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(KMAland) -- The final day of the high school baseball season is here with state championships decided in all four classes in Des Moines.

Ryan had an impressive 6-1 day yesterday while Derek and Trevor were both 3-4. The standings going into the final day of the season:

Derek: 311-134 (CHAMPION)

Trev: 294-141 (12.0 GB)

Ryan: 295-144 (12.5 GB)


1A: Newman Catholic (19-5) vs. Don Bosco (19-1) -- Ryan and Trevor are taking Newman while Derek has Don Bosco.

2A: Van Meter (22-2) vs. Des Moines Christian (17-6) -- Derek and Ryan are picking Van Meter while Trevor has Des Moines Christian.

3A: Gilbert (23-3) vs. Norwalk (19-5) -- Derek and Trevor have Gilbert, and Ryan is going with Norwalk.

4A: Johnston (23-3) vs. Ankeny (21-8) -- Ryan and Trevor are picking Johnston while Derek is taking Ankeny.


State Championships 

Class 1A: Don Bosco vs. Newman Catholic, 10:30 AM

Class 2A: Van Meter vs. Des Moines Christian, 1:30 PM

Class 3A: Norwalk vs. Gilbert, 4:30 PM

Class 4A: Johnston vs. Ankeny, 7:30 PM