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(KMAland) -- The winter sports season is right around the corner, and we are getting you ready with daily conference previews. No. 16 is the KMAland boys bowling preview.


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There are 21 KMAland boys bowling teams, and they are affiliated with four conferences. Let’s get a look at each conference below.


Here’s a quick rundown of the top 15 returning bowlers, sorted by scores per game, in the Hawkeye Ten Conference.

Evan White, SO, St. Albert: 223.85

Adam Denny, JR, St. Albert: 207.39

Trey Brotherton, SR, Denison-Schleswig: 204.21

Hunter Merksick, JR, Lewis Central: 198.83

Lucas Segebart, JR, Denison-Schleswig: 196.15

AJ Schiltz, SR, Lewis Central: 194.29

Kyle Segebart, SR, Denison-Schleswig: 194.00

Jonathan Piper, SR, Red Oak: 193.13

Devin Fink, SR, Denison-Schleswig: 191.83

Blake Polzin, SR, Denison-Schleswig: 185.14

Clarinda Cardinals 

Coach: Ashley Woods

Last Year’s Finish: 6th

-The Cardinals lost two seniors that were within their top four last season, but the junior class — led by Owen Johnson, Levi Wise and Ronald Weidman — is particularly strong from a team that qualified for state. Sophomores Eli Vorhies and Tyson Bramble and juniors Payton Runyan and Rhyn Walters were also 305.60 or better for their average series score.

Creston Panthers 

Coach: Ron Pedegraft

Last Year’s Finish: 8th

-The Panthers lose three of their top four from last season. Junior Luke McElwain is the top-returning bowler for the Creston team after a 285.56 series average. Senior Isaac Herrera and sophomores Diego Rivas, Cash Abildtrup and Drake Rehmeyer also picked up some experience a year ago. 

Denison-Schleswig Monarchs 

Coach: Shelby Brawner 

Last Year’s Finish: 1st

-Oh, they’re loaded. The Monarchs bring back each of their top seven bowlers from their conference championships season, and they all put up pretty competitive scores. It’s led by senior Trey Brotherton — a state threat — and it’s buoyed by depth from fellow seniors Harrison Dahm, Devin Fink, Blake Polzin and Kyle Segebart, junior Christian Schmadeke and sophomore Jake Fink

Harlan Cyclones 

Coach: Jami Andersen

Last Year’s Finish: 7th

-There was just one senior in the top seven for Harlan last season. Junior Andrew Andersen was their top scorer with a 162.29 game average. Sophomores Braydon Ernst, Tegan Steinkuehler and Wyatt Powell, juniors Aiden Schleimer and Caleb Smith and senior Joseph Andersen are other potential returnees from last year’s team.

Lewis Central Titans 

Coach: Paul Renshaw

Last Year’s Finish: 4th

-The Titans are loaded. They bring back junior and Hawkeye Ten Conference champion Hunter Merksick, who averaged 397.67 per series as a sophomore. Seniors A.J. Schiltz, Lucas McDaniel, Eli Sunderman and Ben Lopez also ranked among the top five on the team last year. Juniors Kenny Mayberry and Jordan Johnson and senior Magnus Thomas are other potential returnees that saw time last year.

Red Oak Tigers 

Coach: Michael Nordeen 

Last Year’s Finish: 5th

-The Tigers have one of the top returning bowlers in the area in senior Jonathan Piper, who led the way for Red Oak with a 193.13 game average and a 386.25 series average. Sophomore Maddex McCunn (347.00 series average) and senior Kyle Berkey (345.75) were also in last year’s top five. Junior Jonah Wemhoff (305.38) picked up some valuable experience as a sophomore.

Shenandoah Mustangs 

Coach: Darin Pease

Last Year’s Finish: 3rd

-Shenandoah has put together quite the dynasty in bowling, and they have another solid gropu returning. Senior Treye Herr had a big year last season (175.68 average score) while junior Dylan Gray (173.96) and sophomore Seth Zwickel (173.77) were always in the mix for a top two team score. Sophomore Alex Razee (162.50) and senior John Heming (122.00) also saw some time last season. They should be right in the mix again.

St. Albert Falcons 

Coach: Mike Klusman

Last Year’s Finish: 2nd

-The Falcons were the best team in the conference all season, but they had a couple of tough results late in the year that has them motivated for another big season. Bowling can be a wild game that way. They will be very, very good again this year with sophomore Evan White bringing back the top score (223.85) and series (447.69) average in the area. Junior Adam Denny (207.39 and 414.77) isn’t too far off, and junior Jackson Wiginton, seniors Nate Kay, Quinten Julian, Hayden Piskorski and Mason Myers and even sophomore Cole Pekny put together strong scores throughout the course of the year. 

The Pick

Denison-Schleswig won it last year, and they return pretty much their entire core. St. Albert had the best team all season long, and they return two of the top bowlers in the area. The depth of both are their greatest strengths so it is difficult to choose one, but the Monarchs are the team with five in the top 10 of the league. So, they’re the pick.


Here’s a look at the only team in the Western Iowa Conference with a bowling team.

Tri-Center Trojans 

Coach: Kelly Alfers

-Tri-Center’s top two are back in seniors Grant Way and Justin Osbahr. Both played pretty even with one another throughout the season with Way averaging 169.75 per game and Osbahr 161.19. Fellow seniors Alex Corrin and Cole Meyer and junior Matt Stowe are others that could potentially be returning to the Trojans core.


Here’s a look at each team in the Pride of Iowa Conference.

Central Decatur/Lamoni Cardinals

Coach: Garrett Smith 

-The sophomore class is particularly strong with Cody Jones coming back as the top-returning bowler. Creyton Ogier is another sophomore back in the top three from last year. Senior Traivyn Holmes, juniors Daniel Payne and Nathaniel Short and sophomore Brettan Kuster are others that are potentially returning to the fold.

Lenox Tigers 

Coach: Caleb Lange

-Senior Mason Zelaya was last year’s leading scorer, and he is flanked by a big junior class that were consistently among the top six for last year’s team. In order of scores per game, Jayden Stephens, Aiden Eggert, Trayce Miller and Oscar Quintanilla are all returning, and sophomore Trey England also saw a bit of time as a freshman.

Mount Ayr Raiderettes 

Coach: Brent Wise

-Mount Ayr’s top two and five of the top seven could potentially return to the fold this year. Senior Brandon Lane and junior Scout Supiinger are the top two at 282.50 and 263.33 per series. Seniors Tony Daleske and Hunter Morgan and sophomore Jarred Larson are others that bring back some experience. 

Nodaway Valley Wolverines 

Coach: Phyllis Sackett

-Nodaway Valley used six bowlers last year, and five of them are gone. The only returnee was last season’s number two, junior Collin Wenstad. Wenstad averaged 125.83 per game and 251.67 per series.

Southeast Warren Warhawks 

Coach: Chase Petty

-The Warhawks were very, very young last season, and they could return every single bowler from that team. Junior Dominic Wadle was quite easily their best score on a given night, averaging 132.88 per game and 265.75 per series. Fellow juniors J.D. Hinrichs and Will Prater and sophomores Owen Williams, Chase Thompson and Gabe Gavin all picked up experience last season. 


Here’s a quick rundown of the top 15 returning bowlers, sorted by scores per game, in the Hawkeye Ten Conference.

Bennett Olsen, JR, Abraham Lincoln: 207.18

Brody Vanderloo, SR, LeMars: 205.11

Isaac Thompson, SR, LeMars: 194.90

Eric McCoy, JR, Abraham Lincoln: 193.32

Tyler Sundt, SR, LeMars: 192.10

Trevor Fisher, SO, LeMars: 185.88

Ashton Harris, SR, Sioux City North: 183.25

Caden Wurth, JR, LeMars: 181.71

Taye Hassman, SO, LeMars: 178.30

Josiah Thompson, SR, Sioux City East: 177.54

Abraham Lincoln Lynx 

Coach: Norman Johnson

Last Year’s Finish: 1st

-Defending Missouri River Conference champion Bennett Olsen enters his junior season as one of the top bowlers in the area after a huge season a year ago. Junior Eric McCoy was also terrific while seniors Akil Smith and Terry Larkin and junior Taliq Smith were AL regulars last season. The Lynx will be one of the top teams in the area (again).

LeMars Bulldogs 

Coach: Kellie Bork

Last Year’s Finish: 2nd

-If there’s a team that is going to supplant Abraham Lincoln as the MRC champion it’s probably this one. The Bulldogs return all seven of their top seven from last year, led by senior standout Brody Vanderloo and his 410.22 series average. Fellow seniors Isaac Thompson and Tyler Sundt were also terrific with average series scores of 389.80 and 384.20. Sophomores Trevor Fisher and Taye Hassman are the next wave along with junior Caden Wurth and senior Zach Dempster

Sergeant Bluff-Luton Warriors 

Coach: Janelle Woodbury & Noel Herbst

Last Year’s Finish: 7th

-The Warriors lose just one senior from last year’s team, although he was their top scorer throughout the season. Their No. 2 was current sophomore Colton Dimik, who had a solid 298.80 series average. Senior Collin Schaar, juniors Seth Johnson, Ayden Miller and Maddox Muston and sophomore Briston Johnson all return to the fold.

Sioux City East Black Raiders 

Coach: Kevin Dicus

Last Year’s Finish: 5th

-Two of Sioux City East’s top three bowlers from last season are gone and graduated. Senior Josiah Thompson comes back to the fold with a 177.54 average score last season. Junior Brenden Lewis (168.42) and senior Caleb Martin (167.41) all played within the top five. Juniors Cale Pittenger (165.06) and Kaleb Wyant (162.55) were also right in the mix, and junior Mason Hamman (147.00) saw time a year ago.

Sioux City North Stars 

Coach: Ken Clark

Last Year’s Finish: 4th

-Three of North’s top five bowlers from last year’s team have graduated. Their top returnee will be senior Ashton Harris, who had a 183.25 game and 366.50 series average. Sophomore Carter Sulzbach (175.14 game average) was strong, and junior Jerrid Van Sloten (162.89) was liable to finish among the top five from time to time. Senior Avery Petersen (156.63) is yet another potential returnee for the Stars.

Sioux City West Wolverines 

Coach: Benjamin Nelson

Last Year’s Finish: 6th

-Sioux City West’s top three scorers from last season have graduated. That leaves juniors Caiden Martin, Kirk Houts and Carter Jelker as the only three potential returnees that saw time last season. Martin’s 322.00 series average was followed by Houts at 310.00 and Jelker at 299.56.

Thomas Jefferson Yellow Jackets 

Coach: Diane Storey

Last Year’s Finish: 3rd

-This figures to be a a pretty young team outside of seniors Samuel Shanno and Eli Dross, which were regularly in the top six last season for TJ. Sophomore Nolan Bryant is another that logged some experiences a year ago. However, four very important seniors are gone from last year’s team.


Yes, it’s likely to come down to last year’s top two finishers. Abraham Lincoln and LeMars both return some key parts, and they should battle things out. Put me on the spot, and I would probably give a small edge to LeMars since they have four of the top six and six of the top nine averages returning.

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