(KMAland) -- Week five of the high school football season happened. It was great. We loved it. We loved it so much that we’re still talking about it on Wednesday. One final time.

Here are the statistical leaders in KMAland from Week 5:


Woodbine’s Cory Bantam and Exira/EHK’s Trey Petersen tied for the area lead in 8P with 24 completions. That was nine more than anybody else:

Ethan Meier, East Mills (15)

Braydon Hast, Boyer Valley (12)

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (8)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (8)

Javin Stevenson, Lamoni (8)

Tristen Cummings, Bedford (7)

William Amfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (6)

In 11P, Tyler Smith of Sergeant Bluff-Luton led the area with 18 completions. Nathan Russell of Nodaway Valley had 17. The rest of the top 10:

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (14)

Kayden Dirks, Treynor (13)

Ethen Fishell, Lewis Central (13)

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (12)

Alex Ravlin, Underwood (12)

Maddox Anderson, Tri-Center (11)

Quinn Olson, Bishop Heelan Catholic (11)

Caden Andersen, Atlantic (10)

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (10)


Bantam was the leader here, as he tossed it up 45 times on Friday evening. There were only two others with at least 27 tosses – Petersen (35) and East Mills’ Ethan Meier (27). The rest of the top 10:

Braydon Hast, Boyer Valley (19)

Landon Harvey, Southeast Warren (15)

Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills (14)

Tanner Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard (14)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (14)

Javin Stevenson, Lamoni (14)

William Amfahr, Martensdale-St. Marys (13)

Gavin Smith, Audubon (13)

Russell led the area 11P athletes with 28 attempts. He was one of 10 players that had at least 20 attempts. Seemed like a big night of passing in the area:

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (26)

Tyler Smith, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (25)

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (23)

Quinn Olson, Bishop Heelan Catholic (22)

Maddox Anderson, Tri-Center (21)

Hunter Dukes, Shenandoah (21)

Caden Andersen, Atlantic (20)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (20)

Carson Strohbeen, Sioux City North (20)


No top 10 here. There were only six that threw for over 100 yards on Friday evening, but it was Bantam with by far the most at 461. Petersen also threw for 321. Nobody else went over 200:

Ethan Meier, East Mills (181)

Will Ragaller, Ar-We-Va (145)

Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills (111)

Braydon Hast, Boyer Valley (101)

The top number in passing yardage in 11P came from Thomas Jefferson’s Austin Schubert. Who could have guessed it? Schubert threw for 283 yards. Lewis Central’s Braylon Kammrad added 248 yards, Harlan’s Teagon Kasperbauer threw for 223 and Central Decatur’s Matthew Boothe finished with 200 even. The rest of the top 10:

Kyle Strider, Creston (187)

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (173)

Alex Ravlin, Underwood (167)

Maddox Anderson, Tri-Center (161)

Jaixen Frost, Mount Ayr (159)

Austin Kremkoski, Riverside (148)


Yards are great, but it’s about points, ma’am (as Bo Pelini once said). The leader here was Petersen, who threw four touchdowns. Boyer Valley’s Braydon Hast, Will Ragaller of Ar-We-Va and Javin Stevenson from Lamoni all threw a trio of touchdown passes. The others with two:

Cory Bantam, Woodbine (2)

Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills (2)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (2)

Johnny Milburn, Melcher-Dallas (2)

Kaleb Templeton, Moravia (2)

John Whitver, Glidden-Ralston (2)

Kasperbauer of Harlan and Creston’s Kyle Strider both had four touchdown passes, and both play in the same district. The rest of the QBs that threw for at least two scores in KMAland 11P:

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central (3)

Jaixen Frost, Mount Ayr (3)

Austin Schubert, Thomas Jefferson (3)

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (2)

Carson Strohbeen, Sioux City North (2)


From the passers to the runners. How about Gavin Smith of Audubon (41) and Lane Spieker of CAM (40) taking on a big load in the very same game? That’s 81 combined rushing touches for the two stars. The rest of the best:

Braydon Hast, Boyer Valley (31)

Gabe Gilgen, West Harrison (23)

Emmet Long, East Union (23)

Kade Mullins, Martensdale-St. Marys (21)

Trey Petersen, Exira/EHK (21)

Walker Rife, West Harrison (21)

Kalvin Brown, Lamoni (20)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (20)

Kade Nowlin, Lamoni (20)

In KMAland 11P, Kuemper Catholic’s Taye Vonnahme has emerged as a workhorse. He had 28 carries on Friday evening. Three others finished with at least 20 – Dedric Sullivan of Sioux City North (23), Cooper Irlmeier of IKM-Manning (20) and Abraham Lincoln’s Eli Lusajo (20). Here’s the rest of the top 10:

Michael Turner, Tri-Center (18)

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (17)

Morgan Cotten, Shenandoah (17)

Amos Rasmussen, IKM-Manning (17)

Rhett Bentley, Riverside (16)

Kayden Dirks, Treynor (16)

Kaden Miller, Treynor (16)

Jaxon Schumacher, Treynor (16)


Spieker was ridiculous again on Friday evening, rushing for an area-best 373 yards. There were three others with at least 200 yards on the ground: Logan Godfrey of Melcher-Dallas (234), Boyer Valley’s Hast (208) and Ar-We-Va’s Ragaller (208). More here:

Gavin Smith, Audubon (193)

Walker Rife, West Harrison (189)

Braxton Blackburn, Fremont-Mills (169)

Isaac Grundman, Lenox (166)

Carter Andreasen, Audubon (154)

Gabe Gilgen, West Harrison (153)

Trey Petersen, Exira/EHK (143)

Kalvin Brown, Lamoni (131)

Kade Nowlin, Lamoni (131)

In KMAland 11P, Joey Anderson of Underwood continues to put up big yardage on very few carries. He gets it about five times per game and just goes wild. He had 189 yards in their win over MVAOCOU. Vonnahme of Kuemper finished with 182. Again, both in the same district. The rest of the top 10:

Alexis Manzo, Missouri Valley (137)

David Leusink, LeMars (101)

Jaxon Schumacher, Treynor (100)

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (97)

Denver Pauley, AHSTW (96)

Luke Musich, Harlan (92)

Amos Rasmussen, IKM-Manning (89)

Aidan Hall, Harlan (88)


Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six but SEVEN touchdowns from Spieker on Friday evening. Isaac Grundman of Lenox, East Union’s Emmet Long and Walker Rife of West Harrison all had four touchdowns on the ground, and Audubon's Smith went in three times. The rest of the runners with at least two scores:

Carter Andreasen, Audubon (2)

Tyler Brant, Glidden-Ralston (2)

Logan Godrey, Melcher-Dallas (2)

Braydon Hast, Boyer Valley (2)

Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills (2)

Ethan Meier, East Mills (2)

Kade Mullins, Martensdale-St. Marys (2)

Kade Nowlin, Lamoni (2)

Javin Stevenson, Lamoni (2)

Ryan Stortenbecker, East Mills (2)

Payten VanHouten, Fremont-Mills (2)

Anderson led the charge here, too, with four touchdowns for the Eagles. Brody West of Logan-Magnolia ran in three times. Here’s the rest of the folks with multiple rushing scores:

Matthew Boothe, Central Decatur (2)

Kayden Dirks, Treynor (2)

Aidan Hall, Harlan (2)

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central (2)

Tate Mayberry, Glenwood (2)

Denver Pauley, AHSTW (2)

Gage Savin, Underwood (2)

Noah Schmitz, Harlan (2)

Jaxon Schumacher, Treynor (2)

Kyle Sternberg, AHSTW (2)

Dennis Vonnahme, Kuemper Catholic (2)


It stands to reason that Woodbine and Exira/EHK might have a couple of nice pass catchers from Friday, right? Both Paul Freund (Woodbine) and Tyler Kingery (Exira/EHK) had 13 grabs apiece. The rest of the top 10 from Friday in 8P:

Mason Crouse, East Mills (8)

Cameron Cline, Woodbine (6)

Easton Hays, Coon Rapids-Bayard (6)

Cade Nelson, Southeast Warren (6)

Zach Thornburg, East Mills (6)

Drew Volkmann, Boyer Valley (6)

Aiden Flathers, Exira/EHK (5)

Hogan Franey, Martensdale-St. Marys (4)

Cooper Kock, Ar-We-Va (4)

Davis McGrew, East Mills (4)

Taylor Reed, Fremont-Mills (4)

Braden Wessel, Audubon (4)

The leader in receptions in KMAland 11P from Friday night was Tri-Center’s Holden Skow, who finished the night with nine receptions. There were four others with seven – Caelen DeVault of Nodaway Valley, Central Decatur’s Trey Hullinger, AHSTW’s Brayden Lund and Lane Toman of Thomas Jefferson. The rest of the top 10:

Brayden Loftin, Lewis Central (6)

Dawson Bond, Red Oak (5)

Jaydon Knight, Mount Ayr (5)

Tyke Hullinger, Central Decatur (5)

Jacob Imming, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (5)

Scott Kroll, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (5)


Woodbine’s Freund led the area again with 239 yards. He was followed up by his teammate Cameron Cline at 153 and by Petersen of Exira/EHK at 147. Nobody else was over 86 yards:

Anthony Schneider, Melcher-Dallas (86)

Zane Jurey, Fremont-Mills (78)

Derek Kommes, Exira/EHK (76)

Drew Volkmann, Boyer Valley (75)

Zach Thornburg, East Mills (73)

Davis McGrew, East Mills (72)

Omarion Floyd, Coon Rapids-Bayard (65)

Caden Smith, Glidden-Ralston (65)

In terms of yards, AHSTW’s Lund led the charge with 163 yards. Tri-Center’s Skow had 135, Mount Ayr’s Jaydon Knighit posted 123 and Harlan’s Joey Moser had 118. There were two others over 100, and they both had 111 (and both played in the same game on opposite sides): Braetyn Couse of Thomas Jefferson and Lewis Central’s Loftin. The rest of the top 10:

Trey Hullinger, Central Decatur (98)

Scott Pearson, Underwood (89)

Desmond Grace II, Sioux City North (83)

Jon Gebbie, Nodaway Valley (82)


Nobody was able to find the end zone on a reception more than two times in KMAland 8P on Friday evening. There were eight with two:

Kalvin Brown, Lamoni (2)

Drew Volkmann, Boyer Valley (2)

Riley Hawkins, Moravia (2)

Zane Jurey, Fremont-Mills (2)

Derek Kommes, Exira/EHK (2)

Davis McGrew, East Mills (2)

Anthony Schneider, Melcher-Dallas (2)

Caden Smith, Glidden-Ralston (2)

Mount Ayr’s Knight and Harlan’s Moser both finished the evening with three receiving touchdowns. Three others had two:

Desmond Grace II, Sioux City North (2)

Kayleb Howard, Creston (2)

Brayden Lund, AHSTW (2)


Martensdale-St. Marys had the top tackler in KMAland 8P on Friday. Hunter Anthony had 13.5 tackles while Fremont-Mills’ Paxten VanHouten had 13.0 in a big win over East Mills. The rest of the top 10 all had at least 11.0 tackles:

Cole Metz, Melcher-Dallas (12.0)

Colton Walsh, Woodbine (12.0)

Gabe Rouse, CAM (11.5)

Jaidan TenEyck, Boyer Valley (11.5)

Kalvin Brown, Lamoni (11.0)

Mark Cabrera, Murray (11.0)

Carter DeMott, Bedford (11.0)

Joe Kauffman, CAM (11.0)

The top tackler in KMAland 11P was AHSTW’s Aidan Martin, who had 10.5 tackles. Both Dawson Bond of Red Oak and Nodaway Valley’s Boston DeVault finished the night with exactly 10. The rest of the top 10:

Jace Peterson, AHSTW (9.5)

Gavin Skoglund, Sioux City East (9.5)

Cal Wanninger, Kuemper Catholic (9.5)

Drayden Deboer, LeMars (9.0)

Owen Laughlin, Shenandoah (9.0)

Jaxyn Valadez, Tri-Center (9.0)

Brady Wavrunek, Sioux City East (9.0)


Bedford’s Carter DeMott was a monster on Friday evening with 7.0(!) tackles for loss. There two others on Friday with 4.0 TFLs – Mark Cabrera of Murray and Glidden-Ralston’s Caden Smith. Here’s the rest of your top 10:

Dalton Ervin, Moravia (3.5)

Sage Evans, West Harrison (3.5)

Braxton Marxen, Exira/EHK (3.0)

Bryson Raney, East Union (3.0)

Brycen Wookey, Murray (3.0)

Nolan Birdsall, West Harrison (2.5)

Braxton Blackburn, Fremont-Mills (2.5)

Kyler Eischeid, Glidden-Ralston (2.5)

Connor Golston, Moravia (2.5)

Robert Gross, Boyer Valley (2.5)

On the 11P side, Liam Cleary of Bishop Heelan Catholic and Red Oak’s Luke Sperling led the way with 4.0 tackles for loss. Glenwood’s Nolan Little had 3.5 tackles for loss. There are many Rams on this list:

Easton Eledge, Underwood (3.0)

Colton Barnes, Central Decatur (2.5)

Stevie Barnes, Underwood (2.5)

Logyn Eckheart, Glenwood (2.5)

Logan Green, Clarinda (2.5)

Mitch Mayberry, Glenwood (2.5)

Austin Patton, Glenwood (2.5)

Trent Patton, Glenwood (2.5)

Cale Pittenger, Sioux City East (2.5)

Jack Scrivner, Central Decatur (2.5)


Three of DeMott’s seven tackles for loss were sacks on Friday evening. That led the way. There were three out there with 2.5 – West Harrison’s Nolan Birdsall and Sage Evans and Fremont-Mills’ Braxton Blackburn. The rest with at least 1.5 sacks:

Walker Rife, West Harrison (2.0)

Caden Smith, Glidden-Ralston (2.0)

Dawson Stream, Bedford (2.0)

Robert Brasel, Boyer Valley (1.5)

Robert Gross, Boyer Valley (1.5)

Trevor Malone, Boyer Valley (1.5)

Sperling of Red Oak led the way with 3.0 sacks on Friday evening. Cleary of Heelan, Creston’s Avery Fuller and Red Oak’s Braden Woods posted 2.0 sacks. The rest with at least 1.5:

Colton Barnes, Central Decatur (1.5)

Logyn Eckheart, Glenwood (1.5)

Nick Miller, Lewis Central (1.5)

Gage Savin, Underwood (1.5)

Jack Scrivner, Central Decatur (1.5)


I’ve flipped this one a little bit. I used to only honor those that had multiple interceptions or multiple fumble recoveries. Now, if you get two turnovers you get on the list. What if you get three? Yeah, you’re on the list, too!

Kalvin Brown of Lamoni simply had a monster game on Friday evening. He was great on offense, and he had THREE interceptions on defense. Also, West Harrison’s Gage Gilgen had two fumble recoveries, Exira/EHK’s Trey Petersen had two interceptions and Cole Metz of Melcher-Dallas and Cade Ticknor of CAM had one fumble recovery and one interception.

There was only one player in KMAland 11P with multiple turnovers, and it was John Boes of Kuemper Catholic with a fumble recovery and an interception.


There were SIX defensive touchdowns in KMAland 8P on Friday. Glidden-Ralston’s Kyler Eischeid had a 25-yard scoop and score while Bryson Raney of East Union (14 yards), Melcher-Dallas’ Anthony Schneider (7 yards) and East Union’s Joshua Lopez all had scoop and scores. Grayson Phillips of Martensdale-St. Marys and Metz of Melcher-Dallas had pick-sixes of 15 and 3 yards, respectively.

There were SIX more in KMAland 11P. Garrett McLaren of Atlnatic had a 75-yard pick six to lead the way. Amos Rasmussen of IKM-Manning and Logan-Magnolia’s West both had 51-yard interception returns, and Omar Villalpando of Bishop Heelan Catholic (40 yards), Underwood’s Anderson and Kuemper’s Boes all had scoop and scores.


There were also SIX special teams scores. The longest punt return of the night came from Kingery of Exira/EHK, who went in from 74 yards. Ethan Olberding of Glidden-Ralston had one of 55, and Kyle Kesterson of Fremont-Mills added a return for a score of 45 yards. On kickoff returns, Bedford’s Silas Walston and Gage Godsey had 74 and 72 yard kickoff returns, and East Union’s Long had a 69-yard return.

And there were four more in KMAland 11P. AHSTW’s Cole Scheffler had the big return of 76 yards on a punt. LeMars’ Beau Wade returned TWO punt returns for six, including a long of 53 yards. Evahn Wallace of Central Decatur also had a kick return for a touchdown.


Six field goals, and they were all in KMAland 11P. Tommy Fitzsimmons of Kuemper Catholic had the high of 36 yards. Atlantic’s Lane Nelson and IKM-Manning’s Rasmussen kicked one in from 33 yards, Kale Rockhold of Central Decatur had a 32-yard boot and Baker Lally of Logan-Magnolia and Treynor’s Tom Schwartz had 30-yard three-pointers.

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