Trevin Cunningham -- Missouri Golfer of the Year

(Maryville) -- The top golfer on arguably KMAland's top team is the KMAland Missouri Golfer of the Year.

Maryville senior Trevin Cunningham led his team on a memorable season that brought a fitting end to an accomplished career. And for that, Cunningham claims this inaugural honor.

"(I made) continual improvement this year," Cunningham said. "The year did not start great, but I battled back and got better. I was near where I wanted to be when the season ended. I'll remember that forever."

Cunningham had to fine-tune his craft early in the season.

"I've always hit the ball well, but I could not putt to save my life," he said. "I lost five to 10 strokes a round. Throughout the year, I practiced that. By the end of state, it was noticeably different and a lot better."

Maryville had only five matches, and Cunningham took medalist in three of those while averaging a 38 score. He also won The Lafayette Irish Invite and was the Spoofhounds' top finisher in every tournament while averaging a 78.80 score.

Cunningham points to an early-season tournament at Richmond as a turning point for his season.

"I didn't get first or anything," he said. "But I shot a 75 in tough conditions. I was proud of that. I looked back on that and used it as a cornerstone to turn my round around when I was struggling."

Cunningham hit a growth spurt between his junior an"d senior year, leaving unsure of what to expect heading into this season.

"I knew I had to learn about my swing again," he said. "A couple of years ago, I had to swing hard. This year, I'm taller and bigger. I just needed a 75 percent swing. That was hard to adjust to and get my head around."

Aside from growing into his height, Cunningham grew mentally. And the results showed.

"In year's past, I struggled when I had a bad shot or a bad hole," he said. "I learned to have a short memory and move to the next hole."

Cunningham's improvements paved the way for Maryville's first state tournament berth since 2017. The Spoofhounds ultimately claimed fifth in Class 3A, and Cunningham led the way by finishing 24th with a 157.

"It was a lot of fun," he said. "I didn't know what the team would turn into. We had fun."

Ethan and Jacob Scott complemented Cunningham at the top and pushed him throughout the season.

"I needed that," he said. "I had to make sure they didn't beat me, so I had to practice harder."

With his career behind him, Cunningham is thankful for the memories made during his time at Maryville.

"(I'll remember) the people I met while playing," he said. "You can get better at this game. That's why I kept playing. That's just the battle of the game I love."

Check out the full interview with Cunningham below. 

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