johnson, Stanton-Essex (20)

Mason McIntosh, West Harrison (20)

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (19)

Cory Bantam, Woodbine (17)

William Amfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (15)

Longval of Sioux City East tossed it around 29 times to lead the area. Nodaway Valley’s Russell was next, but it was a full six tosses behind (23). The rest of the top 10:

Tyler Smith, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (22)

Luke Wiebers, Denison-Schleswig (22)

Jaixen Frost, Mount Ayr (21)

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central (20)

Teagon Kasperbauer, Harlan (20)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (20)

Nolan Mount, Shenandoah (20)

Tyler Iverson, LeMars (19)

Tate Mayberry, Glenwood (19)

Wyatt Schmitt, Clarinda (19)


Woodbine’s Bantam threw six touchdown passes on Friday during their win over Exira/EHK while East Mills’ Ethan Meier tossed five touchdowns. Only three others had three while a number of folks tossed two:

Ty Hysell, Mormon Trail (3)

Carter Johnson, Stanton-Essex (3)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (3)

William Amfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (2)

Kamron Brownlee, Griswold (2)

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (2)

Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills (2)

Mason McIntosh, West Harrison (2)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (2)

Lane Spieker, CAM (2)

John Whitver, Glidden-Ralston (2)

Riverside’s Kremkoski found the end zone on a pass four times to lead the area. There were two others with three each in Atlantic’s Caden Andersen and Underwood’s Alex Ravlin. The others with two:

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central (2)

Teagon Kasperbauer, Harlan (2)

Luke Longval, Sioux City East (2)

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (2)

Michael Turner, Tri-Center (2)


Boyer Valley’s Trevor Malone had a huge Friday night, and he leads the way in 8-Player with 33 totes. Ragaller, who threw it 29 times, also rushed the ball 29 times! Two others were over 25: Audubon’s Gavin Smith (27) and Murray’s Wyatt Gannon (26). The rest of the top 10:

Zack Belden, Murray (24)

Lane Spieker, CAM (23)

Logan Godfrey, Melcher-Dallas (19)

Isaac Grundman, Lenox (18)

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (18)

Ethan Olberding, Glidden-Ralston (17)

Drew Volkmann, Boyer Valley (17)

Sioux City West’s Drew Benson had a big night on the ground Friday, finishing with 27 carries while Atlantic’s Dante Hedrington and Lewis Central’s Jonathan Humpal carried 25 times apiece. The rest of the top 10:

Brecken Freeberg, Tri-Center (24)

Briley Hayes, Creston (24)

Rhett Bentley, Riverside (23)

Brendan Knapp, Southwest Valley (22)

Gavin Maguire, Logan-Magnolia (22)

Denver Pauley, AHSTW (22)

Riley Fouts, Red Oak (18)

Cooper Irlmeier, IKM-Manning (18)


It’s Malone again. The Boyer Valley star and Jim Hughes Real Estate KMAland Athlete of the Week ran for 371 yards on Friday evening. Nobody else was close to that (who would be?), but there were two that went over 200: Isaac Grundman of Lenox (210) and CAM’s Lane Spieker (200). The rest:

Gavin Smith, Audubon (182)

Wyatt Gannon, Murray (155)

Kade Mullins, Martensdale-St. Marys (153)

Zack Belden, Murray (145)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (144)

Keigan Kitzman, Lenox (128)

Tyler Brant, Glidden-Ralston (115)

Sioux City West’s Benson went for 260 yards, and Tri-Center’s Brecken Freeberg earned our AgriVision Equipment Group Player of the Night with 236 yards on the ground. Nobody else had more than 176:

Gavin Maguire, Logan-Magnolia (176)

Jonathan Humpal, Lewis Central (175)

Brennan Hayes, Creston (161)

Brendan Knapp, Southwest Valley (156)

Brody West, Logan-Magnolia (141)

Jaixen Frost, Mount Ayr (137)

Joey Anderson, Undrewood (132)


Both Smith and Spieker scored five times on the ground while Murray’s Zack Belden, Grundman of Lenox and Malone of Boyer Valley went in four times each. The rest:

Logan Godfrey, Melcher-Dallas (3)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (3)

Xavier Adamson, Lenox (2)

Cole Metz, Melcher-Dallas (2)

Kade Mullins, Martensdale-St. Marys (2)

Logan Roberts, Stanton-Essex (2)

Drew Volkmann, Boyer Valley (2)

Tri-Center’s Freeberg led the way with five touchdowns to edge out Benson, Aidan Hall of Harlan and Logan-Magnolia’s Gavin Maguire, who all had four touchdowns. The rest of the top 10:

Joey Anderson, Underwood (3)

Dayton Harrell, Sioux City North (3)

Christopher Mohr, Kuemper Catholic (3)

Nate Overmohle, Kuemper Catholic (3)

Kyle Strider, Creston (3)

Jaixen Frost, Mount Ayr (2)

Devin Frye, Sioux City West (2)

Jonathan Humpal, Lewis Central (2)

Brendan Knapp, Southwest Valley (2)

Alexis Manzo, Missouri Valley (2)


East Union’s Wyatt Carlson led KMAland 8-Player with seven receptions on Friday evening. Woodbine’s Paul Freund, Ar-We-Va’s Cooper Kock, Cade Nelson of Southeast Warren and Glidden-Ralston’s Caden Smith all had six grabs. There were six others with five grabs each:

Cameron Cline, Woodbine (5)

Triton Gwinn, Mormon Trail (5)

Colby Rich, CAM (5)

Walker Rife, West Harrison (5) 

Gabe Stripe, Mormon Trail (5)

Owen Thornton, Fremont-Mills (5)

Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson’s Braetyn Couse had a big night for the Yellow Jackets with 10 receptions. Did you ever think TJ would lead a receiving category? Well, it’s a new world. Sioux City East’s Kelynn Jacobsen was next with seven grabs, and Caelen DeVault of Nodaway Valley and Clarinda’s Isaac Jones had six apiece. The rest of the top 10:

Jake Fink, Denison-Schleswig (5)

Connor Frame, Harlan (5)

Scott Pearson, Underwood (5)

Rhett Bentley, Riverside (4)

Raydden Grobe, AHSTW (4)

Dayton Harrell, Sioux City North (4)

Tyke Hullinger, Central Decatur (4)

Jacob Imming, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (4)

Taejon Jones, Sioux City East (4)

Jaydon Knight, Mount Ayr (4)

Jaxon Schumacher, Treynor (4)


Mormon Trail’s Gabe Stripe and Woodbine’s Freund battled for this one. Stripe had 133 yards to just edge past Freund’s 132. There was one other – Jack Roberts of Stanton-Essex – over 100 yards receiving, and he had 101. The rest of the top 10:

Triton Gwinn, Mormon Trail (95)

Cade Nelson, Southeast Warren (92)

Anthony Schneider, Melcher-Dallas (90)

Nick Jennum, Griswold (85)

Jackson McDanel, Moravia (85)

Wyatt Carlson, East Union (82)

Cooper Kock, Ar-We-Va (81)

The receiving yardage leader in KMAland 11P was Couse, who put up 188 yards on those 10 catches. Jacobsen, predictably, was next with 141 yards. Jones had 107 while Riverside’s Hayden Hensley finished with 101. Here’s the rest of that top 10:

Connor Frame, Harlan (95)

Jake Fink, Denison-Schleswig (87)

Garrett McLaren, Atlantic (86)

Scott Pearson, Underwood (85)

Trey Brotherton, Denison-Schleswig (83)

Cal Eckstaine, LeMars (82)

Jacob Imming, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (82)


Freund had a HUGE game with five touchdown receptions, and I believe they all came in the first half. Ar-We-Va’s Cooper Kock also had three touchdown receptions. There were six others with two:

Hogan Franey, Martensdale-St. Marys (2)

Joe Kauffman, CAM (2)

Davis McGrew, East Mills (2)

Jack Roberts, Stanton-Essex (2)

Caden Smith, Glidden-Ralston (2)

Gabe Stripe, Mormon Trail (2)

In 11P, there were five players with two touchdown grabs in the area. Couse, Harlan’s Connor Frame, Atlantic’s Garrett McLaren, Riverside’s Nolan Moore and Underwood’s Scott Pearson all hit that mark.


On to the defense, where Moravia’s Helmick had a big day with 17.0 total tackles. Lamoni’s Kalvin Brown (16.5) and Kade Nowlin (16.0) were not that far behind this week. Check out the rest of the top 10:

Sage Evans, West Harrison (13.5)

Luke Lane, Southeast Warren (12.0)

Cole Metz, Melcher-Dallas (12.0)

Wrigley Shanks, Mormon Trail (12.0)

Jackson McDanel, Moravia (11.0)

Logan Montgomery, Southeast Warren (11.0)

Grayson Phillips, Martensdale-St. Marys (11.0)

Carsan Wood, Boyer Valley (11.0)

In 11P, Nodaway Valley’s Adam Ayase and AHSTW’s Blake Tuma both finished with 12.5 tackles on Friday evening to lead the area. Brody Zimmerman of Riverside was right behind with 11.5, and Nodaway Valley’s DeVault (the Caelen kind) had 10.5. The rest of that top 10:

Brayden Lund, AHSTW (9.5)

Max Pietig, Kuemper Catholic (9.0)

Cole Stenzel, Sidney (9.0)

Blake Hogancamp, Sioux City East (8.5)

Cal Wanninger, Kuemper Catholic (8.5)

Nick Wells, Sioux City East (8.5)


Woodbine lit up the offensive scoreboard on Friday evening, but they also had some big-time performances on defense. Gavin Kelley led the Tigers and the area of 8-Player athletes with 7.0 tackles for loss. Connor Golston of Moravia and Mormon Trail’s Wrigley Shanks each had 5.0 TFLs. The rest of the top 10:

Dylan Hoefer, Woodbine (3.5)

Jonathan Dose, Ar-We-Va (3.0)

Keigan Kitzman, Lenox (3.0)

Colton Webb, Seymour (3.0)

Omarion Floyd, Coon Rapids-Bayard (2.5)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (2.5)

Mason Crouse, East Mills (2.0)

Max Enfield, Melcher-Dallas (2.0)

Logan Evans, Mormon Trail (2.0)

Conner Fitzgerald, Lenox (2.0)

Luke Lane, Southeast Warren (2.0)

Dawson Marshall, Lenox (2.0)

Emmett Neumann, Ar-We-Va (2.0)

Jesse Niebauer, Lamoni (2.0)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (2.0)

Joey Schramm, Audubon (2.0)

Carsan Wood, Boyer Valley (2.0)

Brycen Wookey, Murray (2.0)

Nodaway Valley’s Avery Phillippi is wrecking shop again this season. He had an area-high 4.5 tackles for loss to help the Wolverines pitch a shutout against Red Oak. His teammate – Ayase – added 3.5. The rest of that top 10:

Michael Benson, Sioux City West (3.0)

Carlos Donhefler, Sioux City West (3.0)

Blake Hogancamp, Sioux City East (3.0)

Nick Wells, Sioux City East (3.0)

Alex Allen, LeMars (2.5)

Tegan Carson, Central Decatur (2.5)

Tyler Hamilton, Central Decatur (2.5)

Tyler Jacobsen, Underwood (2.5)

Graham Jensen, Underwood (2.5)

Terrance Topete, Sioux City West (2.5)


Woodbine’s Kelly was the leader here, too, with 4.5 sacks on the evening. Golston of Moravia and Shanks from Mormon Trail also had 3.0 sacks. The rest with at least 1.5 sacks in KMAland 8-Player:

Dylan Hoefer, Woodbine (2.5)

Emmett Neumann, Ar-We-Va (2.0)

Colton Webb, Seymour (2.0)

Carsan Wood, Boyer Valley (2.0)

Ben Lantz, Boyer Valley (1.5)

Nodaway Valley also had the leader here with Ayase posting 3.0 sacks. Phillippi had 2.5, Sioux City West’s Michael Benson, Jaydon Knight of Mount Ayr and Griseldo Madera of Denison-Schleswig all had 2.0 sacks each.


Stanton-Essex had two players with two picks on Friday night in Carter Johnson and Levi Martin while Moravia’s Jackson McDanel had two of his own.

In 11P, Kuemper Catholic’s Isaac Evans had two interceptions.


There was only one defensive touchdown on Friday evening in KMAland 8-Player, and it came from Stanton-Essex standout Levi Martin, who had a pick-six.

In 11P, there were four touchdowns in the area on defense. Jackson McLaren of Atlantic had a 65-yard pick-six, Glenwood’s Austin Patton had a 16-yard scoop and score, Matthew Boothe of Central Decatur went in on a scoop and score from two years out and AHSTW’s Cole Scheffler also had a scoop and score, although the length is a secret.


There were FIVE special teams touchdowns in KMAland 8-Player on Friday. Audubon’s Matthew Beisswenger had the longest with a 75-yard kickoff return while Moravia’s Riley Hawkins and Johnson of Stanton-Essex had 66-yard kick returns for scores. Coon Rapids-Bayard’s Omarion Floyd went in on a kickoff return for 65 yards, and Boyer Valley’s Carsan Wood had a 20-yard punt return. Could have been a blocked punt.

There were another three touchdowns on special teams on Friday in 11P. Sioux City East’s Rob Emerson had a 96-yard kickoff return, Underwood’s Pearson added a 45-yard punt return for a touchdown and it looks like Josh Ravlin also had a touchdown on a punt return.


And there was one field goal that I found among KMAland 8-Player athletes on Friday. Mormon Trail’s Blake Evans kicked in a three-pointer from 27 yards.

The big winner in this category this week, though, is Lewis Central’s Boston Hensley. The dude kicked one in from 50 yards, and I think that’s the longest field goal I’ve seen in this area in a while. Kuemper Catholic’s Tommy Fitzsimmons also had three-point kick from 29 yards out.

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