(KMAland) -- It’s another Monday in our four-week extravaganza of wrapping up the spring sports season with awards. Today, we run through our area conferences with the KMAland Conference Golf Awards.

For each of the conferences that had conference tournaments, you will find a Girls and Boys Player of the Year, a Coach of the Year, a Girls and Boys Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshman of the Year and All-Conference, All-Senior, All-Junior, All-Sophomore and All-Freshman teams.

Each of the “teams” will consist of six like a normal varsity golf lineup, and they must have played at least three rounds in a varsity lineup to be eligible. Here is a key to understanding the statistical abbreviations that will be used:

CAAVG — Combined Adjusted Average

18HAA — 18-hole Adjusted Average

18HA — 18-hole Average

9HAA — 9-hole Adjusted Average

9HA — 9-hole Average

Without any further ado, here are the 2022 KMAland Conference Golf Awards.


Girls Player of the Year: Maria Groumoutis, SR, Creston — The Hawkeye Ten Conference champion also led the league in combined adjusted average (48.82), 18 hole adjusted average (94.80) and 18 hole average (90.50).

Boys Player of the Year: Maverick Schwabe, SO, Kuemper Catholic — With a significant push from Lewis Central’s Jordan Greenwood, Schwabe is the winner, just as he was at the Hawkeye Ten Tournament in Red Oak. Schwabe’s 39.93 CAAVG and 37.50 9-hole average led the conference, and he was the highest finishing KMAlander at state with a tie for 7th in Class 2A.

Coach of the Year: Brian Billmeier, Kuemper Catholic — The Knights snapped a bit of a drought in winning their first conference championship since 2011 and Atlantic’s four-season run as champs. They had three in the top 11 and four in the top 25 at the Hawkeye Ten meet.

Girls Senior of the Year: Maria Groumoutis, Creston — See above.

Boys Senior of the Year: Jordan Greenwood, Lewis Central — A state medalist and conference runner-up, Greenwood had a brilliant final golf season for the Titans. He led seniors in…well, almost everything — CAAVG (40.45), 18-hole adjusted average (80.27), 18-hole average (76.00) and 9-hole adjusted average (41.21).

Girls Junior of the Year: Mikaela Downing, Creston — Downing took third in the Hawkeye Ten Conference Tournament this season. She ranked third among juniors with a 53.09 combined adjusted average and first with a 101.30 18-hole adjusted average and a 97.00 18-hole average.

Boys Junior of the Year: Payton Greenwood, Lewis Central — Another Greenwood. The younger Greenwood brother placed sixth in the Hawkeye Ten Conference and had the top CAAVG (41.74), 18-hole adjusted average (83.60) and 18-hole average (79.33) for juniors in the Hawkeye Ten.

Girls Sophomore of the Year: Belle Berg, Atlantic — Berg helped Atlantic to a team championship in the conference, finishing fourth at the meet in Creston. She was second in the conference among sophomores in combined adjusted average (50.56), first in 18-hole adjusted average (98.75), first in 18-hole average (96.50), second in 9-hole adjusted average (51.50) and second in 9-hole average (50.20).

Boys Sophomore of the Year: Maverick Schwabe, Kuemper Catholic — See above.

Girls Freshman of the Year: Addey Lydon, Red Oak — What a finish to the season for Lydon, who took runner-up in the Hawkeye Ten Conference and advanced out of the first round of regionals with her strong play. She had a 52.85 CAAVG (2nd among freshmen in the league), a 106.68 18-hole adjusted average (1st), a 102.40 18-hole average (1st), a 52.03 9-hole adjusted average (2nd) and a 50.83 9-hole average (2nd).

Boys Freshman of the Year: Kayden Schon, Kuemper Catholic — For the season, Schon was a top 10 player in the conference all year. He took 11th in the Hawkeye Ten Conference meet, and he was 9th overall — first among freshmen — with a 43.68 combined adjusted average. He was also 7th in the 18-hole adjusted average (87.68), 9th in the 18-hole average (86.25), 9th in 9-hole adjusted average (43.03) and 7th in 9-hole average (41.50). A great year.

All-Hawkeye Ten Girls: Belle Berg, SO, Atlantic; Mikaela Downing, JR, Creston; Maria Groumoutis, SR, Creston; Morgan McGargill, SR, Shenandoah; Lainey Sheffield, SR, St. Albert; Faith Weber, SO, Glenwood

All-Hawkeye Ten Boys: Tyler Auen, SR, Kuemper Catholic; Jordan Greenwood, SR, Lewis Central; Payton Greenwood, JR, Lewis Central; Garrett McLaren, SR, Atlantic; Maverick Schwabe, SO, Kuemper Catholic;  Braden Sneed, JR, Glenwood

All-Senior Girls: Lizzy Ayala, Denison-Schleswig; Maria Groumoutis, Creston; Ava Hughes, St. Albert; Morgan McGargill, Shenandoah; Tessa Petersen, Denison-Schleswig; Lainey Sheffield, St. Albert

All-Senior Boys: Tyler Auen, Kuemper Catholic; Jordan Greenwood, Lewis Central; Garrett McLaren, Atlantic; Cooper Neal, Clarinda; Tye Nebel, Glenwood; Lane Nelson, Atlantic

All-Junior Girls: Mikaela Downing, Creston; Amelia Mattes, Shenandoah; Lexi Noelck, Atlantic; Abby Smith, Atlantic; Timber Svendsen, Harlan; Tatum Watkins, Clarinda

All-Junior Boys: Alex Bladt, Harlan; Drew Bladt, Harlan; Payton Greenwood, Lewis Central; Jace Gubbels, Harlan; Gavin Schau, Glenwood; Braden Sneed, Glenwood; 

All-Sophomore Girls: Belle Berg, Atlantic; Ella Freund, Harlan; Ella Klusman, St. Albert; Lily Krohn, St. Albert; Alexis Narmi, St. Albert; Faith Weber, Glenwood

All-Sophomore Boys: Easton Emery, Denison-Schleswig; Braydon Ernst, Harlan; Benicio Lujano, Kuemper Catholic; Carter Putney, Kuemper Catholic; Maverick Schwabe, Kuemper Catholic; Jade Spangler, Shenandoah

All-Freshman Girls: Josie Johnston, Creston; Brynn Knaus, Red Oak; Addey Lydon, Red Oak; Nissa Molgaard, Atlatnic; Macy Mueller, Harlan; Gianna Rock, Clarinda

All-Freshman Boys: Dawson Billmeier, Kuemper Catholic; Michael Collins, Denison-Schleswig; Tristan Hayes, Atlantic; Kayden Schon, Kuemper Catholic; Cody Schulte, Denison-Schleswig; Landon Wulf, Denison-Schleswig


Girls Player of the Year: Avery Dowling, JR, Sidney — Dowling was a dominant performer in the conference this season, winning the league championship and advancing to another state tournament while leading the conference in CAAVG (46.91), 18-hole adjusted average (92.52), 18-hole average (88.20), 9-hole adjusted average (48.22) and 9-hole average (46.60). Yep, that’s everything. 

Boys Player of the Year: Jake Malcom, SR, Fremont-Mills — The Corner Conference runner-up, Malcom played his biggest and best as the tournament competition got bigger and uhhh…bester. He was fourth at the sectional tournament, fifth at the district tournament and eighth at the state tournament. His year-long numbers were great, too, ranking fourth in the conference with a 45.42 CAAVG, fourth with an 88.70 18HAA, fourth with an 85.60 18HA, sixth with a 46.75 9HAA and 6th with a 45.00 9HA.

Coach of the Year: Janice Shanno, Sidney — Between Sidney and Fremont-Mills there were plenty of successes, so this is a difficult decision. However, Shanno’s girls and boys teams won Corner Conference championships this year and were both involved in the final round of state qualifying. A banner year for Sidney golf.

Girls Senior of the Year: Faith Brumbaugh, Sidney — Definitely the leader of the senior pack, Brumbaugh was the conference runner-up and led seniors in the league with a 54.29 CAAVG, 108.95 18HAA, 105.50 18HA, 53.80 9HAA and 51.67 9HA.

Boys Senior of the Year: Jake, Malcom, Fremont-Mills — See above.

Girls Junior of the Year: Avery Dowling, Sidney — See above.

Boys Junior of the Year: Owen Thornton, Fremont-Mills — The Corner champion, Thornton was a key piece in the F-M lineup all season, as they returned to the state tournament. Thornton’s 45.86 CAAVG led the junior class and so did his 91.90 18HAA, 88.80 18HA, 45.75 9HAA and 44.00 9HA. 

Girls Sophomore of the Year: Linsey Keiser, Griswold — Keiser took fourth in the Corner Conference Tournament and ranked among the top three in every major statistical category in her class. She was 2nd in CAAVG (56.11), 1st in 18HAA (106.80), 1st in 18HA (103.00), 3rd in 9HAA (56.89) and 3rd in 9HA (56.00).

Boys Sophomore of the Year: Cooper Marvel, Fremont-Mills — An offensive lineman on the football field, and he can absolutely put down a low score in golf. Marvel led all sophomores with a 46.86 CAAVG, a 45.01 9HAA and a 43.14 9HA. He was second with a 95.70 18HAA and 93.20 18HA and was the top-finishing sophomore at the Corner Tournament. 

Girls Freshman of the Year: Joanna Reynolds, Griswold — A strong finish to the season for Reynolds, who placed third in the Corner Conference. In a competitive freshman class she was 4th in CAAVG (56.44), 1st in 18HAA (108.80), 1st in 18HA (105.00), 5th in 9HAA (57.03) and 5th in 9HA (56.14). 

Boys Freshman of the Year: Hayden Thompson, Sidney — Thompson won the sectional championship and took fourth at the Corner Conference Tournament. His numbers led all freshmen in the league: 44.09 CAAVG, 87.53 18HAA, 84.67 18HA, 44.37 9HAA and 42.43 9HA.

All-Corner Girls: Faith Brumbaugh, SR, Sidney; Avery Dowling, JR, Sidney; Linsey Keiser, SO, Griswold; Mallory Lang, SO, East Mills; Joanna Reynolds, FR, Griswold; Ellie Ward, FR, Sidney

All-Corner Boys: Kyle Beam, SR, Sidney; Cole Jorgenson, SR, Sidney; Jake Malcom, SR, Fremont-Mills; Cooper Marvel, SO, Fremont-Mills; Hayden Thompson, FR, Sidney; Owen Thornton, JR, Fremont-Mills

All-Senior Girls: Faith Brumbaugh, Sidney; Matty Christiansen, Sidney; Madi Marburger, East Mills; Allie Sandin, Essex-Stanton

All-Senior Boys: Kyle Beam, Sidney; Cole Jorgenson, Sidney; Jake Malcom, Fremont-Mills; Caleb Oakleaf, Griswold; Tate Steinhoff, Griswold; Brayden Stirek, Griswold

All-Junior Girls: Abby Burke, Essex-Stanton; Avery Dowling, Sidney; Sycily Hall, Sidney

All-Junior Boys: Caden Blackburn, Fremont-Mills; Kamron Brownlee, Griswold; JT Mahaney, Fremont-Mills; Jacob Robinette, Essex; Kellen Rose, Sidney; Owen Thornton, Fremont-Mills

All-Sophomore Girls: Hailee Barrett, Essex-Stanton; Eve Brumbaugh, Sidney; Linsey Keiser, Griswold; Mallory Lang, East Mills; Leah Sandin, Essex-Stanton

All-Sophomore Boys: Anthony Anderson, East Mills; Will Bryant, Sidney; Cooper Marvel, Fremont-Mills; Lincoln Palmer, East Mills; Tucker Stille, Fremont-Mills; Kyler Williams, East Mills

All-Freshman Girls: Emersyn Burdic, East Mills; Ava Osborn, Sidney; Joanna Reynolds, Griswold; Ellie Ward, Sidney; 

All-Freshman Boys: Michael Hensley, Sidney; Hogan Hook, Griswold; Jacob Martin, Essex-Stanton; Fletcher Proctor, East Mills; Hayden Thompson, Sidney; Sheldon Vandenberg, East Mills


Girls Player of the Year: Kylie Powers, JR, IKM-Manning — Another dominant season for Powers, who won a solid Western Iowa Conference on her way to a state medal (8th place in 1A). She was tops in the conference in CAAVG (43.30), 18HAA (89.00), 9HAA (42.40) and 9HA (41.00).

Boys Player of the Year: Ethan Konz, SO, Treynor — A huge season for the Western Iowa Conference champion. Konz led the conference in every major category, posting a 39.53 CAAVG, 79.85 18HAA, 76.00 18HA, 39.37 9HAA and 37.70 9HA.

Coach of the Year: Tara Wilkie, Treynor Girls — The Cardinals were as dominant as a team in the league as Powers was as an individual. They found another Western Iowa Conference championship and another trip to the state tournament, where they finished seventh in Class 2A.

Girls Senior of the Year: Maddie Lewis, Treynor — Lewis took sixth at the WIC Tournament, but she was a regional first round champion and had consistent numbers throughout the year. She led seniors in the WIC with a 46.47 CAAVG, 94.73 18HAA, 90.50 18HA, 45.44 9HAA and 44.43 9HA.

Boys Senior of the Year: Max Nielsen, IKM-Manning — Nielsen was the runner-up at this year’s Western Iowa Conference Tournament. He was in the top three of every category, including second in CAAVG (42.37), 18HAA (84.00) and 18HA (77.00) and third in 9HAA (42.47) and 9HA (41.00).

Girls Junior of the Year: Kylie Powers, IKM-Manning — See above.

Boys Junior of the Year: Jay Remsburg, Audubon — Remsburg took sixth in the WIC Tournament this season, and he led his junior class in every category. He had a 45.42 CAAVG, 95.83 18HAA, 91.67 18HA, 43.27 9HAA and 41.57 9HA.

Girls Sophomore of the Year: Addison Brink, Riverside — Brink qualified for the Class 1A state tournament to finish out a strong sophomore campaign on a terrific note. She was the top sophomore finisher at the WIC Tournament (5th) and led her class in the WIC in all five major categories (49.35 CAAVG, 97.10 18HAA, 94.67 18HA, 49.88 9HAA, 47.78 9HA).

Boys Sophomore of the Year: Ethan Konz, Treynor — See above.

Girls Freshman of the Year: Mary Stephens, Underwood — The Eagles freshman led her class in all five major categories, including a top 10 finish overall with a 55.50 9-hole average. She also had 58.41 CAAVG, 121.55 18HAA, 117.00 18HA and 56.83 9HAA.

Boys Freshman of the Year: Oliver Deist, Audubon — Deist was among the top 20 players in the conference in every category. He finished with a 49.04 CAAVG to go with 18-hole averages of 102.25 (adjusted) and 97.50 and 9-hole averages of 47.84 (adjusted) and 46.14.

All-WIC Girls: Addison Brink, SO, Riverside; Kali Collins, SR, Logan-Magnolia; Brooklynn Currin, JR, Treynor; Kali Irlmeier, JR, Audubon; Maddie Lewis, SR, Treynor; Kylie Powers, JR, IKM-Manning

All-WIC Boys: Ethan Konz, SO, Treynor; Ryan Konz, SR, Treynor; Ryan McIntyre, SR, Treynor; Max Nielsen, SR, IKM-Manning; Jackson Tennis, SO, Missouri Valley; Grant Way, SR, Treynor

All-Senior Girls: Karsten Bruns, Logan-Magnolia; Kali Collins, Logan-Magnolia; Maddie Lewis, Treynor; Andi Piittmann, Treynor; McKenna Sick, Riverside; Keely Smith, Treynor

All-Senior Boys: Ryan Konz, Treynor; Gavin Maguire, Logan-Magnolia; Ryan McIntyre, Treynor; Max Nielsen, IKM-Manning; Gabe Travis, Treynor; Grant Way, Tri-Center

All-Junior Girls: Sienna Albertsen, Audubon; Brooklynn Currin, Treynor; Macanna Guritz, Logan-Magnolia; Kali Irlmeier, Audubon; Cara Ohl, Logan-Magnolia; Kylie Powers, IKM-Manning; 

All-Junior Boys: Walter Ausdemore, Underwood; Layne Brenden, Logan-Magnolia; Wyatt Buckholdt, Underwood; Caden Dickinson, Logan-Magnolia; Jay Remsburg, Audubon; Michael Turner, Tri-Center

All-Sophomore Girls: Henley Arbaugh, Missouri Valley; Natalie Ausdemore, Tri-Center; Brooke Booth, IKM-Manning; Addison Brink, Riverside; Jazmyn Guritz, Logan-Magnolia; Maeve Nielsen, IKM-Manning

All-Sophomore Boys: Aaron Ehmke, Treynor; Ethan Konz, Treynor; Edward Miller, Audubon; Danny Stein, Underwood; Jackson Tennis, Missouri Valley; Evan White, Missouri Valley

All-Freshman Girls: Kailynn Brecher, Underwood; Nikayla Fichter, Missouri Valley; Amelia Lorenzen, Underwood; Gabrielle Pote, Treynor; Mary Stephens, Underwood; Akia Turney, Riverside

All-Freshman Boys: Aiden Akers, AHSTW; Oliver Deist, Audubon; Zeb Hall, AHSTW; Brant Freeberg, Tri-Center; Carson Meaike, Audubon; Tyson Osbahr, AHSTW


Girls Player of the Year: Kaylin Lack, SR, East Union — The Pride of Iowa Conference champion was among the top golfers in the conference for 18-hole events, and she definitely showed that at the conference meet. She was fifth in CAAVG (111.68) and second in both 18-hole adjusted average (111.68) and 18-hole average (106.50).

Boys Player of the Year: Owen Lucas, SR, Bedford — Lucas didn’t win the POI championship this season, but what he did do is top the league in consistency. He is No. 1 in every category, posting 43.66 CAAVG, 83.00 18HAA, 80.00 18HA, 44.27 9HAA and 41.71 9HA numbers for the season.

Coach of the Year: Cindy Drake, Southwest Valley — The Timberwolves supplanted East Union as the top girls team in the conference, winning the POI title when they weren’t exactly expected to do so. 

Girls Senior of the Year: Kaylin Lack, East Union — See above.

Boys Senior of the Year: Owen Lucas, Bedford — See above.

Girls Junior of the Year: Maggie Haer, Southwest Valley — Haer was the only junior to rank within the top seven in all five major categories. She finished 11th at the POI meet, but she was sixth in CAAVG (57.92), sixth in 18HAA (115.43), fourth in 18HA (110.25), seventh in 9-hole adjusted average (58.13) and fifth in 9-hole average (55.75). That was first, second, second, third and third among juniors in the conference.

Boys Junior of the Year: Drew Ehlen, Mount Ayr — Ehlen was either first or second this year in all five major categories among juniors in the POI. He was first with a 45.73 CAAVG, 44.28 9HAA and 42.20 9HA and second with a 95.10 18HAA and 92.00 18HA.

Girls Sophomore of the Year: Ashlyn Gutierrez, Nodaway Valley — This is a Gutierrez choice narrowly ahead of her teammate Lindsey Davis. Both shot a 107 at the POI meet and were back and forth in the other categories. Among sophomores, Gutierrez ranks first in CAAVG (56.17), second in 18HAA (113.50), second in 18HA (112.00), first in 9HAA (55.00) and first in 9HA (53.50).

Boys Sophomore of the Year: Nash Buckingham, Wayne — Buckingham placed fifth in the Pride of Iowa Conference Tournament, and he was either No. 1 or 2 in all five categories among sophomores in the conference. He led the way with a 47.47 CAAVG, 95.60 18HAA, 47.29 9HAA and 45.29 9HA, and he was second with a 92.50 18HA.

Girls Freshman of the Year: Miaya Fourez, Southwest Valley — A key member of the POI champs, Fourez was first this year among freshmen with a 60.62 CAAVG, 123.90 18HAA, 117.67 18HA, 59.63 9HAA and 57.25 9HA. She also had a 10th-place finish at the POI meet.

Boys Freshman of the Year: Micah Johnson, Bedford — What a year for the Bulldogs freshman, who had a top 10 finish at the POI Tournament and was the leading freshman in every single statistical category. It went 46.56 CAAVG, 91.40 18HAA, 88.50 18HA, 46.99 9HAA and 44.50 9HA. 

All-POI Girls: Lindsey Davis, SO, Nodaway Valley; Ashlyn Gutierrez, SO, Nodaway Valley; Maggie Haer, JR, Southwest Valley; Kaylin Lack, SR, East Union; Emmalee Schafer, SR, Mount Ayr; Macy Steele, JR, Martensdale-St. Marys 

All-POI Boys: Nash Buckingham, SO, Wayne; Drew Ehlen, JR, Mount Ayr; R.C. Hicks, SR, Wayne; Owen Lucas, SR, Bedford; Jake Oathoudt, SR, Southwest Valley; Owen Wilkinson, SR, Southwest Valley

All-Senior Girls: Takota Cordell, Lenox; Kaylin Lack, East Union; Margaret Layton, Central Decatur; Maddi Logue, Southeast Warren; Caitlyn Maynes, Lenox; Emmalee Schafer, Mount Ayr

All-Senior Boys: Wyatt Carlson, East Union; R.C. Hicks, Wayne; Owen Lucas, Bedford; Brock Manser, Southeast Warren; Jake Oathoudt, Southwest Valley; Owen Wilkinson, Southwest Valley

All-Junior Girls: Sara Collins, East Union; Maggie Haer, Southwest Valley; Arianna Nopoulos, Central Decatur; Macy Steele, Martensdale-St. Marys; Mallory Weehler, Mount Ayr; Rebecca Wetzel, Southwest Valley

All-Junior Boys: Drew Ehlen, Mount Ayr; Austin Hanshaw, Bedford; Kaden Herr, Nodaway Valley; Cole Keller, Martensdale-St. Marys; Logan Moyer, Bedford; Zach Nading, Wayne

All-Sophomore Girls: Lindsey Davis, Nodaway Valley; Ashlyn Gutierrez, Nodaway Valley; Kynlee Kimpson, Bedford; Skylar O’Brien, Wayne; Peyton Rhoades, Wayne; Kendra Sleep, Bedford

All-Sophomore Boys: Nash Buckingham, Wayne; Isaac Currin, Southwest Valley; Bradley Gebbie, Nodaway Valley; Zack Gebbie, Bedford; Tate Rowan, Bedford; Boudyn White, Wayne

All-Freshman Girls: Gracelyn Bain, Southwest Valley; Hadlee Christensen, Lenox; Delanie Erwin, Southeast Warren; Miaya Fourez, Southwest Valley; Karlee Knust, Wayne; Kate Logue, Southeast Warren; 

All-Freshman Boys: Dylan Graham, Mount Ayr; Micah Johnson, Bedford; Jack Kretzinger, Southwest Valley; Austin Ledlie, Southeast Warren; Louden Main, Mount Ayr; Tim Rogers, Bedford


Girls Player of the Year: Emma Hart, SR, Coon Rapids-Bayard — Hart won the Rolling Valley Conference championship and maintained her spot in the top four of all five major categories throughout the year. Hart was second in CAAVG (50.84), 9-hole adjusted average (50.73) and 9-hole average (49.00) and fourth in 18-hole adjusted average (101.83) and 18-hole average (100.00) in the RVC. But again, first when it counted the most.

Boys Player of the Year: Chase Jahde, FR, CAM — What a debut for Jahde, who lived up to the family name and game by winning the Rolling Valley Conference and leading the league in CAAVG (41.87), 18HAA (84.00) and 18HA (81.00). He was second in 9HAA (41.80) and 9HA (39.88).

Coach of the Year: Brian Fogleman, CAM Boys — The Cougars claimed this year’s Rolling Valley Conference championship, making all the pieces fit together in knocking Boyer Valley off by a mere three strokes at the conference tournament. 

Girls Senior of the Year: Emma Hart, Coon Rapids-Bayard — See above.

Boys Senior of the Year: Cory Bantam, Woodbine — A state qualifier and eighth-place finisher in the Rolling Valley, Bantam was tops in the conference with a 9-hole adjusted average of 41.54 and 9-hole average of 39.71. He ranked second to Jahde in the other three categories, posting a 42.07 CAAVG, 86.00 18HAA and 83.50 18HA.

Girls Junior of the Year: Reese Snyder, CAM — Snyder put together a fine season and ranked within the top five of every major category. She was particularly strong in the 9-hole categories, ranking 3rd in both adjusted average (51.78) and average (50.57). She was also fourth in CAAVG (51.85) and fifth in 18-hole adjusted average (103.95) and 18-hole average (100.50). Snyder also finished third at the conference meet.

Boys Junior of the Year: Ben Nichols, Boyer Valley — Nichols was outstanding all season, leading juniors in the Rolling Valley in CAAVG (45.99), 18HAA (88.00) and 18HA (85.00). He was also second in the 9-hole categories with a 46.49 adjusted average and a 44.50 average.

Girls Sophomore of the Year: Addy Boell, Glidden-Ralston — Boell had her season finish in the state tournament, and she was one of just two players in the league that could say that. Boell was particularly strong in the 18-hole events, ranking second in the conference with a 98.25 18HAA and third with a 97.50 18HA. She was fifth in combined adjusted average (53.14) and 10th in both 9-hole adjusted average (58.48) and 9-hole average (57.00). She was fifth at the RVC Tournament. 

Boys Sophomore of the Year: Devin Melby, Boyer Valley — Melby shot an 82 and finished third at the Rolling Valley Conference, and that was just….wait for it….par for the course for Melby this season. Melby was tops for sophomores with a 45.19 CAAVG, 44.86 9HAA and 42.88 9HA and second with a 93.00 18HAA and 90.00 18HA.

Girls Freshman of the Year: Kylie Kepford, Boyer Valley — A top eight performer in all five major categories, Kepford led freshmen with a CAAVG of 56.05, an 18-hole adjusted average of 106.80, an 18-hole average of 105.00, a 9-hole adjusted average of 57.38 and a 9-hole average of 56.00. 

Boys Freshman of the Year: Chase Jahde, CAM — See above.

All-RVC Girls: Addy Boell, SO, Glidden-Ralston; MaKenzie Dumbaugh, SR, Boyer Valley; Emma Hart, SR, Coon Rapids-Bayard; Mady McKee, SR, CAM; Maci Miller, SR, Boyer Valley; Reese Snyder, JR, CAM

All-RVC Boys: Cory Bantam, SR, Woodbine; Chase Jahde, FR, CAM; Devin Melby, SO, Boyer Valley; Ben Nichols, JR, Boyer Valley; Trey Petersen, JR, Exira/EHK; Adam Puck, SR, Boyer Valley

All-Senior Girls: Brynn Bass, Coon Rapids-Bayard; MaKenzie Dumbaugh, SR, Boyer Valley; Emma Hart, SR, Coon Rapids-Bayard; Mady McKee, CAM; Maci Miller, SR, Boyer Valley; Jaci Petersen, Boyer Valley

All-Senior Boys: Cory Bantam, Woodbine; Connor Kenkel, Boyer Valley; Logan Lawrence, CAM; Preston McAlister, Coon Rapids-Bayard; Caden Neilsen, Boyer Valley; Adam Puck, Boyer Valley

All-Junior Girls: Shay Burmeister, Exira/EHK; Breanna Schon, Glidden-Ralston; Reese Snyder, CAM

All-Junior Boys: Carson Cary, CAM; Jacob Estrada, Coon Rapids-Bayard; Seth Hensley, CAM; Josh Newton, Woodbine; Ben Nichols, Boyer Valley; Trey Petersen, Exira/EHK

All-Sophomore Girls: Addy Boell, Glidden-Ralston; Elizabeth Lloyd, Glidden-Ralston

All-Sophomore Boys: Toby Benninger, Coon Rapids-Bayard; Bradyn Bohnsack, CAM; Devin Melby, Boyer Valley; Trey Rosenbeck, Coon Rapids-Bayard; Nolan Stamm, Woodbine; Evan Ten Eyck, Boyer Valley

All-Freshman Girls: Hayley Follmann, Boyer Valley; Kylie Kepford, Boyer Valley; Gracyn Robbins, Coon Rapids-Bayard; Zoey Soma, Boyer Valley

All-Freshman Boys: Cody Dickinson, Woodbine; Chase Jahde, CAM; Colby Wallace, Glidden-Ralston


Girls Player of the Year: Danielle Hurt, SR, LeMars — An incredible season for Hurt, who is the only (girls) Player of the Year that did not win their conference tournament. Hurt, though, was the runner-up, and she grabbed a medal at the state tournament. In addition, she led the conference with a CAAVG of 45.96, an 18-hole average of 85.50 and a 9-hole adjusted average of 45.24.

Coach of the Year: Jessica Carson, Bishop Heelan Catholic — The Crusaders were the class of the conference this year, and they proved it at the Missouri River Conference Tournament with a 16-stroke win. Carson was the coach behind it all.

Girls Senior of the Year: Danielle Hurt, LeMars — See above.

Girls Junior of the Year: Isabella Boyle, Sioux City East — Strong season for Boyle, who led all juniors with a 48.74 combined adjusted average. She was also first in her class in the other four categories, posting a 98.27 18HAA, 93.67 18HA, 48.26 9HAA and 46.60 9HA. She finished sixth in this year’s MRC.

Girls Sophomore of the Year: Alyssa Schorg, Bishop Heelan Catholic — Schorg was the highest finishing sophomore at the MRC meet (8th). She led all sophomores in a trio of categories — CAAVG (55.55), 9HAA (56.15) and 9HA (54.50) — and finished fourth in the others — 18HAA (110.50) and 18HA (105.25).

Girls Freshman of the Year: Madison Hilts, Sergeant Bluff-Luton — Hilts took 13th in the MRC Tournament to end up as the top-finishing freshman in the league. Her 52.44 CAAVG ended up seventh overall, and she posted a 107.17 18HAA, 97.67 18HA, 51.30 9HAA and 49.50 9HA for a terrific debut season.

All-MRC Girls: Avery Beller, SR, Sioux City North; Isabella Boyle, JR, Sioux City East; Anna Fenton, SR, Bishop Heelan Catholic; Danielle Hurt, SR, LeMars; Grace Smith, SR, Sioux City East; Sydnee Wynn, SR, Sioux City North

All-Senior Girls: Avery Beller, Sioux City North; Madi Cramer, Bishop Heelan Catholic; Anna Fenton, Bishop Heelan Catholic; Danielle Hurt, LeMars; Grace Smith, Sioux City East; Sydnee Winn, Sioux City North

All-Junior Girls: Isabella Boyle, Sioux City East; Jaycee Chase, Sioux City West; Brianna De La Garza, Sioux City West; Sidney Koob, Bishop Heelan Catholic; Mackenzie Larson, Sioux City North; Bailey Steward, Sioux City North 

All-Sophomore Girls: Aubrey Koch, Sioux City East; Taylor Mackey, LeMars; Morgan Pack, Sergeant Bluff-Luton; Ashlyn Prosser, Sergeant Bluff-Luton; Alyssa Schorg, Bishop Heelan Catholic; Zoe Wittkop, LeMars; 

All-Freshman Girls: Cora Eckhoff, Sergeant Bluff-Luton; Madison Hilts, Sergeant Bluff-Luton; Jada Plueger, LeMars; Teagan Mailey, Abraham Lincoln; Delaney Saulsbury, Bishop Heelan Catholic

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