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(KMAland) -- We have reached the 13th week of the 2020-21 sports calendar year. It’s time for Seven Points on

Point 1: We are doing three state championship this week!

Hey, that’s pretty awesome, huh? Thanks to Trevor Maeder’s exhaustive research, but this marks the first time since 2009 that we have three KMAland teams in a state championship football game. Who can name the three that made it that year? Answer is in Point 6.

Point 2: CAM vs. Easton Valley

CAM continues to frighten the rest of the world with the way they are winning games. There have been a couple times here lately where teams have been able to hang with them for a half, but they just wear you down. The Cougars were actually trailing Fremont-Mills at half before a 46-20 win. They were tied with Audubon at the break and then pulled away for a 66-29 victory.

Now, they’ve got an undefeated Easton Valley team that has thrown and rushed for over 2,000 yards each. They’re on the verge of 3,000 yards passing so they rely on that a little bit more than the ground game, but the Cougars definitely will have their hands full in preparing for that offense. Just based on the BCMoore model, though, it would be a shocker if CAM isn’t a winner.

Point 3: Lewis Central vs. Cedar Rapids Xavier

Like CAM, Lewis Central has been very, very impressive in their last several games. The difference, though, is that the Cougars were seemingly this unbelievable outfit the moment the season started. For the Titans, though, it took them just a little bit.

They lost to Harlan (so did everybody) and they lost to Indianola (later avenged) before starting on this eight-game win streak. Along the way they got a great test from Winterset in the final week of the regular season. Coach Justin Kammrad has talked about how that game served as a wake-up call for the team, and they came right back to basically shutdown a high-powered Spencer rushing attack in the opening round of the playoffs. Then it was the 14-point win on the road to avenge that Indianola loss. And then it was a 35-10 victory over Waverly-Shell Rock that really wasn’t as close as the final score says.

The Titans are so impressive through the air and on the ground, and they have a defensive front that just will not quit coming. But hey, you might not be surprised to learn this, but Xavier is really good. They won a pair of state championships in 2017 and 2018, and here they are right back in a position to nab another one. Analytically, LC is about a touchdown favorite, and I expect it to be a one score game one way or the other.

Point 4: Harlan vs. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley

It’s 12-0 vs. 12-0 here, and it’s perfect because these have been the best two teams in 3A all season long. The Cyclones have a little bit of a history in playing for and winning state titles. In fact, Harlan has more state championships than anybody else in the entire state. Their last one, though, came in 2009.

To get to that lucky No. 13 they will have to beat a team that they routed in a state semifinal last season. Harlan has the No. 1 offense and the No. 2 defense in 3A, and the Nighthawks have the No. 1 defense and the No. 2 offense. Again, it’s just perfect that these two are playing for all the marbles.

In the BCMoore Rankings, Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley is actually a 4.75-point favorite. I think that’s crazy talk, but the computers don’t care about talk. It’s objective stuff, even if it’s not always correct.

Point 5: Tips of the cap

Let’s get five tips of the cap out there from the world outside of high school football…

“Taking the Points” – Tip of the cap to PJ Fleck for “taking the points” three times on 4th and 2 or less. It helped Iowa pick up another win over his crew. Can someone get this dude an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription so he can watch what “taking the points” really means? It means maximizing all of your possessions to get the most points possible – or getting seven.

Five Star Culture – Tip of the cap to the Five Star Culture at Iowa State, which apparently only comes into play when they play against teams with five-star talent. That stuff drives me nuts, folks. Don’t talk about Five Star Culture randomly after wins over Texas (everybody beats Texas!) and then have your team lay eggs against West Virginia and Texas Tech.

Kansas Football – Tip of the cap to future Nebraska football coach Lance Leipold and the Kansas football team for another win over Texas. I believe I read that was their first road win since 2008, which seems incredible. But really, this tip of the cap is more about the second-most overrated college football program in the history of the sport – Texas (first is Michigan, by the way). When it comes to college football history, you probably have to mention 15-20 schools before you mention Texas. However, some still seem to think they should be contending for national championships every year. You reap what you sow.

Wrestling season – Tip of the cap to wrestling season. Maybe more specifically, youth wrestling season. We got the season started over the weekend in Denison, and the mass chaos that comes with every youth wrestling tournament is just outstanding. There’s nothing like it. I wish I could go to one every single day.

Cross country week – Tip of the cap to the cross country runners from this past season. We’ve got a week-long extravaganza of awards planned from today through Sunday. If you missed the KMAland Iowa Conference Cross Country awards click here, but stay tuned for a bunch more throughout the rest of the week.

Point 6: The answer & coverage this week

Congrats to those of you that were able to answer the trivia question. The three teams that played for state championships in 2009 were Lenox, St. Albert and Harlan. Harlan won 35-14 over Pella in the 3A title game, St. Albert took down South Winneshiek 35-0 to win the Class 1A title and Lenox lost their bid for a second straight title with a 49-30 loss to Armstrong-Ringsted in the 8P final.

Now, for our coverage this week:

Thursday, November 18th

FM: Iowa Class 8-Player State Football Championship at Cedar Falls: CAM, Anita vs. Easton Valley, 9:30 AM (Trevor Maeder & Tom Moore)

FM: Iowa Class 4A State Football Championship at Cedar Falls: Lewis Central vs. Cedar Rapids Xavier, 7:00 PM (Trevor Maeder & Tom Moore)

Friday, November 19th 

FM: Iowa Class 3A State Football Championship at Cedar Falls: Harlan vs. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley, 1:00 PM (Trevor Maeder & Tom Moore)

FM: Missouri Class 8-Player District Football Final: East Atchison at Worth County, 7:00 PM (Ethan Hewett & Casey Martin)

Extra Point: One quote for the week

Champions don’t become champions when they win an event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. –Michael Jordan

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